Dan Weber on Varney and Co 3/14/2017

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Interesting that Dan never answered the question about premiums being raised for older Americans in his reply. Just saying ignore the CBO numbers doesn’t cut it. Fox business said days ago that with this plan premiums would be going up for older Americans and they are not the CBO. I have had an HSA plan for years and I agree that they are a step in the right direction but they do nothing to lower premiums and deductibles across the board which is what the American people need and want.

Yes, he ducked answering the question quite well. Instead he shifted to talking about an HSA, which you correctly pointed out does NOTHING to lower the costs of premiums or deductibles, So another “photo op” for Mr. Weber.

He also gives the example of someone who got a “catastrophic” policy inexpensively. I don’t know of anyone, other than the very wealthy, who could afford to cover all non-catastrophic health issues without insurance. Mr. Weber appears to be nothing more than a slick snake oil salesman.

What Varney should have done is come back with the question of “Well Mr. Weber, given the very high deductibles already associated with ALL Obamacare era health insurance policies, which run anywhere from $5,000 up to $16,500 depending on the state you live in and the level of policy you can afford to buy (bronze, silver, gold), the net effect is everyone above the poverty threshold for receiving a taxpayer-funded subsidy already has what is essentially a catastrophic policy. A high deductible policy that really only provides a benefit in the event of a major health issue. The individual today has to pay for all medical bills and drugs until that annual deductible is met. So please tell the viewers how this plan you support, given it does NOTHING to reduce either the current high premiums or deductibles, does anything to make health care insurance different financially from the catastrophic… Read more »
No one ever explains how an HSA can help those of us taking perscription medications? Based on the HSA offered at work, I’d have to pay for those medicines out of the HSA but one of the medicines would cost me over $600/month so the HSA would never work for me since that’s only one medicine! And I still don’t understand how an HSA will lower the costs? Unless there is competition in health care and Government stops subsidizing it, costs go up so even if you have an HSA, what good is it if costs keep going up? Most folks can’t sack away half a paycheck for health savings when they have a mortgage, kids to raise, college to save for and maybe an elderly parent to take care of, let alone save for retirement. And with Government still pulling the strings, how does anyone get healthcare without kissing… Read more »

Carol, the way things have been going there will soon be no “retirement, just interment. There are many out there in the same fix. Now that the dollar is becoming closer and closer to worthless (1960 dollar worth a couple of dimes) and conservative savings instruments that anyone could understand going the way of these last few years of interest rates that do not even keep up with the phoney inflation numbers, it’s a wonder anyone can still deny being just another pauper.
And most representatives don’t care, so long as they get theirs. Equality under the law just does not apply to them.