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An Open Letter to the President from Dan Weber

The Reign of Obama, the Great Divider, Continues –

From the moment you assumed power- you began to divide the people. Instead of uniting us- you chose to divide us.

When you ran for office you made many promises, which is not unusual for politicians, but soon it became evident that your promises were falsehoods.

You said you would work with the opposition party- but you insulted them, several times, in person, in public. Your tactic was to cut them out of any decision making, as you did with Obamacare.

You said you would have a transparent administration, where the people would know what was going on and that C-SPAN would film what used to be secret negotiations- instead you kept C-SPAN out and your minions held meetings behind closed, locked doors.

You accused the prior administration of being unpatriotic by increasing our National Debt- yet you knew your programs could not be paid for without borrowing- so you increased our debt, more than doubling that of the prior administration.

You said you would support our free market economy and promote the creation of new jobs. During the campaign you said you actually did create new jobs while you knew in your heart that 23 million Americans were out of work and the unemployment rate was just as high as when you started.

Instead of trying to unite all our economic forces and get the economy moving again- you choose to divide us by class, pitting the imaginary one percent against the rest of us, all for political gain.

You said there were too many abortions- that you would do everything you could to reduce the number of abortions, yet the first thing you did was to order the Federal government to pay for more abortions.

Shame on you Mr. President!

You spent the great power of the office you hold- on dividing us.

Instead of uniting us- you have tried to separate us: by class, by gender, by religion, and most sadly, even by race.

You and your Vice President have picked certain corporations and made them enemies of the people, calling them “cheaters” and “greedy” and mocking them, just to convince the voters that you really cared for them.

That may have helped in an election, but since you have won reelection there is no longer any need for that kind of rhetoric.

Surely you know that the true power of our country comes when we are united and when we stand together- not when we are a splintered, quarreling mob.

After this tough campaign Americans are now aware that we have got to take serious actions to fix what is broken. The people know we have taxed and spent our great nation into horrible, unsustainable debt. Social Security and our medical care must be made financially solvent.

And so Mr. President, you can spend the next four years continuing to divide us – or you can begin to bring us together for the common good.

AMAC has grown to 500,000 members and we’ll soon be in the millions. We are willing to work with you during your next term to achieve that common good.

With God’s continued blessing- the United States of America will survive.

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Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo
5 years ago

We agree sir. I am a Progressive Professor and former architect building schools, churches and hospitals in Illinois. I voted for him with reservations in 2008, but not in 2012.

I vote not by party but by what I think will be most helpful to our nation. I worked for JFK between Undergrad school and Grad school helping him to win, and a few years later for Nixon.
I pray to God we survive this horror.

Faith Maree
7 years ago

Had Romney won, it is highly doubtful that he and his team would have been able to rescue the nation’s wounded economy from the purposeful destruction that Obama has intentionally inflicted upon it. Obama having done so in order to “fundamentally transform” our free enterprise system into a Socialist state. Had Romney won, the only possible way to have saved the nation and its economy would have been to make deep cuts in the welfare and entitlement programs—cuts that would have been branded “murderous, discriminatory and racist” at every turn by the Liberal mainstream media. And the ever-increasing drumbeat of… Read more »

bob semp
7 years ago

Make that 500,001 effective tonight.

Jerry Courtney
7 years ago

After reading all of the foregoing, I concur with most of what has been said and offered as solutions and loyalty to our America. For a number of years that I have followed our political system, I have reached many conclusions regarding not only what is right for us but also, numerous things that MUST be changed if we are going to survive as a Republic. If you know what an Oligarchy is, you will realize that this is really what our government is. We want to believe that each of us is important enough to refer to ourselves as… Read more »

7 years ago

I did post my comment a few minutes ago.

7 years ago

Re Dean’s comment to Mark Hebron’s –Dean says a ‘Sovereign God allowing a Civil War’—remember God gives everyone free will. I don’t believe God ‘allows anything’. God does give us the tools to deal w/unrest.

Do appreciate the comments & very glad I switched from AARP.

Peace to all.

7 years ago

PH said it best abut our future. But, the reason the Republicans lost thisc election is because too many of them thought that all politicians are liars and I’m not goping to vote. For every voter that did not vote was a vote for O’Bama.

Leo Foster
7 years ago

God bless you, We did not lose the election America Lost. I pray to God that America can survive this.
Keep up the good work.

Lucy Santana
7 years ago

Open letter to the President.
That was an awesome letter. My thoughts exactly; and I am sure Lots of us.

7 years ago

I held out so much hope for this country until last Tuesday, but I now see the writing on the wall. We have been weighed, measured, and found wanting. America no longer has the blessings of God and we are now entering a time of chastisement.

The United States of America: July 4th, 1776 – November 6th, 2012

7 years ago

What is the hold that Mr. Obama has over the business leaders of this country that gets them to side against the values of America for the Marxist values that BO holds so precious? I understand the blind wantings of the underachievers, the mindless welfare neediness, and the American value shattering rampage of the invaders of our American boarders. But for learned business owners to want our values to be change to the Marxist rantings of BO then is all lost for our American values? Surely there is some commonality of values left in the labor organizations that can see… Read more »

Les Siegel
7 years ago

Why ask GOD to help us now when people make the same mistakes over and over. Every legal voter should get out and spread the true message to the ignorant voters who vote in the same politicians they complain about all the time. GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES.

Susan Satava
7 years ago

I very much appreciate your proactive stance and making an effort to get Mr. Obama to see reason. I have only one problem: I do not believe that Mr. Obama wants to change a single thing; I think he’s quite pleased with himself over the degree of division he has created. He has ties to the Middle East that I believe he wishes very much to maintain, and he seems to be making a big show (to them) of how good a guy he is. I’ve surveyed his book about his father, and seen 2016; I think there’s a thick… Read more »

Mark Heilbron
7 years ago

You had better start if not allready to arm yourselves and learn how to use them. Civil war will be upon us in the very near future. Every great country or people had to go through a resurgence and the only way history shows is to eliminate through force the onse that brought it on. Look at every great civilization and tell me that it is not true. America is no different. We had one civil war and we will surely have another one because our politicians are gutless from both parties and in fact both parties are not separate… Read more »

Ted Quick
7 years ago

The left is delighted with the election results. The rest of us recognize a horribly depressing reality ahead; the inmates are running the asylum, a recipe for disaster. We are worse off today than yesterday, tomorrow will be worse than today and so it will go. The give-me-more-free-stuff crowd still reigns and as they take more and more from the producers America will be additionally weakened. What the left is blinded to is that they are targets along with the rest of us and their denial does not protect them from an equally perilous future. Some of that infamous 47%… Read more »

7 years ago

Like an Alcoholic, we have to hit the bottom before we can sober up & recover. We haven’t hit our bottom yet – hopefully we soon will.

If you want to help a voice who will speak for us – subscribe to Glenn Beck is willing to risk his livelihood & life to spread the word. We have to support him. You can afford the $5 or$10 per month for the cause.

And I agree – get out of AARP – spend your $$ on Glenn & his family & staff to lead us out.

Robert DiNubila
7 years ago

Obama was re-elected with the same deception he was elected with in 2008. He and his ilk are guilty of what they falsely accuse others of. Obama and the progressive DNC play it right out of Saul Ailinsky’s handbook.

7 years ago

I can identify with and appreciate the wealth of emotions behind the open letter and the comments. However, to respond in kind inflames, rather than resolves the problems. The Old Testament (in Daniel) says that it is GOD who raises and removes ‘kings’. The New Testament says (in Matthew) that we are to love ALL our neighbors as we love ourselves. And (in 1 Timothy 2) to pray for ALL those in authority, regardless of who they are. There are no powers in this country or anywhere in this world that are greater than love and prayer.

7 years ago

After a very depressing 2012 election — I was thankful to turn over the leaf of my Daily Calendar and read this quote:

“Never confuse the will of the majority with the will of God”. Charles Colson.

Please pray for this nation!

Thank you!

7 years ago

If you can get a copy of “The Great Controversy” (try Amazon) it will
give real insights into the future of America.

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