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Dan Weber Op-Ed Appears in Washington Times: Creating a Health Care Law to Be Proud Of

from – The Washington Times – by Dan Weber

Some call it by its official name, the “American Health Care Act.” Others have already taken to calling it “Trumpcare” or “Ryancare.” But by any name, the promise of the House Republican plan to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a better, market-based system is abundantly clear. This bill is the first phase of an effort to fulfill years of promises by Republican legislators ever since the bitter medicine of Obamacare was first rammed down Americans’ throats on a party-line vote in 2009.

President Trump echoed those promises on the campaign trail in 2016. The White House and Congress now have a critical opportunity to fulfill the promises they have made to the American people over and over again. To miss that opportunity because of partisan squabbling would be a betrayal of the voters’ trust.

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