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Dan Weber Op-Ed Appears in Washington Times: Creating a Health Care Law to Be Proud Of

from – The Washington Times – by Dan Weber

Some call it by its official name, the “American Health Care Act.” Others have already taken to calling it “Trumpcare” or “Ryancare.” But by any name, the promise of the House Republican plan to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a better, market-based system is abundantly clear. This bill is the first phase of an effort to fulfill years of promises by Republican legislators ever since the bitter medicine of Obamacare was first rammed down Americans’ throats on a party-line vote in 2009.

President Trump echoed those promises on the campaign trail in 2016. The White House and Congress now have a critical opportunity to fulfill the promises they have made to the American people over and over again. To miss that opportunity because of partisan squabbling would be a betrayal of the voters’ trust.

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Robert Koehler

The federal government has no Constitutional authority to stick their slimy fingers into America’s health care. Before LBJ decided to get the federal government into the peoples healthcare we were all dong quite well on our own. Few people remember that a office visit to YOUR doctor cost $5.00 to $10.00. Or that medical insurance cost $6.00 to $8.00 a month. I can still remember people at work cursing the government when they parents had to go to the hospital under the new system and a lot of them did not walk out. There is nothing good ever comes out of the government interfering in our everyday lives.

Tom Marks

Please note that the so called American Health Care Act or Obama care or what ever you want to call it has nothing to do with health care but everything to do with forcing people to buy insurance. For me part of being free means that if I want something I can buy it , if I don’t want it I don’t have to buy it ..


Get the government of of the Healthcare business. Why is a supposed conservative group supporting this. I joined AMAC because of aarp’s stand on this issue. I guess it’s time to move on again. You are here to protect my rights, not help big brother walk all over them.


Twenty Trillion in debt and the Congress and Mr. Weber do not understand that we cannot afford any payment by the government for individual health care.
Trump is going to have to get bulldog tough on entitlements and all government spending in order to save this Nation from quickly becoming like Venezuela!
Amac! Listen to Tom Mark’s and Robert Koehler’s comments below!!

Larry Jarvis

Repeal Obamacare andget out of healthcare the Government cannot run the post office ,VA turn it over to private competition then the price will come down for people that can’t afford it Medicaid it would be a lot cheaper than setting up a government run healthcare

V High

let’s look at who actually wrote the bill, sounds like it may have been the insurance companies. Just repeal Obamacare, period, that’s what Americans want. As a new member I find it a bit unnerving that a letter was sent before polling the members

Francis Reilly

Instead of being thrilled to be rid of that absurd pretender to the throne,and taking care of business as good Americans,the Republicans are acting like the little pea brained hangers on that inhabit the “lifetime”, jobs where they can grow old and rich,to our detriment.They can’t be ashamed of themselves because that would indicate a human emotion of high quality.TERM LIMITS is the answer,and who votes for that?Answer,they do and wont.I am 80 years of old and and I can’t live on the so called “social insecurity”,which they stole from,and they could care less. Just like the slobs from dictatorships around the world who live off the fat of the land while the people have to eat garbage.


Was there any national healthcare in the founding days of our country? The founders never intended the federal state to be a nanny in any way, shape of form. Therefore there should only be a repeal, no replace at all. I’ll go a bit further and say that not even state governments have any business in healthcare. Should be a totally private sector thing, period, end of discussion.


Gov needs to stay the hell out of my health care choices . VA, is run by both houses and its in shambles. Gives you you an idea , how Gov can’t run any thing but their mouths

Art Hilgendorf

Dear fellow members please check out You will learn things that will raise your hackles. No one in this government can be trusted. The D are worst, but you knew that already, and the R’s aren’t far behind. The R leadership is part of the globalist deep state and work for the shadow government in league with Barry Soetoro. We ceased to be a Constitutional Republic years ago. This government is so far outside the bounds of the Constitution that there is no similarity. More info can be learned from Kris Ann The party is over and this Obama Care entitlement will not go away any sooner than will Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. Trump is not our savior that belongs to Jesus.

Walt Carlson

From what I have been reading this morning, Paul Ryans bill will give us senior citizens a real pain in the shorts (75% increases in costs for medical insurance). This along with no increases in social security benefits ( paid for with 50 years of gain full employment) and seeing our represantatives vote thier own pay raises. I have lost faith in our congress. I see President Trumph as a savior.

Ivan Berry

Mr. Weber must not be informed as to what “FUBAR” means.


Hard to believe this article author Weber fellow is a conservative. Sounds like a Washington insider swamp dweller. AMAC is turning out to be as lib-traded as AARP!!

Hide K

So, show the public what benefits this Dan Weber guy is getting, including his paycheck. Oh, don’t forget his connections, too:) :)

Ronald Lee: Sells

I must completely disagree with you Mr. Weber! I want the whole thing repealed. Senator Rand Paul has not only the best plan, but the only one of which I am in agreement. The one that has been proposed is horrible!


Repeal Obamacare / absolutely. Replace with Obamacare 2? Not so much.


Not Good! Keeping requirement for guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions and required maternity care for all policies plus forcing all to buy some kind of insurance, tons of Obamaare regulations still intact! What the heck! This is the same as Obamacare. Another welfare program, eliminating our freedom of choice and driving up future dept which is already over 125 tillion. There is very little that is good about this RINO (Repeal In Name Only) Care bill.

Keith Fenton

I don’t think all 1,300,000 members agree with you…I DON’T. Watch Dick Morris’ comments about Ryan’s health plan! I agree if this plan goes through it will be the end of the of President Trump and many in GOP Congress. Keith Fenton

Dan M

Hope the Rs repeal it. FULL REPEAL. Then if the Ds & Rs can find a REAL solution to the mess, they can pass a true “American” care bill.

MaryLee Bradley

Add some coverage for eye care, dental and hearing or choose one. Also don’t those in the senate and congress etc have other insurance and are not affected by this current Obamacre? How about chqnging that. This is the time to do it.