Advocacy / AMAC On Capitol Hill

Dan Weber Meets with U.S. Senator Hutchison

Dan Weber, founder of AMAC,

recently met with U.S. Senator

Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX)

To discuss AMAC’s proposal to add

 an IRA option to our existing

 Social Security program. The

 option of contributing to an IRA

 would enable older Americans to

 have more money available when

 they reach retirement.

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Roger Werner

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred Honor.
Thank God we still have some men in this country who are willing to stnd as the founding fathers did and commit to preserving Liberty in this country. A little more help and less criticism. It takes time to build an organization.


I’m a new member and have let my membership in aarp (note small letters) lapse because they do not represent my interests anymore. This brother-brother relationship with bimbo bambo is not friendly to my needs at all. It has been a year now since I quit them but they still send me letters asking for renewal of dues. I ignore these appeals and let them
waste their postage since I already wasted enough of my money on them. I like the whole philosophy of your organization and am proud to support you. Good luck on your recruiting efforts and I have already told my friends about you.

Dot Pate

Meeting with Kay Bailey Hutchinson is nothing to be proud of. Her conservative ratings run around 35% in most polls. So that means 65% of the time she works with liberals to forward their goals and that means she is an anti-constitutionalist.


Who reads these? Whose hands do these comments end up in?? There is NO way anyone can contact Mr. Dan Weber. His voicemail isalways full….no one has an address, or phone number for him, or any name or contact info for any of the top execs in this organazation? Why would I become a member in a org. than cannot ever be contacted? Why would I give them money, when I can’t communicate? What the heck ever happened to CUSTOMER SERVICE? What ever happened to valueing the customers FIRST? Certainly this organazation does not believe in this, or I would have been successful at locating some kind of contact info where I actually could get old of someone! All I ever get are call centers. All I ever get are, ” We’ll have someone call you back,” and, of course, no one does…Why would I be stupid enough to shove… Read more »