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Dan Weber on FBN’s Varney & Co. 11/15/17

Dan Weber, AMAC’s founder and president, appears on FBN’s Varney & Co. to discuss the Senate tax bill and repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate.

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Good appearance, Dan, but I wish you’d have pointed out that even though aarp has more members because they’ve been around longer, as more of their members find out they’re fighting not for their members, but for liberal, big government causes against their members’ wishes, more and more of them will discover AMAC and switch over. Point out that aarp is liberal and self-serving every chance he gets. Now all Dan has to do is be sure AMAC fights for its members’ wishes, and not waste time and energy pushing for things like one-time 1% social security payments, or Obamacare lite packages!


Barney and co. Yes indeed the member want Obamacare gone for good.


I was looking for a newer AMAC post and didn’t see one, but I’d like to address an issue that must be affecting millions of Medicare recipients. I recently received a letter from SSA which advised that my Part B premiums are increasing from $134/mo to $428.60 next year, which is in excess of a three fold increase. Part B premiums are now based on income, and those over $85,000 in adjusted gross income will be taking a hit. In my case, I’ll only be receiving about 61% of my gross SS. What makes it even worse is that I’ll still have to pay federal tax on 85% of my gross, which is taxing me on income I never received. I think this is grossly unfair. Is AMAC trying to do anything about this injustice?


I read an article by dan weber about 6 months ago and its stuck in my craw ever since. The first sentence said this: Dan Weber believes the large majority of journalist are honest and fair. He went on to say the media was doing a good job. Now i don’t know what prompted him to make such preposterous statements, maybe he thinks I’ll just believe anything he says, or maybe he just thinks im stupid. But regardless, i felt betrayed. I have a trust issue with him. We all know that the large majority of journalist are dishonest and biased. We all know the media will lie and print fake news, on a daily basis. So why doesn’t dan weber know this? Sounds like an AARP man to me, or maybe a CNN contributor. This is an honest story. Sarge doesn’t lie.