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Cyber Team U.S.

Save 25% on our Cyber Security Services Plan developed to protect you and your family from all potential Cybercrimes!

Cyber Team U.S. is veteran owned and thanks to AMAC, we’re here to serve you!

As our team served protecting our government for over 30 years, now we are here to serve you!  Not all Cybersecurity companies are alike, many have questionable foreign ties with a poor performance record that will leave you vulnerable.  Our service uses government grade multiple layers of protection as part of its strategy.  Get the protection you deserve.  To take advantage of this special offer and be guaranteed to be secured by the best, click the button below to learn more.

This plan consists of Antivirus/Ransomware, Password Protection, and Virtual Private Network protection.

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or call: 888-406-5825

CyberTeamUS is proud to announce it has launched its “IT Help Desk” services with providing support for Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Devices.  Our call center is up and running for interested parties to include individuals, families, and small businesses. Please call  833-575-2566 for more details.

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