Crunch Time: 2010 Elections

Jedediah Bila

It’s crunch time, folks!

Just one week remains until conservatives cast votes for a new wave of leaders they hope will halt Obama’s tax-and-spend agenda, restore a commitment to our Constitution, protect states’ rights, and shake up the Washington machine.

According to a new POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Poll, “Republicans hold a 14-point edge among independents and lead overall, 47 percent to 42 percent, in the generic ballot match up.” In fact, “The Republican lead expands to 12 points in the generic ballot among those ‘extremely likely’ to vote.”

Some other key points revealed by the poll:

  • “54 percent [of all polled] say they’re casting a ballot either against or for Barack Obama and congressional Democrats. If the 2012 election was held today, he’d lose 48-42 against an unnamed Republican candidate.”
  • “Voters overall rate congressional Democrats and congressional Republicans about evenly in their ability to handle the most salient issues. The shift toward the GOP comes when those surveyed are asked to compare the Republicans’ approach with President Obama’s.”
  • “Many of the independents who fell out of love with Obama have not fallen in love with Republicans: only 30 percent of independents think Republicans have offered more specific solutions than Democrats this year.”

Many independents are undoubtedly dissatisfied with the far-left, big-government agenda of President Obama. They’re hungry for specific alternatives and leadership they can count on to offer bold, cost-cutting, pro-growth policies. Americans also have little tolerance – and rightfully so – for leaders who prioritize political paybacks, false promises, and establishment loyalties over genuine reform that will boost the economic and national security of our country.

The GOP must be strong on message and equally strong on follow-through. The Republican Party should stand for liberty, pro-free market solutions, limited government, and personal responsibility. But in many cases, it hasn’t.

Closet liberals disguised as Republicans – see Lisa Murkowski’s voting record for details – have blurred the line between the Right and the Left. As a result, they’ve left many Americans with something clear and tangible to rally against, but nothing dependable to rally behind.

However, 2010 candidates like Joe Miller, Marco Rubio, Sharron Angle, and Ken Buck have stepped up to the plate to redefine the face of the GOP. They understand that Americans deserve a Republican Party that is strikingly different from the Democrats.

It will be the responsibility of newly-elected conservatives to stand strong against Washington’s business as usual, to say no to “compromise” that would allow the Left to eat away at our liberties little by little, and to be loud, unapologetic voices against Obama’s bankrupt-your-grandchildren agenda. It will be our responsibility to lend them consistent support.

Next week’s elections are pivotal.

It’s time to bid farewell to the RINOs who have been ideological allies of the Left and enemies of our founding principles.

It’s time to send a clear message to our President that we’ve had enough of his job-crippling “hope” and “change.”

It’s time to hold Pelosi accountable for her 2007 “Pay as you go, no new deficit spending” lie and the $5 trillion national debt increase that followed.

And it’s time to pull the lever for strong constitutional conservatives.

In other words, it’s time to tell the lefties and phony Republicans– you’re fired!

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9 years ago

“The conversion often evnolvis a friend or relative of a DUmmie who is a “lifelong Republican” (a tell right there that the story is fake) who eventually sees the light and breaks through his ignorance to support the Democrats thanx to the wise guidance of the DUmmie recounting the story.” PJWell then. So all these polls and stuff demonstrating an increasing lack of confidence in Republican leadership must be wrong. They must be polling fakes and charlatans. They certainly couldn’t be real people. No no no. And they certainly couldn’t be talking to real Republicans like you and me. If they were, they’d understand why we keep electing corrupted, incompetent, indicted, and somewhat perverted people into positions of leadership. It’s clear this exodus from the Republican party is just an illusion. Right PJ?BTW, I hope you’re still not having nightmares about that Che picture. The one in the Obama office. Myself, I’ve been having terrifying and unrelenting nightmares about it.

Ray Igleheart
10 years ago

I am not a republican, But after researching I Will vote a straight Republican Ticket this Nov 2nd, We must Get all of the Dem & Obama crooks & thives Out and try to restore Sanity, Go Republicans, Restore America Or We Will Vote you Out the Next Time !!

10 years ago

I couldn’t agree more and for the first time in my 62 years of voting, I’m actually doing some electioneering.Go,Republicans!

10 years ago

You can bet your boots that I will not be voting for any of the Democrats.

10 years ago

“Pray and Vote”
We are in a terrible mess under Obama and this “shove it down American’s throats” Congress. We absolutely must change course.
Pray that the Republicans have “seen the light” after the past two years and will listen to the American people.
Our Government must return to a time of common decency and respect for each other if they are to accomplish anything.

ken herschel
10 years ago

It is time that all Americans get off their — and go to vote this Tuesday. If you don’t vote Republican then you can’t complain what the government is doing to you and will do to you in the next 2 years
Right now we are back in the 1770’s when there was taxation with no representation. We had a revolution then, and we were represented and not just TAXED TAXED TAXED

10 years ago

“Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business.” Winston Churchill

That’s why these Progressive Liberals will stop at nothing in order to stay in power. Even if it means screwing over the American people.

8 years ago
Reply to  Jon

They would definitely sinhrk, but they would still be around. Look at Medicare, they have supplement polices which the individual has to pay. If you think the government is going to pay for Heart surgery, Cancer treatment, you’re in for a rude awakening.

10 years ago

Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority & character increase as the importance of the position increases. John Adams

10 years ago


Buck Crosby
10 years ago

Leroy , quit flirting , it will get you nowhere . As for the vote , if we could find a way to stop democratic election fraud , real Americans ( republicans ) would win every election by a landslide . This was not true back to John Kennedy when democrats were still real Americans .

10 years ago

Yea Verily, so sayeth Jedediah. You are so right, young lady in everything you say about the situation. Your intelligence is only exceeded by your beauty and you have an abundance of both.

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