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Critics Overreacted to Trump’s G-7 Offer – Truth Again a Victim


Truth is again the victim.  Last week, when President Trump suggested holding the G-7 international summit at his golf resort in Doral, Florida, you would have thought he had declared World War III.  The assault was instantaneous, with Democratic House members claiming he was out for money, violating the Constitution’s emoluments clause, and breaking all precedent.  While the President has now pivoted to another venue, the truth is also a victim.

First, the President offered to host the international summit at cost or loss – obviously familiar with security, logistics, layout and hospitality offered by an objectively sound venue for an international summit.  If willing to take loss or cost, one is hard-pressed to see how the idea generated money. 

Second, if hosting the event at his own property was viewed as favoring his election campaign, one might note that the law allows candidates to use their own “personal funds” for campaign purposes, without limitation – although they must report the spending.  Presumably, all costs would be public.

Third, with respect to emoluments, the intent of the Founders is clear – to prevent those in public office from materially profiting from service to nation, while in office.  Trump had, as his Chief of Staff noted, ample resources before becoming president – and likely has taken a material loss by serving. 

Moreover, klieg lights might fairly be turned on those who did not come to office rich, but oddly became multi-millionaires while public servants – such as former Senators Joseph Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Bernie Sanders, and countless members of Congress.  The point is not overt corruption, but that these critics have apparently done more than well at the public troth.

On emoluments, note also that the clause would have twisted into a shape unrecognizable by our Founders to find the President’s offer of an at-cost summit to be an act of foreign influence.  Specifically, the clause was aimed at preventing foreign grants of nobility or foreign gifts – thus, reducing the chances of foreign influence – and is plainly described in the Federalist Papers (see Number 22, by Alexander Hamilton).  

Perhaps a more fitting and potentially rewarding question about emoluments might be whether a personal foreign gift to a sitting secretary of state’s “foundation” for millions of dollars, might be connected to the favorable treatment received by that contributing country on the part of that secretary of state?  Or perhaps whether a vice president whose son was given contracts by China, or favorable treatment by Ukraine, was returning the favor in official ways? 

In any event, the emoluments clause hardly seems to apply to a situation where an official takes a loss or entertains a foreign leader at cost.  In fact, going back deep into the annuls of American presidential history, presidents have often entertained foreign leaders in their homes, from Thomas Jefferson’s hosting of Lafayette to Ronald Reagan hosting the Queen of England and Russian President Gorbachev at his California ranch.   No issues raised.

Last, one has to observe that – yet again – this is one of those dust-bunny piles that has been gleefully fanned by presidential critics and mainstream media outlets into another hurricane of emotion, excuse for ranting and resentment, and in the end – a making of much from nothing. 

The President has done the right thing, pivoted away from the clamoring cloud of critics, deciding to host the G-7 summit instead at Camp David or another – likely more costly and less convenient – venue.  One might imagine that his decision would draw praise, or at least a settling of the dust-bunnies to the floor, but do not count on it. 

In this climate, truth tends to come in second to searing soundbites and gratification of those determined to make everything a scandal.  Make up your own mind, but to mine, this was a lot of not-much-there, just another example of Congress – which introduced two bills cutting funds for the G-7, under the clever acronym “THUG” – needing to be told to spin down and grow up.  Perhaps that is what 2020 will be about.   

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I’m pretty sure President Trumps critics will some day try to link him to Lincoln’s assassination and the crucifixion of Christ!

Burton Paully

Seems to me that this whole shebang is like the pot calling the kettle black. And it is obvious to my family that there are a bag full of scandalous democRATS who have become fabulously rich while in Washington, D.C.


Allowing President Trump to host at his resort would have saved the taxpayers a LOT OF MONEY!

Rick J.

President Trump is one of the few, if not the only, “politician” in Washington who is truly there for public service. If money was his motive, he would have stayed out of politics,
donated to Clinton, and then increased his fortune thru “special favors.” AKA corruption”

Mark J Higgs

Maybe Trump should suggest a venue in Los Angeles surrounded by the homeless and drug addicts piled high with garbage. Suppose this would make the Dems happy???

Helen Corey

President Trump has a generous heart. Anyone who’s had the privilege to speak to him knows it. His opponents turn everything he says into s**t. We are lucky to have him as president. I thank the good Lord for President Trump.


Tell the DNC they have to pay the difference in the costs…that should shut them up for a while. Oh, wait a minute, nothing ever shuts them up, much less something that makes sense.



Sylvia Hill

well written and expressed

Paul W

Truth is only a victim if you hear something from a liar. The MSM are liars. They used to spin left, omit etc.; now they just flat out lie. No wonder their credibility is in the toilet. Thank God for alternative news media!


Good article.

President Trump’s critics are a sad immature ungodly bunch.

They are a good example of how grudges, resentments and jealously can consume a person as they continue on this path of “hate”.

Pray for your enemies… Matt. 5:44

Mary Helen Tieken

We must, as a nation, pray for these anti-American, socialist-spewing Democrats. Lies and hypocrisy are their methods with no moral consequences thus far. So, while we pray for them, we must not become complacent–we must vote, vote, vote. I cannot imagine the burdens carried by this President – or any President, for that matter, but this breed of Democrat has heaped upon this man more than most men could bear. We, then, must pray for this man, President Trump, in all matters, for his ability to discern and lead. He deserves this from us today and every day. God bless America and Mr. Trump and those who truly love America.


They (the Demoncrats) need it to be in a location that they (the Demoncrats) can infiltrate and bug so they (the Demoncrats) can edit the conversations to get the President to say what they (the Demoncrats) need for more FAKE news.

Bo Dalton

When will these very stupid Socialist Democrats learn that President Trump is no in for the money. He gives away his salary. spends his own money on America, volunteers his personal property to save the taxpayers money. I would like to see just one of those disreputable Democrats do the same. The American people are sick and tired of these idiots on the left !. We have had it with them and will not tolerate any more !!


The Democraps use the Constitution that they hate when they “think” it will benefit them. HYPOCRISY at its best.

Paul DAscenz

If the President Sneezes in public, he’s accused of starting a pandemic!
My Point! To Hell with the Democrats.
They are out of there Minds!!!!

Joseph Morgan Sr

Since the “FIT THROWING TANTRUM CRYBABY DEMO-RATS” have caused this to be moved and COST the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS, then any costs that are above the basic needs should be paid by the DEMO-RAT(s) party out of their own pockets and not be forced on the taxpayers. The original proposal by President TRUMP would have saved the AMERICAN TAXPAYER a substantial amount of money and was all LEGAL.

Patricia Reynolds

FDR entertained the Queen of England at his home in Hyde Park, NY. They proudly show you the small room with a single bed, a straight, wicker-bottomed chair and a 3-drawer chest as quarters for HRH.


The word is trough, not troth.
The education system in our country proved terrible, once again.

Genevieve L

I think you meant “public trough”. 🤷‍♀️