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Crisis at the Border – A Better for America Special

What does it take to feel secure? What does it mean to be free? The border crisis has had an undeniable impact on the landscape of America. Locals are living in fear while innocent victims, lured with a promise of freedom, are pulled into a life of drug and sex trafficking. Come along with host Rebecca Weber as she travels to Del Rio, Texas, epicenter of this border crisis. Learn from locals, learn about the victims, and learn what’s being done (or not being done) in pursuit of our National security.

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Joanne 4 justice.
14 days ago


Gerald Mooneyham
24 days ago

I spent the entire month of January 2017 working along the Texas/Mexico border, back and forth between Eagle Pass and Anthony, Texas. Anyone….and I mean ANYONE, who thinks we need open borders….is a totally mindless idiot. I hope I’ve made my opinion (drawn from personal experience) abundantly clear.

janet franson
29 days ago

I live on the border. Where the “family units” are heading to cities like Del Rio or Laredo, the single, young, military aged men,many of them humping dope, come right thru where I live. The steal vehicles, break into houses, etc. This is the OTHER SIDE of the story, I hope you tell to your members! I am a retired cop, different TAKE on the Border Crisis

Roger E Davis
1 month ago

Agreed there is a crisis at the border. But there is another crisis which I could not find on the Amac website and that is the crisis for the political prisoners from January 6th who are being held now at least 5 months without bail or ability to have a conference with an attorney. Finally a few Congress people were able to get in to see them but their condition is not good.

Joanne 4 justice.
14 days ago
Reply to  Roger E Davis

This is true ! This ludicrous investigation must be stopped!!!!

Susan M Prazak
1 month ago

Thank you for sharing this.
I have shared on my FB page so that others can also see that this issue involves all of america because they start in Texas and move to other states.

Steve B
1 month ago

We live in Del Rio at Ground Zero. They are very accurate on what they are saying.

Jeff Noncent
1 month ago

Crisis in the border is Demonic in nature.

Larry B.
1 month ago

We in America are in a struggle between good and evil. America is the greatest country on earth.
Why? Not because we are superior to other people! But because our system of government was
founded on Judeo Christian values. Is our system perfect? No, because none are perfect. The American people just happen to be (generally speaking) the most generous, compassionate, caring
people in the world. America has done more good around the world than any nation on earth.
We are not a racist country. We are the only country that sacrificed 300,000 of it’s brave young men
fighting to free their black brothers in the civil war. We are the only country with a majority white
population that voted two times to elect a minority (black) president.
The majority of Americans are ignorant regarding their history and the truth surrounding current events.
Amac, Keep up your great work. You have an awesome organization.

1 month ago
Reply to  Larry B.


1 month ago

Are we in control of our country or what ? Who is down by the border keeping us safe !!

Karen C
1 month ago

I’m sooo happy and glad about them putting the wall up in Texas ! I’m sending money and praying for the other States to do the same!!????????????

Beth Elliott
1 month ago

It really is sad. The really sad part is, is that these illegals immigrants crossing the border are infected with Covid and with these people all over the US is spreading this virus. This is the reason Biden has got to sign a law and finish the border wall. I think that all illegals should be sent back to their own countries and I feel that if this is done, the virus would go way down. It is just so sad.

18 days ago
Reply to  Beth Elliott

So very true ????

Joanne 4 justice.
14 days ago
Reply to  Beth Elliott

I am sure illegal persons are bringing Hepatitis A,B- and C and HIV and TB .to
Our Country!

Rich C
1 month ago

Thanks Rebecca for this report. What a shame that our OWN government will not protect our citizens and their land from illegal activity like this. And, why won’t the “media” go after this humanitarian issue. Well, we all know why. Tragic.

Ricky Speer
1 month ago

I support Judicial Watch also. They, forcefully, hold the Government accountable for ALL issues.

1 month ago

Time for the vigilantes!!!!!!!!!

Alton R Clark
1 month ago

I hate to say it, but people like these helped start all of this, you feed a stray dog and it will never leave. They should come here the legal way or not at all! Amac is starting to suck as bad AARP!

1 month ago
Reply to  Alton R Clark


Bill on the Hill
1 month ago

Thank you Rebecca for illustrating what this ( 1 ) Texas family is up against on a daily basis living in southern Texas & ever so close to it’s southern border…What our government is allowing to happen down here is beyond reprehensible & it has now impacted the rest of this nation because biden is bussing & flying these illegals all across the nation, as far north as Maine in the northeast, clear across the country & all points in between…The current FAUX gov’t in DC is doing everything in their power to transform this nation into something that the American people want no part of…
Governor Abbott needs to do far more than simply stringing up concertina wire at the southern border, they, i.e. the drug cartels, coyotes, human smugglers & people from 150 nations are now trekking north from Central America as they will simply cut through it & continue to walk straight into Texas & spread themselves across this nation & allowed to do so by deliberate lack of action of the Federal gov’t under Biden/Harris…Texas & Arizona are in dire need of help & We The People know it will NEVER come from Washington, DC…

Jim Jolly
1 month ago

And not a one being tested for Covid or other diseas.

Jeff Noncent
1 month ago

It’s getting crazy out there same with the so call President Joe Biden

Rich C
1 month ago
Reply to  Jeff Noncent

Biden is “president” in name only. We know he didn’t win the title. As for him being crazy, just look at aunt Nancy and the whole socialist/democrat party.

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