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COVID Relief Bill – Supreme Irony

COVIDNothing is sweeter or more fitting than looking on people convinced of their utter seriousness and seeing supreme, laughable irony.  Congressional Democrats give us this gift daily.

In throes of another COVID spike, Nancy Pelosi – having stopped major relief for individuals and small businesses last summer – suddenly decided she can now manage to help Americans without freezers of ice cream and hair stylists.

Election over, Pelosi and her high-rolling, lip-smacking Democrat colleagues, have consented to help small businesses that are still breathing, stay afloat a bit longer.

Thanks to Pelosi’s hard-bitten pre-election hubris, hundreds of thousands of small American businesses have gone under in the past six months – businesses into which people had poured their lives, savings, hopes and dreams. Some estimates put the number in the millions.  See, e.g.,;;;

More than 4 million who rose on Trump’s economy are now unemployed – and no longer looking for work.  More than 12 million Americans eager to work have been tossed onto unemployment, since their employers did not get a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) extension.  And even those unemployment benefits are ending.

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi.  Now, in today’s irony, a subgroup of House members – who are ALL elected to solve problems and help constituents in rough times – has dubbed themselves – can you believe it? – the “problem solving caucus.”

Brilliant.  Why did America not think of this earlier?  A “problem solving caucus,” and, say, just in time.  Thanks to this world-changing development, problems that were somehow insoluble before the election, are now suddenly to be solved.

Says Pelosi, “We have momentum” drafting a COVID relief bill, which was vigorously opposed by Democrats for being not big enough before the election, but now is half the size of Trump’s proposed pre-election bill.

Said one “Problem Solvers Caucus” member, “We are in the middle of drafting as we speak, and so … Monday is kind of a goal.”  Caucus members, and the esteemed Speaker, assure us the bill is happening, “so money is allocated to those most in need.”

Such self-congratulatory tomfoolery, taking American voters for idiots, is why more than 90 percent of Americans hold Congress in contempt.  Call it irony on irony:  Those elected to solve problems produce a little group that calls itself the “problem solving caucus,” which delays aid that would have saved millions of jobs, and then congratulates itself for selflessness.  Really?

So, where is that COVID bill, and what is in it?  In short, the long-lost bill, better late than never but too late for millions, will emerge this week with “a range of emergency programs,” including extension of PPP and unemployment insurance,

The $908 billion dollar bill will end up attached to the long overdue appropriations bills for Fiscal Year 2021, which are being wrapped into a yearend “omnibus spending bill,” that will land on President Trump’s desk before Christmas.

Even then, as the economy wobbles under new uncertainties, the “Problem Solving Caucus” decided NOT to issue any new lifesaving “stimulus” checks. The irony is too rich to go unnoticed.  That caucus’s Democrat co-chairman is New Jersey’s richest lawmaker, Josh Gottheimer, D-5th Dist.  See, e.g.,

Worse, Gottheimer received more than $308,000 in campaign contributions from private equity interests, then in May 2020 advocated the Federal Reserve bailout private equity firms.  So, claiming to support the little guy, a leading Democrat scraps checks for those barely making it, while pushing big bucks for private equity firms.  Does it surprise you? See, e.g.,

In the olden days, whenever they were, members of Congress had a touch of shame – a sense of quiet awareness at public rebuke for obvious hypocrisy – but no more.  Now, we can block aid for Americans in crisis – from debilitating government lockdowns, while eating endless ice cream, getting hairdos, claiming sainthood, and blaming Republicans for heartlessness.

See what I mean about irony?  We live in times that begin to look more ironic by the day, even as we lose our sense of humor, our ability to laugh at the inability of our political leaders to laugh.

Okay, assuming no further tricks in Pelosi’s hat, this relief bill should also include a compromise between Democrats pushing high-level State and local bailout money (for State and municipal pension funds, guilty of overspending), and common sense liability waivers for businesses trying to reopen – for survival.

Even so, Democrats want to add other goodies (i.e. billions for Amtrak, Postal Service, federal food aid, federalized assistance to schools, et al). Senate Republicans may be hard-pressed to block those adds. And then, just to make things interesting, President Trump has asked that this bill be “targeted” relief – tied to coronavirus impact – not a wild-eyed spending spree, adding more debt.  See, e.g.,

When all is said and done, the ironies will be forgotten – of course – and the bill will be big, everyone claiming credit for having done it, blaming others for what is not in the bill, leaving Americans wondering who is really in charge – the government or the People.

Just when you want to cry, stop – and laugh. Nothing is sweeter or more fitting than looking on people convinced of their utter seriousness and seeing supreme, laughable irony.  Then, because we are the People, we are the America that knows the difference between irony and idiocy on one hand, truth and transparency on the other, take a deep breath – and look toward 2022.  What else can we do?

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2 years ago

I am still waiting for an answer from AMAC as to who approves our comments and WHY? I am shocked that those who say that we live in a FREE country still watch what is written here? I have never had this happen before only that my comments get shoved back and buried. Is it because of the group who write the comments are in a special group? I have seen the same names come up! I really predicted all that would happen to these “use idiots” like swowell, pelosi etc. as I worked in the soviet union and the middle east in 1991-92 in health care. socialism/communism never works or wins. Now they want to take over the entire country by first removing biden by going after his son? He is the BIGGEST useful idiot I have ever seen. I have no problems with the people of China but the communist regime needs to be totally overthrown and eradicated. This is also how I am feeling about the “Demonrats” in this country. That includes all that have so much hatred for this one person who has done so much for all the people here and loves this country. Believe me I am very aware of this nations ills and have read extensively about the world’s history and our history. I have also worked in other countries where oppression is the first order! I will never tolerate that sort of “order” in this country. That is why I sent an email to AMAC as to who are they to question anything that is written by an 80+ years old person who because of her profession has had the privilege of working with people and children of all colors, religions, nationalities, genders etc. both at home in the USA and out of the country. Tha k you, Carol

Lincoln Sorensen
2 years ago

Why do we hear the numbers of new positive tests, covid 19 deaths and totals on a daily and by radio, every hour ? Who, early on, decided that hospitals should receive $13000.00 taxpayer dollars compensation for every covid patient ? Who decided that this, and not flu or any other pandemic should require worldwide closure of “non-essential” entities ? Why did Fauchi contribute millions of taxpayer dollars to the corona virus lab in China? We had our own lab for germ warfare on an island just off Long Island from which Lyme Disease escaped which was closed a few years ago and is now located in central America in a place known as Kansas. Lyme was denied by our politicians for decades and was finally acquiesced as being a disease BUT not CHRONIC LYME DISEASE. The denial is because it is a man-made disease and the government is legally liable for their negligence in foisting it on American citizens. All the covid 19 hullabaloo is to scare all of the peons of the world into learning to follow orders of politicians at will, so one world order is able to slide smoothly on the rails laid by the elites, for whom the peons will labor when all is sprung. Nothing less than a full blown revolution and the physical removal of all the swamp denizens will bring our republic back to governance by “we the people.”

2 years ago

Politicians playing politics with US lives is disgusting to me.

David B.
2 years ago

Can you feel it? The seething anger growing. The animosity getting more bitter. The thoughts of revenge becoming clearer. The desire to punish the DNC expanding. This is how civil war begins. They are unwittingly begging for it.

David B.
2 years ago

What these arrogant Politicos don’t realize is all the “little people” that have had enough, and are thinking that a public hanging is too good for these leeches.

2 years ago

Please add the ability to post to Parler.

Karen Carpinelli
2 years ago

Vote them out

2 years ago

Pelosi needs to step down. Her hatred for OUR President has blinded her to any needs of her constituents!

2 years ago

They need to stop adding “pork” to major and important bills. The “pork” should be proposed separately and voted on its own merit.

Michael Taylor
2 years ago

You end the article with, “What else can we do?” What we can do is stop allowing the fake news media, and Dummycrats, dictate the situation. This election is far from over, but the longer we accept the dictates of the fake news/Dummycrats, the more likely things become. There is a groundswell of momentum behind exposing the fraud perpetrated in this election. Stop accepting the propaganda spouted by the main stream press. Start sounding off about the PRAVDA style reporting done about the election. There are more pro-Trump voters in this country than liberal nuts. Do not let this theft stand unopposed. The Emperor does not have a new suit! This is just a naked theft attempt of our country. Just goes to show what happens when there are no consequences for political treason. If we had been hanging these folks for the last 40 years we wouldn’t have this problem.

Beverly Necessary
2 years ago

I would like to know WHY those on left and media BELIEVE the lies of pelosi and shumer put out. Is it their DISLIKE FOR TRUMP is so bad they believe lies instead. GUYS we are in DEEP DO DO!!!!

2 years ago

John Fallon Well I wrote a comment 3 hours ago ad again. t was put so far down in the list and it states on the top right that it is “waiting for approval! Approval from whom Carol

2 years ago

Today’s Democrat party has to be the most ignorant, self-centered, uncaring, mean, evil and every other negative adjective in the English language that I’ve ever seen or even heard of in my life and I’m way past retirement age….

John Bemis
2 years ago

No one in the picture is wearing a face mask and they are not social distancing either. Isn’t that illegal?

2 years ago

To John Fallon: I told you I would put a comment in and I hope you see it before it gets buried like all my other comments. I am now realizing that the way that the comments are ranked is by the number of reply’s received and not by the dates/times they are written? This is not fair to those of us who have much to say but get thrown back as they are not left on long enough for others to see the newer comments. At the age of 80+ I have done and seen a lot in the word and I wish people would be able to see a lot of what I say. I always think that Mr. Charles hits the nail on the head and I have always appreciated his articles. Take care and thank you, Carol

Diane Evans
2 years ago

Americans are wise to the dem. schemes. That’s why they had to steal the election.

2 years ago

Love reading my morn’ news from my AMAC fam ????

Ginger Lymbery
2 years ago

This is why the postal service was used to lose millions of votes for
Trump and back date mail in votes for Biden….they have mismanaged their budgets forever and now they are broke and want the American tax payer to bail out their business.

Ed J
2 years ago

History had its Typhoid Mary. We have our Pandemic Crazy Nancy to contend with! I would rather have Typhoid Mary, thank you …

2 years ago

The problem isn’t the politician. The problem is the voter. They complain for years and yet when it is time to vote, they vote for the same person. So the politician seeing they will never lose their job or power goes merrily along taking care of themselves and screwing the people. We’ve only ourselves to blame for this mess. We’ve been kept happy, dumb and distracted while our children where being indoctrinated into a communist system. We are about to pay the piper for our complacency. What will we do about it?

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