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COVID-19 Small Business Resources: Protecting Your Business in the Coronavirus Economy

businessThe effects of the coronavirus have hit small businesses more painfully. Governments have placed restrictions on business activity and public mobility. Plunging small business revenues are taking their toll on jobs and small business viability. Let’s hope that containment strategies will make this a short-term crisis, and we can all get back to business “as usual.”

Until that time arrives, I’ve put together resources for small business owners. This page, which will be updated frequently if not daily, includes advice from business experts, important information from key government agencies (like the Center for Disease Control – CDC, SBA, IRS/U.S. Treasury and DOL), resources from our trusted allies, and coronavirus response legislation – the CARES Act – which has been signed into law.

There is massive uncertainty regarding the full impact of the coronavirus and how long economic activity will be on lockdown, but we know small businesses are resilient and innovative.

Business owners can play a key role in encouraging calm by communicating with employees and customers about what they are doing to ensure products and services are being delivered in a well-thought-out and hygienic manner, and what owners are doing in their own “small” way to contain the virus’s spread and keep workers healthy and safe. The cumulative actions of millions of small businesses can have a massive impact on helping the virus to pass.

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Reprinted with Permission from - SBE Council by - Karen Kerrigan

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2 years ago

People, you see what the Demoncrats really think about small businesses: they only think that they exist to pay taxes to fund their Socialist/Communist agenda. Nancy Pelosi’s “stimulus” bill only wants to help bail out the overextended “Blue” states and she/they think We the People should help non-citizens, also known as illegals, with taxpayer monies. In fact, they want to make them citizens!!! But Barack Obama complains that Attorney General Bill Barr is ignoring “rule of law” by exonerating General Flynn who we now know was “set up” by him/his administration. But isn’t it funny that the Demoncrats ignore “rule of law” when it comes to our existing immigration laws? I live in “Blue state” California where our facist dictator wannabe keeps moving the goalposts on reopening our economy knowing full well that probably at least 40 percent of small businesses will be out of business losing their livelihood and the livelihoods of any of their employees and their families. Yet these Jackass “Blue State” Governors don’t seem to care and in fact, would rather support having illegals take the jobs when at least 30% of American citizens are out of work. We citizens in “Blue States” are experiencing what the future will really look like under “Socialism/Communism” where the local and state police enforce ignoring our rights and freedoms guaranteed to We the People by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Isn’t it time to “Recall” these facist dictator wannabes?

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