Correctly Framing the 2012 Elections

by Christopher G. Adamo –

As the nation lurches into the 2012 election season, the propagandists of the liberal media have gone into high gear. Their singular job is to prevent the American people from correctly assessing the precarious condition of their country, what needs to be done about it and, most dangerously of all, who among the major Republican contenders could best assume the helm of the nation’s government in order to implement a proper course of action.

To date, the Republican presidential “debates” have done little more than denigrate the entire field of candidates. All too often, the only “debating” occurs between the targeted candidate of the week and a contentious, unabashedly biased, liberal “moderator.” Thus they have proven little better than a sorry mix of survivor styled “reality TV” and cheesy beauty pageants. Rarely have the candidates been allowed to openly hash out their stands on the issues of the day. Nor have they been allowed to sufficiently expound on the starkness of their political differences with Barack Obama.

In an objective and fact-based discussion of such topic matter, the dire condition of this country would take center stage, with the primary purpose being to determine the root cause for its disastrous downturn. The damage done since the advent of the Pelosi-Reid Congress and eventually abetted by the Obama White House, by which a formerly robust and secure America has been transformed into an economic basket case, increasingly subservient and vulnerable to frequently hostile foreign powers, simply does not play well on “Main Street.” Once the common citizen fully comprehends the straits into which the nation has been maneuvered, and who is ultimately responsible for the problems, every practitioner of “politics as usual” can expect to be shortly shown the door.

Barack Obama is once again demanding more than a trillion dollar increase in the nation’s “debt ceiling” which, if it can be arbitrarily raised, actually represents no ceiling at all. And once again, the enormity of that sum needs to be pondered in its ugly reality, lest the nation eventually grow completely indifferent to the catastrophe that such reckless expenditures represent. From its founding, the United States of America did not accrue its first trillion dollars of debt until 1982. Yet Obama, with no honest plan to address this hemorrhaging of the American people’s former industry and prosperity, will eagerly squander such a sum between now and the November elections, and then demand even more.

Perhaps more distressing is that, in the wake of Obama’s hideous expansion of the nanny state, the tendency of the “ruling class,” irrespective of political affiliation, is to preserve and maintain the new order. Far too many “Republicans” have willingly accepted the current status of the nation as being ripe for such a transition from freedom and self-reliance to state control and its inevitable finale of subservience and meager sustenance. Power, once wrested from the people, is not readily or willingly conceded back to them by any who find themselves at its epicenter.

Only by recognizing this truth can the abysmal behavior of the “Republican” Congress be understood. Since being handed a decisive majority status in the landslide 2010 elections, which were an adamant repudiation of the leftward shift of ’06 and ’08, it has become painfully clear that the ultimate goal of “Republican” House Speaker John Boehner and his inner circle is to avoid any appearance of aggressive opposition to the ravages of liberalism and socialism.

Somehow, despite former promises of fiscal responsibility and assertions of how toxic the current spending practices are, they continue unabated. These Beltway insiders have been duped into believing that Real America is either wholly ignorant of the degree to which the fundamental nature of this nation is being altered, or that they actually suppose it to be a good thing. It only seems to require a few “polls,” ostensibly reflecting a sudden new fondness for the nanny state, to convince the political class, that this is indeed the case.

In short, among those currently holding the reins of power on Capitol Hill, “draconian spending cuts” signifies their intention to delicately adjust the manner in which business as usual is painstakingly perpetuated. Neither the villainous Democrat controlled Senate nor the compliant Republican dominated House of Representatives have exhibited the will to actually implement the degree of change needed to prevent an eventual economic meltdown. That prospect is of minor importance, and can somehow wait for another day.

Consequently, as electoral contests heat up, “We the People” are once again required to rally behind candidates who can strengthen the standing of real conservatism and accountability within such thoroughly corrupted institutions. The only alternative is to accept the notion that Washington is beyond repair. However, such a concession affirms the inevitability of eventual national collapse on a catastrophic scale.

Clearly, those liberal statists in every branch of government who deliberately carried out the perversion of constitutional government should be identified, and their removal from office elevated to the highest priority. But close behind them must be the spineless pragmatists who were willing to allow the travesty to carry on. Those who have accepted the degeneration of the American ideal are every bit as guilty as anyone who actively pursued its dissolution.

Whether among the individual congressional districts, statewide Senate races, or the race for the White House, any inclination by an aspiring candidate to keep the nation on its present, disastrous course represents an immediately disqualifying condition. Such a crisis as presently threatens America cannot be allowed to continue unabated, regardless of the eloquent excuses and justifications offered for it. But the nation will fare no better if it is merely put into a holding pattern by a spineless “moderate,” drifting placidly until the next devout liberal takes the helm and resumes the demolition.

Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming. He has been involved in politics at the local and state level for many years. His archives and contact information can be found at www.chrisadamo.com

The views of this writer do not necessarily reflect those of AMAC, Inc.


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While the press is counting the votes for Romney and declaring him the winner.
I am counting the votes for Gingrich, Santorum and Paul. And when you total those votes the facts show that there are far more people voting against Romney than voting for him.

Shelton McBride

My evaluation of the candidates in a nutshell is as follows. Ron Paul apparently supports isolationism for foreign policy. We should have learned that lesson in WWII. Can’t go there. Mitt Romney installed government run healthcare in Massachusetts. Now, he says he will repeal Obamacare if he is elected. I have a hard time believing we can count on him to reduce government involvement in healthcare. It just seems he is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Newt Gingrich is a smart man. He has to fight himself to stay out of trouble. Given the power and the authority, he would likely be out of control. Why was he removed as Speaker? Could we expect him to stay under control if he were President? He certainly has a lot of baggage. Maybe he has learned his lessons, but how many of his political advisors have left him since… Read more »


Two things to realize about a Romney as the Republican nominee: 1) Obama would love to run against the guy that was beaten by the guy he beat ! 2) the god of Mormonism is NOT the God of the Bible, nor are their belief consistent in any way with the beliefs of Christianity/Judaism. Consider well then who you are choosing. I prefer Gingrich obviously because of his vast experience which we desperately need at this time We don’t have time for more OJT as we stare down the barrel of a nuclear Iran, massive debt, unemployment, housing forclosure disaster, social security uncertainity & Congressional stalemate. We need a statesman and he is one. Newt has done already what needs doing now! He isn’t talking about what he will do hypothetically as the others are – especially Romney since he did the opposite from what he now says he will… Read more »

Jane Price

Based on the combative and somewhat futile exchanges that continued between the elder candidates on stage tonight in Florida, it was interesting to see the younger and wiser Santorum call them down. Focus on the critical issues of this campaign, please. We need to turn this country around ASAP! Rick Santorum has both the ability and the integrity to do the job and would be a formidable opponent should he be the nominee.


Neither Newt or Mitt deserve the presidency. Its absurd to think either of these men won’t fall back into their past actions. The true conservative is Santorum. he has both experience and personality to meet the needs of the nation. people overlook him because the media is picking FOR us. why do we let them?

J. Gaffrey

Seems to me that most of the problems that we are experiencing today come about as a result of the unwillingness to follow the mandates of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The government has caused the problems, whether Democrat or Republican. In fact, the political parties have violated the “will of the people” by demanding that their party legislative members follow the party lines instead of the people who put them into office. The only way that this country can retain its integrity is through freedom from government interventions. I see that some members question Ron Paul’s foreign policy. My question to you, is does it violate the constitution? I feel that any person who allows their elected representative to do an end run around the Constitution, does not deserve the protection that the Constitution offers. Another detriment to our country’s freedom is the relationship between the US and… Read more »

T Sumpter

The next President of the United States needs to be a fiscal responsible individual. Newt is the only one with true experience. Santorum is a true conservative but lacks the maturity we need at this time to RIGHT AMERICA. The class warfare that this President has continuously supported has to stop. I want the American dream back where we can be all that we can be and where success lies in family, education, and self-responsibility.

Rita McGill

Ron Paul has a lot of good ideas, till it comes to his foreign policies and our military. He scares me to death on these points. What everybody needs to remember is that is was the democratic party that put us in debt. NOT BUSH. When the democrats took control of the House and Senate Jan. 3, 2007, Dow was $12,621.77, GDP 3.5%, unemployent rate at 4.6% Barney Frank took over the House Financial Ser. Comm. and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Comm. Thank you democrats for taking us down this road of ruin and what I consider shame. Bush may have been the President at the time, but he is not the one that caused our problems. The democrats and Obama have caused all of this mess. Yes, we need to get rid of EPA, Education and several other agencies to get our economy and jobs back… Read more »

Jane Price

The media spin combined with the GOB (Good Ol’ Boy) network in SC has demonstrated yet again why our electoral process is so flawed. As you know, South Carolina, like New Hampshire, has an open primary meaning that Democrats and independents can cross over and vote, thus skewing the results. And in the national election, add the embedded voter fraud and the abysmal state of public education (not a slam against teachers, but cirriculum!), and we’ve got a colossal mess! The hour is very late indeed for Christian patriots to stand on conviction and demonstrate more than lip service to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Rick Santorum spoke clearly and concisely at several town hall meetings this last week on the how and why of Constitutional conservatism as contrasted with libertarianism. Given the results of the primary, I’m chagrined that SC evangelicals didn’t “man up” here when they… Read more »

Rickoshay Souce

Most all of the preceding comments contain valid points. I see the main point of the candidates as being gutsy, experienced, listened to and aggressive enough to stand up in a “heated” debate, winning at all costs. The object is to “beat” Obama. Though he makes sense most of the time, Ron Paul is not that man. I doubt that “Mitt” can stand up to a lying, cheating, say anything to win type of guy as Obama is and will expound to the public. He has no conscience and ignores right from wrong. We need a strong, experienced debater to take on this task, with no chance of losing. At this time, that leaves one man, obvious to the job at hand. Whether we like his history or not (and who is without sin?) we can deal with him later. Above all, he is an American and for America I… Read more »

Thomas Avery Blair

I’m praying that Dr. Ron Paul will become President-elect this coming November 2012. I might not see Dr. Paul as the perfect candidate, but I don’t see any of the remaining candidates besides Dr. Ron Paul that can accomplish what needs to done and who will at least try to do it almost immediately. I don’t believe the US taxpayers deserve another “lost decade” and I like Dr. Ron Paul’s “angry old man” attitude. I am an old man, I am angry at the federal congress, Wall Street, The Federal Reserve and the “banksters” and I will not vote for anyone except Dr. Ron Paul if his heart is still beating come election day. I detest “RINOs” and cannot abide Liberal Democrat anymore than I could a convicted child molester or murderer having any authority over my income and accumulated wealth plans. If the Republican Party can’t or won’t meet… Read more »

Thomas Avery Blair

It occurs to me that every viable candidate should have a “spread sheet” comparison sheet that a potential voter could read and ask legitimate questions about. Questions like: “Do you feel the U.S. Constitution is too flawed to be viable in the 21st century?” Questions like: “If you feel the U.S. Constitution is not sufficiently “modern enough” which if any of the following changes could or would you support?” A Balanced Budget amendment; A Right to Life amendment; A Freedom of Choice Amendment permitting federal clarification on Abortion Rights of the Mother and of the Fetus?; A Blue Sky Amendment that would require expiration and renewal dates of federal charter for each and every federal department funded in any manner by or through the federal budget? A Right to Work Amendment requiring non-union bids on federal projects or that all work funded and performed on federal projects be accomplished only… Read more »

Evald Peterson

I think I will vote for Gingrich as he has plans to get us out of this horable mess where Romney sounds like a poloitation with just sound bites.


Obama has not done anything to help this country, all he does is spend money, He should be told to resign.


I like Newt’s backbone. He really showed it in Charleston, SC Thursday night, 1/19, when he took the moderator to the wood shed. I don’t know if he has a chance to get the GOP nomination, but should he the presidential race if nothing else wouldl be interesting.


Ron Paul is the only candidate that stands out among the Republicans. He is a realist about our economy and understands that big government is our main problem . We must eliminate the wasteful, useless portions of our government that suck the tax payers dry without any return. The EPA, for example, has killed more jobs in this country than any other government agency. Eliminate the Federal Reserve, which manipulates and continually devalues our currency. Ron Paul does not waver on issues; he means what he says, and what he says make sense. His main concern is our constitutional freedoms, which have been severely eroded over the years. Without our freedom, nothing else matters! Our men in the Military are some of his biggest supporters. That is because he wants to cut the waste out of “defense spending” such as billion dollar foreign embassies, and use it to shore up… Read more »


I have watched all the debates and have decided that any of the GOP candidates will do. Keep in mind “ANYBODY but obama”. AND vote in Nov.; a non-vote is a vote for obama.

Ronald L. Lingle

I believe Mitt Romney is the best qualified to be President. He was a Governor. He started Bain Capital and made it a great success. He was President of the Olympics and turned that organization around from a mess. He has a great family. He is a great family man and a religious man. He is a leader. I just hope he is a Conservative.