“Correcting” History

history erasing pastTo those who want to sanitize history by erasing painful events from the collective memory, I would like to ask…Who gets to decide what can stay and what must go?

Are statues the only objects subject to the censorship ‒ Or are paintings, historic sites, books, movies, music and plays also on the purge list?

We already see that speech is being monitored by self-appointed arbitrators. So many in media like to neatly box everything into a Left or Right container. These same people rarely see things in terms of good or evil, or true or false. However, when it is politically helpful to classify something as evil and attribute it to the Right, the pronouncement is quick and final.

Framing things within a left and right border is not seeing the big picture. Frames have an up and down dimension, as well as a left and right. To place events, issues and ideas into compartmentalized positions is not freedom.

Those who pride themselves on being nuanced and seeing shades of gray in so many instances have become rigid when it comes to defining “hate” speech. Somehow, they know exactly who gets to speak in a public forum and who must be shut down and prevented from speaking ‒ or being heard if they do attempt to speak.

The speech police know which terms can be used and which must be banned or else consequences such as boycotts or job termination will be the verdict, often imposed by boisterous assemblies.

The scenario George Orwell created in his novel “1984”, seems less and less like fiction. Winston Smith, the main character, worked at the Truth Ministry where he “corrected” records. The internet was not yet the route where information flowed. It was newspapers, books, periodicals, pamphlets, posters, leaflets, films, sound tracks, cartoons, photographs and every kind of literature or documentation which might contain any political or ideological significance that were subject to “correction”.

As soon as Winston’s “correction” was made, the original was destroyed. Day by day, and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. All written records were to agree with the Party version of the past. Anything that was not in agreement was to be thrown in a memory hole, never to be recalled again.

Hmmm…George Orwell wrote “1984” in 1948, but there certainly seems to be a strong whiff of that atmosphere that can be sniffed today.

I say we must snuff out that urge to purge history, before it ignites into a 21st century book burning bonfire.  We must not give in to the effort by some who insist on “correcting” history by disposing it in a memory hole, where it can never again see the light of day. Where no one can learn from it. Where we will all be doomed to repeat it.

Diana Erbio is a freelance writer and author of “Coming to America: A Girl Struggles to Find her Way in a New World”. Read her new blog series “Statues: The People They Salute” and visit the Facebook Page.

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the thought of tearing down historical statues sickens me and reminds me of nazi germany and muslims destroying christian art and monuments

It is prejudicial to the ancestors of those who lived in that time in history
To attempt to erase the Historical memories of the time.
You Definitely can’t change HISTORY, you can Repeat it.

One of the first chances of “history” was when those writting the history books claimed that the Civil War was about slavery. It started over the Northern legislators trying to force the south to pay for the cost of government with the tariffs that they passed. Happened to be that those items were mainly used in the South. It was not until January 1863 that Lincoln was able to falsely claim that it was about slavery. And HIS hypocrisy was on full display since he did not address a SINGLE SLAVE in the North.

Douglas Smith 16770-15

So true ! The idea of the (2nd Revolutionary war) being over the issue of slavery is put forth by the Victor’s. The winners write the history.. Slavery wasn’t even mentioned until 1863 !

The Republican Party was founded out of the “Abolitionist (anti-slave)” movement in 1854 as a direct result of the Democrats passage of the Kansas/Nebraska Act that opened that territory up to slavery. Following the passage of the K/N Act fighting broke out along the Kansas/Missouri border (Bleeding Kansas) as Kansans fought to be admitted into the Union as a “Free State. The papers back east were full of stories about the fighting. Ending slavery was the fundamental reason for the new political party.

This is absolutely true. Most of these people don’t have a clue what the history of the Confederacy was. A lot of them are paid agitators, most of the rest are just ignorant.

Lincoln freed the slaves in the South because he knew the war effort would collapse if he freed slaves in the North.

To know ‘why’ the South went to war, read each State’s secession documents. At the point of secession, the southern States had little reason to tell less than what they really thought and they told it within these documents.

Actually the E. P. didn’t free ONE slave, north or south. It took a lot of nerve, for the President of the US, to tell people living in ANOTHER COUNTRY that they were “free”. The Union ACTUALLY defined slaves as “property”…so when Southern areas were taken by the Union Army…The “property” of southerners could be confiscated and used by the army.

Very true. There has never been a war fought for altruistic reasons: the causes are always rooted in economics. The victors end up with the power and positions that allow them to redefine the motives, vilifying their defeated opponents, and wrapping up their own motives in noble language. And so we’ve ended up with a population in this country that thinks the North went bravely to war to free the slaves from the (100% evil, of course) South that fought back only to keep their slaves. Case closed. We have spent zilions on education in this country, but have allowed anti-US propagandists to be the leaders in the public schools, and so have raised a generation (or 2) of citizens who’ve been taught no respect for this country, no pride in our achievements, and no sense of duty to preserve and protect it for future generations. They have not been… Read more »

That’s certainly one way of looking at it… But I think it was a bit more complicated than that. And in the end, “We can choose our actions, but we cannot choose the consequences of those actions…”

“Bleeding Kansas” was the result of Democrats passage of the 1854 Kansas/Nebraska Act which opened that territory up to slavery. Written by Democrat Stephen Douglas (Illinois) and signed into law by Democrat president Franklin Pierce (NEW Hampshire). Pierce’s Secretary of War was the future president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis. The fighting along the Kansas/Missouri border WAS all about slavery as Kansans fought to be admitted into the Union as a “Free State”. The eastern papers were full of stories about the fighting which set in motion events that carried the nation into Civil War.

Also interesting was Lincolns plan for African Americans after the war. A large tract of land in Africa was procured, modern day Liberia. They were to be shipped back to Africa and given their own land. He would have been disappointed to learn how few actually went. I don’t say went back since the majority of African Americans were born here, The great liberator was a hypocrite as he didn’t want blacks left here in his back yard. It was all just a weapon to economically weaken his opponents in southern states.


And people!

A sign of a tyrant. Note that you seldom have tyrants on the right. But you can count on them eventually ALWAYS showing up on the left.
FACT: Our nation will be destroyed by deficit spending. Look and see who is the ones voting for that.

So true, A.D.

exactly. to change a civilization you must first change it’s history. to put a stake in its heart, destroy its economy.

I agree. If — on a rare occasion — a statue symbolizes a Supreme Court decision that opposes the cherished value of racial equality, a statue symbolizing liberty and justice for all could be erected right beside it and, even better, within a framework showing how life has changed throughout history.

That’s because the modern Nazi calls itself a “progressive”. You’re not far off the mark,read up on what went down in Germany after WW I,(and Russia during/after WW I).

Just how sick are you? Are you ready to travel down through the rabbit hole? Choose which pill you want to take.

Excellent and timely article Diana. Especially with the current media-driven frenzy to encourage wholesale historical revisionism aimed at ultimately delegitimizing our Founding Fathers and thus the basis for our country itself. That is the ultimate endgame for the left. Going after the Confederate War memorials is merely the first step in gaining public acceptance and a degree of legitimacy for that whole process. The recent reports of defacing the Lincoln Monument in D.C. and a few instances of similar actions against Washington statues around the country is just a prelude for what the left has planned. I’m sure we’ll soon hear cries from the left for major school textbook publishers to further redact references to numerous historical figures that the left opposes from their future offerings. The Soviets and the Red Chinese were both famous for “sanitizing” out scores of both people and historical events that had fallen out of… Read more »

Sanitizing…excellent way to describe it. And let’s sanitize the fact that Jews were slaves to Egypt…as told in the Bible. Make sure that comes out too. There has been many many instances that will have to be sanitized by the Left and we will be left with NOTHING


Keep your bayonet sharp and gunpowder dry.

It is difficult for the left to repeat history if too many people KNOW HISTORY.

Our schools must make sure students learn history to protect against repeating it and political correctness.

Our schools are teaching a “revised” version of history already. Colleges are sending out LEFTIST teachers to brainwash generations following them. Our history is domed and Will probably repeat itself.

I love American History and am currently reading “The Spanish American War” Goldstein, Dallon, Wenger and Cressman1998 (ISBN1-57488-076-4) which reminds us that a famous (then) and renowned Confederate General, General Joseph Wheeler, re-embraced the union in the years after the war as a respected congressman, When the US entered the Spanish-American War he fought there, with distinguishment as a Major General and along with Col. Leonard Wood, Lt. John J. Pershing and Teddy Rosevelt was considered a hero afterward. Wonder if his monument will go? It should be noted that the “yellow Press” of William Randolph Hearst and others pushed the US into that war by lies and negative pressure against President William McKinley, whom they had not supported in his election. So even in negative history, we learn about the Power of the Press.

Wheeler, among several other Confederate leaders, later served in the Senate or as Governors!

After we take down the Washington, Jefferson, Jackson monuments and memorials do we force everyone with those last names to change them? Or… since they wouldn’t be here were it not for slavery do they get free plane ticket to ????, Africa (or wherever else they believe they’d be better off)?

I mean if we’re going to sanitize it let’s sterilize it.

I was thinking the same thing about them going back to their ancient lands. And while they’re at it, find the descendants of the tribes that first sold them into slavery and erase their history.

Has anyone read “The Parting Shot” at the end of this newsletter? What does it mean: is this pro democracy, or what?

Ivan, I read the whole article. Did not see this “The Parting Shot” you speak of.

Sorry, Old Griz. I misnamed the darn thing. It should have said,”A Parting Thought.” It’s at the bottom of the page listing all articles for this week.

Paule, this article and your comments makes the newsletter worthwhile.
Two Greeks, Plato and Aristotle have said concerning a Republic: from Republic to Democracy (pure form) to chaos or totalitarianism. What is not specified by them is the part that aspiring for Empire covers all the ills. With World Empire in the offing, anything to advance the New World Order is fair game. What Diana has presented is one major tool of the Globalists, and well.

America has always tried to support American democracy in the world. Not so much any more. Socialism and Communism has pick up our absence. Our people now would rather kiss ass then go to war. that’s the determining factor of our abandonment of our culture. People don’t care any more. So, Americans will become enslaved to the STATE. It is so say. Trump has more faults then most of us, but at least he tries to do something to fight the blight of bureaucracy, elitism in Congress, our culture and honor. It is a loosing position, in my estimation. I’m 89 years old and will not see the end I envision, but it is so sad to think that I have probably lived through the best years of America. The only thing any of you can do is to slow the progression. Get rid of ultra left Professors in our… Read more »

That is because we have NEVER HAD a Democracy in the first place! We have a REPUBLIC- the only kind of government that works in this regard. A true Democracy is laughable, as well as impossible, and has NEVER happened in any major civilization in the history of the world. One vote for each person, on every subject? Has not and will not happen. Let’s get our references clear!

Dorothy, we had a Republic. Then a Democracy. Now we have a failing Empire that is being destroyed from within since we have spent our resources policing the world, even though we have not had our own house in order and refused to mind our business.

Dorothy is correct; we were established as a constitutional republic and have remained so since.

Our failure is that we focused on it being a DEMOCRACY. The part that has made it work, (and is being taken away from us now) is the REPUBLIC.
So when we tried to export it, it was FAULTY presentation.
What is the downfall of ALL civilization? Greed, aka selfishness. Look closely. Everything you described as bad is based in greed and selfishness. And most certainly practical, real socialism is included.

You danced all around it. Say it. Whites are to be removed from history. Statues, History books, maybe even the Library of Congress. Those nasty people.
Say did you know that the first slave owner was a black man. And that a great many slaves in the south were owned by blacks? Where is the hew and cry?

And let’s not forget the free blacks that fought for the Confederacy…beginning in 1861. Records, etc. were mostly destroyed when northern armies swept through the south…but at LEAST 63,000 to 90,000 free blacks served in the Confederate forces starting in 1861. (The north didn’t allow blacks to serve until 1863.) That Harvard Professor, Gates, of osama’s “the police acted stupidly” fame, research the Battle of Gettysburg extensively looking for black union troops that had fought there, and found none. There was only ONE black identified, so far, who fought at Gettysburg. And that would be Private Charles F. Lutz, of Company F, 8th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia. That unit took 25% losses at Gettysburg, and Lutz himself, lost an arm on the Assault of Cemetery Hill. So the only black identified at Gettysburg was a confederate. First black John Casor, court ordered into indefinite servitude by an… Read more »

Phil B., few know what you know. So sad that many don’t even care. Welcome.

Amen Mr. Roberts! I’m from Louisiana and we have the honor of having had the most “Free People of Color” slave owners. Also, as the revisionist contend, the first blacks did not fight for the Union during the “War of Southern Independence (or as Lincoln referred to it as the “war of the Rebellion”), they fought for the Confederacy. The all black “Donaldsonville Artillery Brigade” and the “Jackson Barracks Artillery Brigade (New Orleans)” are just two examples of the many blacks that willing served the Confederacy. Find and read a book titled “TWO YEARS IN THE SOUTH” published just before the war, written by a northerner. Also, read “AMONG THE COTTON THIEVES”, written by an officer in Union General Banks forces in Louisiana. Very enlightening about the REAL objectives of the Grand Old Army of the North!

Correct. And white Americans were the first to teach the concept of freedom of slaves, while in African countries they still had slaves for many years.

Yes, PaulE. You are correct to point to the ways the USSR and Mao’s China rewrote their histories and erased what was inconvenient. I wrote a column about two years, ago “Are America’s ‘Four-Olds’ Being Destroyed?” that discussed that. Here is a passage from the column… if anyone is interested they can find it on page 3 of my articles listing… here is a passage from the piece. “I recently read a book that worried me. Red Scarf Girl (A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution)  by Ji-li Jiang is the personal story of the author who was a twelve-year-old girl when China’s Cultural Revolution began in 1966. It is chilling to read Ji-li’s story and experience the harsh transformation of a society as told by someone who lived it. Ji-li describes the daily radio broadcasts by Chairman Mao that spoke about the evils of the old ideas, old culture, old… Read more »

And a good warning should we fail in reestablishing our Constitutional Republic, Diana. Thanks.

Diana, I also read “Red Scarf Girl.” I hope it gets wide readership from this audience; so many parallels to our current society! Scary to see the turn of human nature but this is exactly the result of socialism and communism! And Godlessness!

Paul, you put into words exactly what I was thinking. Excellent.

I agree completely, Paul, except I don’t believe it’s the first step- This has been going on for too long for that. Maybe the 31st step…

Leave the statues alone. That’s our history.

Good or bad, Phyllis, it’s our history.

‘Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.’

Absolutely it’s our history and I’m proud of it. That DOES NOT make me a racist.+

I agree 100%.
We citizens are letting the anarchists rule!
Bad decisions.

You hit the nail on the head. We are letting the bullies have their way. You have to stand up to a bully. When these people show up somewhere every resource should be used to shut them down. Call in the National Guard if necessary but these cockroaches have to be crushed wherever they show up. Not only are the National Guard not called but the police are told to stand down and let the bully have his way! This is not the America I grew up knowing.

Not quite. Right now, the way it works, you don’t have a chance to get ANY good man in office if you can’t get enough ‘coverage” to tell he people who is a really good guy. So most of the time BOTH candidates in most elections ARE controlled by the rich elite.
You don’t have a vote, REALLY.
That is why I keep telling you II Chronicles 7:14.

We must NOT give up! We must encourage and support good men and women to run for office. Start small – think city hall! Pray for our leaders at every level. God can use both the godly and the ungodly to bring about His will and grow His kingdom here on earth, as it is in Heaven! Volunteer as a precinct worker! Walk a precinct or help out at a phone bank! Local elections are often won or lost by just a few votes! Be the one who makes the difference!

If you delete history that is considered bad, so it is no longer available; how will you know not to do it again? History is a story, good and bad. Hopefully, we can learn from past mistakes, but it doesn’t seem to be so. History repeats itself, good and bad.

I am in total agreement with you. We need to remember our history and hopefully learn from the right and wrong.

History is repeating it’s self. This is the government mind control and mob distruction seem in Nazi Germany.

As ugly as it was, the Civil War is just as much a part of our history as the Revolutionary War. Most of the Confederate generals were West Point graduates and made a choice…

One of them, Jefferson Davis, did so reluctantly, who was against slavery, but was a Virginian and felt he had no choice but to join the Confederacy. Some of our early presidents were themselves slave owners. Should that be stricken from history books?.

Jefferson Davis was from Tennessee.

So was Abe Lincoln. Actually Lincoln was born farther South than Davis.

Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation” did not address slavery in the North. Do you know why?

By pretending to free the slaves, Lincoln gained support from Northern abolitionists when he was losing support for his war. If he had actually freed all slaves, including those in the North, he would have lost much more support than he gained from freeing only slaves no under his control.

The pretense also encouraged European powers to not recognize or support the Confederacy.

Soon enough

This war was not about slavery. Robert E Lee freed all his slaves 8 years before the civil war. A very small percentage of people in the south owned slaves. Over 90% of the men who fought for the Confederacy had no slaves. They were fighting for the se thing thay their fathers fought for in the revolution. They saw the federal government getting ever bigger and these precious freedoms being eroded. Now look where we are.

We are actually taxed at a higher rate than the taxes that King George and Parliament placed on us that helped to foment the Revolution. Something to think about???

Thank you for this suscinct overview. My husband graduated from USMA (West Point). You can only imagine his revulsion of political correctness. REL was a man, not a god, but he was a very good man.

True and the south was being strangled by the Merril Act (Taxation w/o representation!)

As with Robert E. Lee, the first loyality was to the State he called home, and the reason the Confederate yeomen fought was because their State, their homes, were invaded. Will you fight when an all overwelming government invades your domicile?

And the reason it was, is that the states were initially considered SOVEREIGN NATIONS. Lincoln did invade a separate nation. He started the war.


And no one on the left wants to talk about the cost of Lincoln’s illegal war. That’s right, illegal. There was nothing in the constitution that gave him the right to prevent states rejecting and leaving the union! He caused the death of approximately 610,000 Americans in an illegitimate war to protect the access to cheap cotton for the northern garment industry! Today, he should be labeled a “War Criminal!” Hey revisionist, chew on that fact!

And the high tariffs on British made farming tools that made the overpriced northern empliments a costly choice–boosting the norths economy, while killing the forign purchasing of southern produce, esp. cotton since theyhad paid for the cotton by selling their manufacured goods to the south.
Nice to know some understand our history like you, Old Griz. Too bad government schools only present propaganda. And note that the middle of propaganda is, “pagan.”

Yes, and they made the right choice. Too bad the right side won. It was never about slavery. It WAS about states rights.

I meant the wrong side won.

Understood, AD.

Erasing traces of our memory of the horrors of slavery and bigotry only guarantee their return under other guises.

We need to remember our past mistakes.

To paraphrase a quote: Those who ignore history are condemned to relive it.

Most of those actings as vandals or pushing the political process to erase our history don’t seem to understand the message. Our history allows future generations to show their children where we have been, where we are, and how far we must go.

Not all slavery is “horrors”. But I guess you believe those who say it is. Now talk about horrors of slavery. That would be MUSLIMS TODAY. And that ties to the treatment of WOMEN around the world and the fact that the Democrats so strongly support muslims who DO treat women sooooo BADLY

Perhaps the biggest problem we have is the lack of vision, leadership and backbone in our representatives who seem to bend to the will of the most vocal group at the time regardless of their small numbers

99%of them are political prostitutes. They’re all padding their bank accounts instead of serving their country and going home to their jobs.

Martha and Jim G. – I hope you will be with me in backing a “Term Limits” amendment for representatives in Congress (and maybe your own state, too – I am doing that in Oregon). It is LONG overdue.

There will never be TERM LIMITS, the politicians will never allow the issue to be put on the election ballot.

That’s why Convention of States is necessary.

Glen, you have to think long and hard, before wishing for a “Constitutional Convention of the Sates” as provide for in the constitution. In such a convention, ALL tenants of the constitution are up for debate and change! With the huge number of liberal/leftist/progressive/communist politicians in this country today, you may loose many of the first Ten Amendments, The Bill of Rights, that we hold dear today!

Old Griz, even the last clause of Art V itself states that anything goes. Art V puts no limits on amendments of any kind. So you are quite correct that “ALL…are up for debate and change.”

Isn’t it amazing how week after week we get someone who continues to think that a COS, which would open up the Constitution to potentially ruinous changes, is the magic solution we should all embrace? Sad.


You said it exactly.

George Washington did say something to the effect that our nation could only last if we put godly men in power. So why does that work. Only a man who fears God will ignore the pressure from wicked corrupt men. There are now a number of people who say that a Christian should not be able to hold any public office. Reason? Separation of church and state.

You know the saying, “Squeaky wheels . . . . . . .”

Jim G. You sure have hit one of the many nails on the head. How many have exposed their views to their representatives in the Senate and the House? hOW MANY HAVE RECEIVED REPLIES? Forget bringing home the Bacon, press them to vote your views or send them back home as was the original intent, “represent your district/state for a while then go back home and get a job”. IU am strongly eaning toward bringing in a Relief Pitcher for the next term unless the present pitchers start throwing strikes.

Thank you Ms. Erbio. The Civil War did happen. Americans fought Americans. All the monuments, statues and other memorials honoring those who fought in that war belong as a reminder of that war. So many people have been brainwashed by our government (Public) school system the Civil War was fought to end slavery. The truth is; The southern states seceded and waged war to protect each states rights Slavery just happened to be included among those rights. When some malcontent(s) propose the removal of a monument it should be subject to a vote by the state’s citizens. Meanwhile; Someone needs to grow a thicker skin. If you don’t like memorials to American history, don’t look at them! But let the rest of us American patriots enjoy the symbols and memorials of our history.

The same goes for Flags.
If you’re upset with a state or historical flag or emblem, DON’T LOOK AT IT.

Well said Mr. Erbio. Maybe if our schools still taught American History AS IT REALLY WAS & people had been taught that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery (but many DEMOCRATS used that as their reason to fight) but about states rights, even our sidewise media might report the truth. Love the idea that the citizens should be allowed to vote on whether the statues come down or not — or whether it’s alright to dynamite off the face the Stone Mountain carvings in Georgia!! I re-read “1984” about a year ago & boy can I see that in what’s happening to our wonderful country right now! Sickens me! I’m 77 yrs. old & have no doubt I lived my “golden years” many years ago. Saddens me that this is the world my grandchildren, & future generations will inherit & fear that by the time great grands, etc. arrive they’ll… Read more »

PLEASE DON’T CALL IT “THE CIVIL WAR!” A “civil war” is when two or more groups in a country, fight among themselves for control of a whole country! The eleven states that succeeded from the U.S., did so legally and then formed another valid and self governing country, with a constitution, president, congress, etc. The Confederate States of America, was not a bunch gorilla fighters, trying to over throw the United States. They formed a legitimate new country because the existing one, did not provide for their needs. The proper name is, The War for Southern Independence! The South wanted no part of the U.S. They just wanted to be left alone, to govern themselves as they saw fit! When you call it “The Civil War”, you are parroting the winner’s revisionism of the true nature of the war!

OK. The War of Northern Agression. How’s that?
And you know, that’s what many want, just to be left alone.
And yep. You are right. Winners get to tell their lies and they get their monuments. Loosers just get the swamps sewer in their face.

This got me to thinking. Are they going to stop teaching students about the Gettysburg Address, the most astounding speech ever made. “We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live….It is altogether fitting and proper that we do this.” In my mind the Civil War was the biggest mistake Lincoln made, but the Gettysburg Address was a call to all Americans to heal and to be the best again. Notice Lincoln doesn’t differentiate between the soldiers who died from the North or from the South, but simply “To those who here gave their lives.” Now read the rest of that address and see how it is a challenge to the people to finish what those men had advanced. Those believing we should remove offensive objects from our society do not understand… Read more »

“Of the people, by the people, for the people…” at the point of a gun. Either be in the union or be killed. You can call that liberty. I call it the most hypocritical form of tyranny.

Thank you for pointing out the gross hypocrisy of the Gettysburg Address. The historic revisionists interpret it as they want it to be understood rather than for what it actually said and meant.

Where will it end? I even understand ad American’s reasons but there are so many things that offend all of us: music, movies, the liberal media outlets, disgust in the name of art. Why don’t our reps have the guys to stand up to the liberal’s & pretend republicans like john McCain? We need reps that can stand up to this garbage like pres trump.

Because our ‘reps’ are spineless asses. BOTH sides

That’s why they aren’t backing Trump.

Media shows a gnat of truth, but makes no mention of the elephant of contradiction.

Well, if we decide to re-write history we put ourselves at the level of Russia. when they figured that selling Alaska to us was a mistake they eliminate the chapter from history books. Smart move or stupid is as stupid does.

People have rewritten the Bible to say what they want it to say so we should not be surprised at this attempt but this America belongs to all of us legal tax paying citizens and the good bad and ugly is a part of it.
Our personal family history has all these components also and while we don’t wallow in the muck and mire of our past we cannot amputate it from our destiny.

Great article, thank you! Hope everything settles down and we can keep our history

The “annointed” Left in the media will keep this attack up. Hoping and wishing it will settle down is not the answer. We all must engage and engage now. The Left is determined to destroy the nation.

You are correct. The arm chair quarterbacks will not get the job done; we all need to get involved and have our voices heard.

What in God’s name can we do to fight this when the socialis left has the media constantly brain washing and inflaming the dumbed down indoctrinated youth of America?

Gather together Martha and start your own little paper and pass it out on street corners if nothing else. Change the management or better the ownership of these globalist newspapers. Lock and Load.

If we, the people, give up and let the left win on this issue, then for every existing statue that is eliminated, tear down one of the black leaders statues. It is suppose to be about equality, right?

That sounds like a good start Burt, but it would only bring you griff. There will be a whole bunch of blacks who will fight for America against
Socialism/Communism. They won’t like that any better than you or I will. The Blacks who are Socialist/Communists are still in the streets. The elite left
never did anything for the Blacks in this Country and they will still be all WHITE ELITES in government management.

Lock and load Eddie. You will be called upon to make that decision. This creeping Socialism/Communism the left supports will destroy America. I’m
89 Years old and will defy them until I can no longer pull the trigger. Hope you can carry on for all our memories.

If we forget our history, the good and the bad, we will repeat it. Not in having slaves, but in how we treat people of all kinds. We cannot stop or cure racism, someone will always hate someone else for an unintelligent reason. Racism is taught, it is not a trait one is born with, so teach your children well. My mama didn’t teach racism and I have friends of all shade of skin, taught school 21 years, mostly what could be called minority, underprivileged young people. It didn’t matter to me, as long as I taught and they learned.

Yes, I too was taught what passes for “racism” these days but not by my Kennedy Democrat Roman Catholic upbringing but rather by a long succession of black hypocrites who discriminated against me because of my whiteness. Decades of allowing false narratives like, “only whites can be racist”, (among many others), to go unchallenged has brought us to this. Not all blacks are oppressed and most assuredly, not all whites are privileged. Stand up to the lies!!!!!

This is one of the best comments I have heard in months. Thank you.

Only those that are incapable mentally of living with facts and reality want to change History. Another way of explaining “Mentality Impared”!

Unfortunately, for the past 50 years, the “teachers” have been “teaching” their communist beliefs to the minds of the children. Most “students” that have been “educated” in state schools do not have a remote idea as to the history of this great nation. At the same time God has been removed from the schools, hence, morality has been removed. No right or wrong leaves us with what we have at this point in our country. Everyone doing what is right in their own eyes. Total chaos and lawlessness. People used to respect the law or were afraid to break the law, and had respect for the ones who stood between us and the criminals. Now the police stand back and let the rebellious destroy what they don’t like. Due to the fact that so many of them now think the same way. I am not demeaning the police, I am… Read more »

I totally agree, most everybody finds current violence in the world offensive, will some group say that since war is very violent and offensive that ALL war statues and memorials should be removed ? My understanding of Civil War history was that the war was about resistance to Federal Government invasion of a state’s rights and that slavery was just part of the movement, a “last straw” you might say.

History is what has made this country….. like it or not!

No one should be destroying any of it because of personal reasons. We need to accept where we’ve come from and move forward by learning from those events!

Then Hazel fight Socialism/Communism that has Americans running for cover. There is no cover where you can avoid the rabid left Democrats. And don’t be fooled by the Democrats, they are filled with Socialists/Communists and are bent on usurping American Government.

Well said

Watching “Last Man Standing” [popular comedy] one of the characters comments in a matter-of-factly, non-comedic way that the deficit actually went down under Obama’s administration. If at any point it truly did go down, it was a blip now eclipsed by the debt. Very misleading.

I think one year the deficit increased so much that when the following year or years it was less of an increase…it went down. Just like if I gain 10 lbs one year and only gain 8 lbs the next year my weight gain for the year has gone down :-(

So very well said. Had to laugh. Wish are politicians were as smart as you.

Television has a little at a time added blimps such as this to slowly indoctrinate people to certain ideas. It happens so slowly and with such short blimps that not everyone realizes what is going into their brains (and horrors, it stays there to become belief). Modern Family is one of the blimps that went big time.

The minute you perceive that crap Angela, never ever watch that program or that channel again. Instead of watched that boob tube, read a book.

Who was the stupid writer who inserted that into the script? That ignoramus should be fired on the spot. GOD how dumb do the elite think we are. My 5 year old great grandson knows better than that. Of course he is home schooled and gets to free himself of a Socialist Education.