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Coronavirus Response Update: Developing Vaccines and Therapies


• The Administration is working to help accelerate the development of therapeutics and a vaccine to combat the coronavirus.
• The FDA is evaluating existing drugs that could serve as potential therapeutics for coronavirus patients.
• The Trump Administration is actively working with drug manufacturers to monitor any potential drug supply chain issues.
• The Administration is expanding research and consulting with experts to better understand the transmission of coronavirus.
• The National Institutes of Health has announced the beginning of a clinical trial for a coronavirus vaccine candidate.

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Jim Rice
3 years ago

There is a LOT of research and documentation of OTC products that the US Govt has previously tested and results show effective against SARS and other “parallel” virus. Why haven’t those been brought to lite?

3 years ago

Safe, inexpensive ozone air purifiers are used around the world, and recommended in the 90’s by the Department of Homeland Security to be available in every home and busisness in the event of a biohazard . Research in multiple government institutions validates its effectiveness and safety yet misinformation is put out by non research agencies. Why are they suppressing this proven solution to kill Covid 19 in air and surfaces?
We are being manipulated!.

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