Controversial Statements About Older Americans

AMAC salutes older Americans as the steely backbone of this great nation. It is older Americans’ hard work and sacrifice that has given America its exceptional status in the world as a land of hope and freedom. Older people are one of America’s greatest assets and this is why AMAC condemns the vitriol spewed forth by Michigan State University professor William Penn. Please tell us what you think of the Professor’s “lesson”.

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142 Comments on "Controversial Statements About Older Americans"

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If schools teach diversity, then this man’s class would be called How to Become a Victim or more distinctly How to Become a Loser; since hopefully other classes at the university are designed to help students become prosperous winners. He, I’m sure, is a welcomed member of the American Marxist Party. As the professional loser that he obviously is himself, he is probably an poster child for the party. Then again many in Hollywood would be in competition.

The most disgraceful thing about this is using the classroom as his forum. Why isn’t he actually teaching his class the subject he was hired to teach? Hopefully he will not be allowed to return to the classroom there or anywhere. How disgusting.

This man confirms what it says in Romans 1 about a person having a depraved mind. If this man had his way he would probably terminate the elderly. But, what if this was his mom or dad? Liberals are always silent when it comes to matters “close to home” as they say. Would he condemn his mom and dad as rapists? His argument is a blanket statement that does not include other factors. “they don’t want to pay taxes because they have already raped this country.” What, pray tell, are the illegals doing when they avoid paying taxes and send their money back home to Mexico? What about the “capitalist” drug dealers who also avoing paying any taxes? Drug dealing is capitalism isn’t it? you have a product; you find sales people; you use your profits to build your enterprise? Isn’t it fair to say that these two groups are… Read more »
One thing that has always amazed me about this wonderful, exceptional country is that in spite of the myriad of differences we always have come together in times of trouble. It scares me that one narcissistic demagogue has split us to the point that folks who emulate him spew the type of hatred based on ignorance whenever they can. Thank God for all the folks that have responded to this “teachers” crap. I remember hearing about another narcisstic demagogue who managed to create enough hatred in Germany to wipe out millions of human beings using the same tactics: split the people by spewing filth and then wipe out the ones who don’t believe the way “I” do. By the way, Do any of you guys remember hearing “We don’t leave anyone behind” To my knowledge not only Marines, but every God loving American lives by that creed. So what’s the… Read more »

The fact that our University system is paying this man, I won’t even call him a teacher – what is he teaching – absolutely nothing to equip young people to make it in society! This is a travesty! Isn’t there a recourse to have someone like this removed! What is the class suppose to be teaching?

This man should not be allowed to teach! My father served in the air force, volunteered to teach in college free!
My husband severed during Vietnam, just what did this so called college professor ever do for this country?
I was amazed that students just didn’t get up an walk out!
The left wants to deminize older people they want to cut off the one source of true wisdom that elderly people pass on to the youth. What a left wing communist bigot of the elderly and republicns!

The man talks like a real progressive . Certainly the whole class should of walked out of the room he was spewing his BS.

This professor, and I use the term loosely, is a piece of excrement. In 1970, I had a WWII history teacher who made the comment he was going to talk about WWIII because Nixon had bombed an area during Viet Nam. I walked out of his class after telling him I was there to learn history of WWII not his views of current events and he was wasting my time and money. I still passed the class, with a C. How we will fight the changes that have grown over the years I do not know, but we must start now and continue to fight. He probably would have flunked anyone who did that same thing to him. Public schools do not teach about the founding fathers most of the time because they were slave owner!! The truth about our country is not being taught and because of that, Obama… Read more »

This person (not a male American) dose not know what this country was built on. As a veteran ( wounded) in Nam and a tax payer for 48 of my 60 years on the land called The United States of America. Because I’m white l don’t qualify for any aid. I live on a small disability as I have RA and a broken back with steel rods and two artificial hips, I have almost worked myself to death. I do whatever I can to help my kids and grandkids so I keep working one way or the other. This guy ? man can go to a real warm place with lots of pitchforks.

Why is it that all the liberal proponents of the “Brave New World” never see themselves as part of it? They are somehow immune, riding above the unlearned and unwashed in the glorious position of being the “overseers” of the workers paradise. Where those who want to work, do, and those who don’t want to share equally in the bounty of the worker’s efforts. They, of course, have every right to our accolades and worship because they are so much more intelligent than the rest of us. If we lack the cajones to stand up and shout, “The Emperor has no clothes!” then perhaps they are right. We are stupid.

One wonders why the idiot feels he has to put his stupidity on display so the i-phone might capture and broadcast his deficiency? Hmmmmm?

How sad that this professor is so full of hate. His words are insulting, disgusting and hurtful; should not be allowed in a classroom. I’m sure there are students in the class who have elderly grandparents whom they love dearly.

I won’t be around, but it would be interesting to see how this “man” handles the aging process.

I’ve learned that quite often a day laborer or janitor has more intelligence and common sense, and definitely more courtesy, than many professors. God bless this nasty man anyway.

“If we will not be governed by God, we must be governed by tyrants.” –The REAL William Penn, a gentleman and a scholar.

MSU said Penn’s classes have been reassigned to alternate instructors. The university released a statement on September 5 about the video: “Michigan State University is committed to creating a learning environment that is characterized by mutual respect and civility where diverse ideas can be explored. On Sept. 3, university leaders were made aware of several statements made by Professor William Penn in a classroom. Once MSU was made aware of the situation the Office of the Provost immediately began a review. The dean of the College of Arts and Letters and a representative from the provost’s office met with Penn, who acknowledged that some of his comments were inappropriate, disrespectful and offensive and may have negatively affected the learning environment. Penn’s teaching duties have been reassigned to others. Students’ education will continue as scheduled with alternate instructors.” –Kent Cassella, MSU spokesman This is really good news. Narcissist closed minded Marxists… Read more »

I am relieved to read that this made it to the administration and something was done about it. My daughter, junior, at Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL, has a tremendous Poli Sci instructor who keeps all personal opinions to herself. I would call IC a liberal school and my daughter is very conservative. She feels encouraged to voice her conservative, Christian opinions without fear of reproach, and is often thanked by others for being forthright. IC is not supported by tax dollars. There are good options to what is offered in public universities, a very sad statement on public education.

“I’m coming after you” . . . “Don’t want to pay taxes” . . . Lots of us pay more taxes than this clown makes in a year and plenty of us would be glad to “explain” that those are fighting words. Funny how this bully (of captive college students less than half his age) is so smart, yet fails to think that likely everyone in his class has an iPhone ready to tape his stupidity. Professors are just above it all in their oun minds. This guy would probably be on welfare if he had to get a real private sector job and would last about 2 minutes in combat. And the attacks on Mitt Romney’s wife Ann are so evil that I can’t type what I feel about this scum bag’s disrespect for women – this guy’s a pig in the least and likely much worse in fact.

I do hope that someone shows this clip to his parents……I’m sure they would be “proud” after all the years they put in raising this selfish fool, probably paying for his college education, and making sure he had the best of everything in his life. But then the old saying…….”there is something wrong with you if you are 20 and not a liberal. But there is something seriously wrong with you if you a 50 and not a conservative”. These kids will learn the hard way!

And not one student either disagreed with him or had the courage to challenge him. I wonder how this “professor” would react if challenged off campus? He can extort the students with their grades on campus, in class. Let’s go have a little off campus talk with this guy and see how stupid he really is. Better yet, let’s have a little off campus talk with his superiors and discuss his continued employment with them. Then let’s have a little off campus talk with the benefactors of the school and see if they and their big money agree with the socialist garbage teachers like this are spreading. Is the classroom really a platform for indoctrination of the professor’s personal political opinion? Is this what he is paid to do?

I am sorry to report but teachers such as this have been around forever and as long as we are polite and tolerate them they will continue to walk all over us. Remember the 60s and the anti-war group and the liberal educators. The same for the 30’s and 40’s and the socialists. When we don’t learn from history we repeat it.

This is wrong. So is this why my nephew’s colege tuition is so high… So we can pay idoits like this bozo. In my opinion, the instructor is racist and a very poor role model for young adults. Does not belong in a classroom.

A good starting place is to realize that these are not the institutes that we went to. The best way to make an impact is to never leave or give monies to any of these liberal bastions that seek to destroy our country! I don’t care how much fun your old frat parties were! Think and research, to bequeath to ONLY the schools that DO NOT accept any government funding in any form! Those my fellow patriots are our only hope for the future of our republic!

Where did all the teachers go that desire their students to learn history, what this grat country was founded on instead of furthering the teachers liberal beliefs.? What is sad is that the student believes what is being said instead of checking it out himself. I think teachers should be fired for not teaching truth or at least offering both sides of political issues with no bias and not influencing the student in any way.

Interesting if a pastor said these very things in his church it might be subject to a federal investigation or it might be call hate speech and the church will lose it 501 c3 status. But a “government” funded school can condemn the “right” and support the “left” and that is consider okay and even MORE part of our education system. This professor is proof that our universities have become the “great gates of hell” according to Martin Luther (of the reformation). Speaking of closet racist, I have a strange feeling the professor is one himself he just has reversed the hate! Speak on Balaam’s ass you’re doing a great job educating our young people.