Consumers in 17 States Face Double-Digit Rate Hikes Under Obamacare

from – The Daily Signal – by Melissa Quinn

Consumers in 19 states will see increases to their health insurance rates, most in the double digits, for 2017, according to publicly available data filed with state insurance regulators.

Since June, insurance companies have been submitting proposed rate requests to state departments of insurance for the 2017 plan year. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services also has to approve rates for insurers selling on Obamacare’s exchanges.

States are now in the process of reviewing those requests and ultimately deciding whether to approve or alter the insurers’ proposals for next year.

Many insurance companies, like Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware and Aetna in Delaware, have attributed their proposed double-digit rate hikes to the end of the federal transitional reinsurance program and high medical costs from their customers.

The reinsurance program, one of three implemented under the Affordable Care Act, was designed to transfer risk among insurers. The program expires at the end of the year, and insurers have said its end alone will cause premiums to rise.

Others, meanwhile, have decided to pull out of Obamacare’s exchanges altogether after losing money in 2015.

UnitedHealthcare was the first to do so, and the nation’s largest health insurer announced earlier this year that it will no longer sell coverage on exchanges in 34 states.

Aetna became the latest insurer to announce it, too, will be leaving the exchanges. The company announced last week that it will no longer sell coverage on exchanges in 11 states, leaving 167,600 customers to purchase new coverage for next year.

The company will continue to sell on exchanges in Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska, and Virginia.

In more than a dozen states, insurance companies have requested double-digit rate increases for next year.

Rate hikes range from a high of 62.1 percent from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana to a low of 8 percent from Evergreen Health in Maryland.

Evergreen Health was one of 23 co-ops, or consumer operated and oriented plans, that started under Obamacare. Since the first open enrollment period in the fall of 2013, 16 co-ops have failed.

See how rates in your state could change next year below.


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Affordable Health Care is not, never has been and won’t be. Single payer isn’t working in U.K., Australia and Canada… bankruptcy leads to patients waiting forever and untold deaths. If you want affordable health care open up ‘cross state border’ insurance bids and let the companies compete.

Oh great. Let the Dept of Commerce get involved. That aught to work well. Beware unintended consequences.

What happened to the $2500 average saving we were supposed to get? Mine has gone up over $7000 a year with $6600 deductible on me and wife. Lets just all vote Democrat so we can finish destroying the country like they all seem intent on doing. Or better yet, leave the country ,learn a foreign language and come back as illegals ,so someone else can pay for all our services that our generous Gov’t steals from us and gives away.Sure am sick and tired of our “leaders” lying and stealing from us and telling us how they’re helping us. Hey Hillary ,Where are the rest of the e-mails,you champion of Democratic virtues?????

WE are not the ones destroying our country. It is the Marxist Osama bin Bama and his den of vipers in the Democrat party.

Elections have consequences!! Be sure to VOTE!

Vote Republican folks…there is no other this cycle of 2016. We cannot let crooked Hilary near the white house so Bill can run this country again.

“The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money” — Ronald Reagan

That was Margaret Thatcher.

Yep, it was Margaret Thatcher, but it’s still very true, and I’m sure Ron would agree!

What you get when you trust the Democrats, before voting for them just think about the histories and situation of the 11 most populous metropolitan areas dominated by them for the last 100 years, all ghetto blighted and in urban decay. It beyound my understanding of why my fellow retirees flee a blue state for a well run red state and would cast a ballot for the rascal party who despoiled their former home state in the first place.

This has been a disaster!! My family of 5 now pays over $1300 a month with a $5000/$10,000 deductible. Our insurance is now more than our house payment, disgusting! We are middle class and can not afford another increase. I’m sick that so many Americans are uninformed and will continue to vote for the Democrats as the systematically dismantle this country. “We will know what’s in the bill after we pass it…”, who in their right mind voted for these fools!!

California and a lot of the northern states….just goes to show you cannot fix stupid. Obamacare was fraudulent in its concept and totally unconstitutional regardless of what the Supreme Being Roberts says….it was designed to clear out the insurance companies so the government can be the single payer system….it will get worse under the Clinton Crime Family if she gets elected.

You are right. That was the plan, and it goes deeper than that. I’m an insulin-dependent diabetic, and in order to get my insulin at the reasonable (?) rate of $200 a month, I pay the extra premium for Medicare’s prescription coverage. Without that coverage, I would pay more than twice that amount for my insulin. The premium is small, about $20 a month, but it saves me a lot. That is, it does if I use one of their “approved” D-list pharmacies – one of the big mail-order houses or if I use Wal-Mart’s pharmacy, which I refuse to do, for a lot of reasons that don’t matter in this discussion. The point is, they’re trying to starve out the smaller, one-store, local pharmacies, and pull everyone into the big nation-wide stores. Once they get the balance tipped far enough, they’ll nationalize the system, along with the medical coverage.… Read more »

Your problem is … you work. At least that is my guess. Stop doing that and all will be well – once you get on food stamps, medical cards, unemployment – whatever government programs you can get. Then this health insurance premium problem will go away. And you will then vote Democrat. You see, unemployed lives matter. Dependent-on-government lives matter. You, and your family, will then matter. It’s all really very simple.

When did you become so cynical my brother?

Just a note–your rates for a family are totally in line w/ what it’s cost all along. I’ve carried my own policy for many yrs as a self-employed person. Your rates aren’t outrageous compared w/ others’ rates. I think costs have only been sort of hidden because employers have paid it. Employees have had no idea what a huge benefit they’ve had all along. This is the real world, not just Obamacare.

The Republicans bare an equal share in the blame. They never stood their ground and fought the progressive movement 50+ years ago but bought into the ideology only wanting to move a little slower but always left. Now the old line establishment insider Republican is more left than JFK. We are looking at the end of our republic. The payers are out numbered by the takers.

Vote Trump!

I saw this coming before the ink dried on Obamacare bill. It was unavoidable. Politicians should not be in the medical business because government doesn’t know squat about how to make a medical system work. Obama had small groups many consisting of medical personnelle (I was part of one) and he et al never listened to the medical profession. Anything government takes on that is big and socialistic is bound to fail Citizens health should not be one big experiement which is now going to cost many. Either go to one payer and forget insurance companies or let capitalism run the system and let there be more competition that makes mroe sense.

Itasara, it was NEVER about healthcare, it was ALWAYS about power. The government now has the power to control the people, ALL the people just by denying or threat of denying all necessary healthcare. The populace should have known especially when our beloved politicians exempted themselves from the very healthcare We the People now have to live with. It’s pure Communism plain and simple. And yet, our so-called Republicans can’t call the Dems Communists just as the Dems can’t call terrorists Radical Islamic Muslim butchers. Just watching the millions of millennials flock to Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed Socialist, err, Communist-Lite candidate makes me doubt that We the People, our Constitution, and our traditional American way of life will survive much longer. I fear God has abandoned America because We the People have abandoned Him.

God didn’t abandon America Rik. The American people did by electing the wrong people to office. Obama and the Democrats didn’t drop out of the sky one day and assume power. Stupid American voters elected them to office. Until the American people decide to make better decisions, if they ever do, we are locked on this self-destructive course. Our last chance as a nation is this November. If the American people choose Hillary, it’s lights out for the republic.

Stay well and keep yourself safe if possible.

I totally agree PaulE, especially after she appoints 2 or 3 new left wing progressive Supreme Court judges to help her rid us of our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights.

I think many people voted for Obama so they didn’t look racist and would go with trend of a young (and inexperienced) upstart who had new ideas. Looking back now, not many did research on just who Obama was and what he wanted the U.S. to be. It was a shame that he was reelected, but then it is hard to win when your candidate cuts his points back because he is getting shouted down by an incumbent. Plus, the fact that the late ballots get counted by the Demos in Calimexico and Illeagal-nois. Hindsight is easy, yet we face more problems ahead if the Dems are the ballot counters again.

Hi JohnB, Everything you said just underlines the core of what I was getting at. American voters back in 2008 and again in 2012 deciding to elect someone to the highest office in the land just so they wouldn’t be perceived as racist, as if NOT voting for an unqualified black candidate proposing ruinous socialist policies could only be construed as somehow being racist as opposed to simply exercising good judgement, is the height of stupidity I was referring to, An individual, alone in the voting booth, should be making a decision on who best to lead the nation based on sound reasoning, hard data and numerous facts that are publically available with a little effort, along with sound judgement. Not on what others may or may not think of him or her before or after the fact of the actual vote. No where is it mandated that Americans have… Read more »

Hi PaulE, I recently received an email that pointed out the worst to the best states and exactly what a dollar is worth. The 5 worst: Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, California and Connecticut. In California a dollar is really worth 86 cents whereas in Idaho a dollar is worth $1.09. What do they all have in common, Blue States were the worst and Red States were the best. Common sense is certainly NOT common!

Common sense hasn’t been common for decades. The ignorance of the general public in the states you mentioned, as it relates to the real major issues afflicting America, is breath taking. Most of the people know NOTHING about the issues nor do they care to lesrn. All most of these people want is for the government to pass another law or regulation, so they don’t have to think about anything. The most frequent phrase I hear, over and over again, is “There ought to be a law” for whatever issue is being discussed. Is it really any wonder the Blue states mentioned are in such dire shape?

Can you imagine the voter fraud that is being planned right now for this Nov?

You are absolutely right, on all points, but I would submit that the general populace DID know it was going to be a big bust, but there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. Even if it had been subjected to a popular vote, and failed to pass, Dear Leader would have just whipped out his magic pen and made it happen anyway.
I am recently retired, but when I was still working, I was surrounded by twenty-somethings. Educated, bright people, but listening to their conversations would set my teeth on edge. Educated, yes. Informed, no. I stayed out of the talk, because most of them considered me an old fossil who didn’t know beans from bananas, until they ran into a nursing procedure they didn’t know how to do Then I became golden.

Romeena, sounds like you worked in a big city hospital. I did too for a few years as a blue collar service worker, a chauffeur to one of the “big” administrative $ doktors, and knowing I was leaving soon traded a couple of remarks with one of his administrators. Held my own, to the amusment of young doctors and social workers in the conversational circle in the car, though they disagreed they respected my points and as they age might rethink the parrty orthodoxy as they see it is dysfunctional.

All I can say is “DUH” – everyone was talking about this BEFORE this stupid plan was passed. When will people learn that there is nothing FREE – when those who pay for these plans stop paying or leave then the programs fall flat on their faces. It’s time for us to get our noses out of Poke and wake up to reality.

In the city of Brotherly Love, the home of Rocky Balboa,

“Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president”, Bernie Sanders told a crowd of supporters packed into Temple University’s arena, delivering his fiercest jab yet to the struggling Democratic front-runner.

“Now the other day, I think, Secretary Clinton appeared to be getting a little bit nervous,” he began. “We have won, we have won seven out of eight of the recent primaries and caucuses. And she has been saying lately that she thinks that I am, quote unquote, not qualified to be president.

“Well let me, let me just say in response to Secretary Clinton: I don’t believe that she is qualified if she is, if she is, through her super PAC, taking tens of millions of dollars in special interest funds,” he said. “I don’t think you are qualified if you get $15 million from Wall Street through your super PAC.”

Somehow, as these rates for “insurance” soar, the big insurance companies are amassing untold billions with which they acquire smaller insurance companies. The system is rotten to the core. I am a soon-to-be-retired surgeon and owner of a small specialty practice. About 40% of our declining revenues are expended on staff who toil to comply with regulations, insurance company requirements, and federal mandates. Our services would be more affordable to our patients if this gargantuan, wasteful system were dismantled and not replaced. The embarrassing and misnamed ACA was touted as a way to insure the “uninsured.” Before the entire health care payment system was toppled at the cost of trillions, that uninsured rate was about 20%; it’s now about 13% but is sure to expand again as the ACA dies under its own weight. My solution for medical care for the uninsured was simple. Let doctors and health care facilities… Read more »
Hear, hear! As a recently retired nurse (after 35 years) I applaud Dr. Boyd’s solution. It would work. Every doctor I know, (and I know a lot of highly-qualified, dedicated physicians) would get on that bandwagon in a heartbeat. They would just love to have a few free hours a week, maybe a whole day, to dedicate to doing, gratis, the thing they love and are trained to do. Many of them do manage to squeeze in a couple of hours a month doing some unpaid, voluntary patient care, but they simply don’t have the time to do more. The paperwork load is overwhelming. Absolutely, ridiculously overwhelming, and that trickles down to the nursing staff in the hospitals as well. I used to be able to give my patients special attention, respond instantly to a call bell, and maybe just sit for a few minutes and listen to a lonely… Read more »

This is something you personally have given much thought. But my thought is how many doctors would feel the same as you.

Evelyn, I’m sure ALL doctors would welcome Dr. Boyd’s proposal, why wouldn’t they? A tax break is just the same as getting paid without having to pay extra taxes on the income.

Question–your proposed solution WAS the solution years ago & worked well in smaller communities. In a small town, the doc & the people knew each other & something of their circumstances.

Do you think it’s equally applicable in large cities? I wonder about the effect not just of larger numbers of people & patients but of the anonymity that comes along with it. Thx for your thoughts.

Connie, I don’t know if the idea I had years ago would still apply today, especially in the impersonal setting of a large city. In my era, medicine was considered a profession. We were given an opportunity, and with it an opportunity to give back. I have always participated in volunteer missions, and I must admit that some of my most gratifying moments in practice have taken place when giving care to those who couldn’t pay and never imagined that their problem could be treated. Our community’s local Medical Society has organized a system of access to care for those who can’t pay. The overwhelming majority of Society members offer their services. Amazingly, they also donate the money to keep the project going! Unfortunately, my cohorts are getting old, retiring, even passing away. Young doctors today have been trained in an environment of shift work. At the end of a… Read more »

Dr Boyd, thank you for enlightening all of us lay people.

Boyd, if/when Hillary is elected will the ratio of the uninsured increase with the deluge of illegal aliens to come ? Surely some will be so deep under the radar and out of the system that not all will be signed up and they would flock to the E’Rooms ?

Thank You Democrats!!! Just think we get to keep our preferred doctor also!!!
This is not healthcare, it is a “Your alive tax.” We have a death tax don’t we? This is only a logical extension. We have now reached a point where OUR GOVERNMENT IS NOW THEIR GOVERNMENT.

Don’t forget to thank the Rino’s they fully funded Obamacare last year with the omnibus budget bill. And have done nothing for over 7 years to stop any of it.

Martin, you are absolutely right. I would go so far as to blame the RINOS more . At least we know Democrats are power hungry and will do anything and everything to remain in power, but RINOS are sneaking. conniving cowards who prey on people trusting them to make decisions reflecting their own. Our only hope is to elect Donald Trump who I’m convinced will surround himself with leaders in the business and financial world making decisions that benefits America as a whole and not as Hellory would do, benefit the Clinton Foundation only via crooked agendas and lies. Trump may not be the most sophisticated or mannerly person, but he chose a VP who is. Pence will handle the “day to day” operations while Trump and his advisors get us back on track after being screwed in every way with crooked deals by career politicians and Lobbyist. These are… Read more »

Isn’t bloated intrusive government grand, NOT.
Make sure you get out and vote.
Keep Her away from the levers of power
Otherwise we’re all sunk.
Besides she already has so much money
She can’t make that inequality income argument anymore
Anybody read Orwell’s Animal Farm lately?

The rate increases are all part of Obama’s plan. ALready, several of the largest ins. companies have increased dramatically their rates and 11 states have “changed” to “Exchanges run by guess who. This has been his overall plan from the start … to have ONE PAYER … then welcome to socialized medicine like in Europe. The vast majority of Americans have no idea what is coming and you can count on Hillary to support it.

This all going according to Obama’s plan. Obamacare would collapse and when Hillary is elected we will get single payer Government insurance.

What happens when the government fixes a problem?

Can hardly wait to see how Hillary will solve this problem. Anyone want to bet it won’t be a single payer plan? That’s been the plan all along, and it’s going to come to pass. Can’t say we weren’t warned.

Let’s pray that Honest Hilly doesn’t get the chance to solve this. Can hardly wait to see how Trump will solve this. Repeal…

We talked about this last week!

And the week before and a couple of weeks before that too. This topic has been discussed to death for at least the last four years. Only the amounts of the premium increases or increased deductibles and narrower networks (lower quality of care and fewer options for care) have changed over the last four years as the program has rolled out. All for the worse. Obamacare is working exactly as it was designed to work and it is producing the results it was always intended to produce. Make healthcare insurance increasingly unaffordable in order to force the American public into accepting single-payer. Then the real fun starts in terms of longer wait times, less access to expensive medical care, treatments, and drugs as medically unqualified bureaucrats decide what is and isn’t the appropriate treatment for you based on rules that take into account your age, income and “value to society”.… Read more »

And the likes of George Soros and Bill Clinton’s buddy Florida pedophile billionaire Jeff Epstein, will have the means and ability to live forever with self funded transplants and hormone injections.

Hi Paul. The other subject about transgender bathrooms on the other blog, which I am getting hammered for, to me are non subjects less than 90 days before the election! What about the unlawful payments to iran, voter fraud, hillaritys crimes, the do nothing congress, and amac feeds us pablum, by rehashing the same stories week after week under different titles! What are they scared of or are they becoming aarp? Does anyone else see this?

Hi Ralph, A lot of other long-time members, including myself, came to the conclusion a while back that AMAC really isn’t a conservative organization. That is if you define being conservative as being strictly both fiscally (for smaller, less all inclusive government along with the associated lower taxes on all as a result) and constitutionally (as it is written, NOT as Progressives what to re-interpret it to justify their own ends). Based on a number of solutions AMAC has put forth over the last several months and that they continue to actively lobbying for in Washington, they are more what would be described as AARP-lite. Just like AARP, AMAC appears to push top-down, big government solutions, that just happen to involve a number of insurance and insurance-related products they market through the organization. Nothing wrong with that per se, but I don’t think that is what most members expected from… Read more »

PaulE and Ralph, yes, there are others that see it the same as do you. And about that Nursing Home article advocating (as PaulE indicated) for more central government involvement: how well have they done on medical, on war on drugs, on terriorists, invasion of the body snatch… whoops…invasion of Islamic warriors sans vetting, and how well have they maintained our “Separation of Powers?” Seems nothing is out of Cent Gov’s reach and not any authority can be limited, neither by the Constitution nor by political integrity.
This bring to mind an old saying that most seem to have forgotten: There ain’t no fool like an old fool. There is another though that also seems to have passed by the wayside: Fool me once; can’t fool me twice. Looks as though too many old fools just continue getting fooled.

Thanks Ivan and Paul, I was beginning to think I was the only one. I am going to call amac this week and ask them for the remainder of my life membership money back. This is nonsense, the same thing over and over under different titles!

So true Ivan.

You can tell by the number of posts that no one is really interested. If it was a good, relevant topic, there would be well over a 100 posts by now!!!

I’m surprised amac let your comment stand…cause they are censoring comments.

The day is still young.

Wall Street Journal reported this morning that Pinal County in Arizona is in danger of having zero insurers participating in the ACA Exchange. Report quoted a 31 year old man who had to switch from his current insurer to UnitedHealth. Now UnitedHealth is leaving Arizona, and the man is unsure if he will be able to afford a plan that he can buy for next year, and of course, if he does not have an insurance plan, he is fined by the government. Now isn’t ObamaCare the most wonderful thing there is? Ask that man in Arizona what he thinks about it…

There is a curmudgeon who summed up Obama’s ACA in an odd but succinct manner: “If you like your ebola, you can keep your ebola”. I find that both ebola and the ACA have something in common, as they are something to not touch with a ten foot pole.

I’m old enough to remember when there WERE no Healthcare Insurance companies. One found a doctor they liked , could afford and then used their services. How nice that was. When you went to the doc, the doc would tell you what you owed for the care. It was GREAT! No damn insurance company to tell the doctors what they could charge, no insurance company to tell you what they’re going to pay for your treatment and that’s all. Some doctors are getting smart – they’re becoming self-employed with their own business, don’t take insurance and tell you what they’ll charge, then YOU PAY THEM! If you find one, GRAB HOLD IF YOU CAN! Their charges are affordable. They’re happy, you’re happy and the insurance companies can go straight to hades.