This Conservative Lawmaker Explains Why the Embassy Move to Jerusalem Matters

Israel US JerusalemPresident Donald Trump’s administration is working to build peace in the Middle East, and a big part of that process is the administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, one lawmaker says.

“In the Arab world, if you are acting swiftly and with strength, that is something that makes a big impression on a lot of those leaders, even if you are acting against those interests,” Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., said in a speech Thursday at The Heritage Foundation, adding:

If you are the strong horse, that is something they respect. When you show yourself to be backing down and be a weak horse, even if you are doing it in a way and taking a position that they agree with, that causes them to wonder whether you can keep your word or not, and so I think for Trump’s personal prestige, it was important. I also think it was good for the country.

DeSantis, who chairs the House subcommittee on national security said Trump’s Dec. 6 reaffirmation recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and his order to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem showed a resolve to leaders of countries in the Middle East not seen before.

Speaking about the embassy move, DeSantis noted that Trump isn’t the first president to commit to it. “Bush promised it and didn’t do it, Clinton promised it and didn’t do it, Obama—although I find it hard to believe he actually meant it when he promised it, … he obviously was never going to move the embassy to Jerusalem or recognize it.”

In March, DeSantis went to tour possible embassy sites in Jerusalem, expecting that the president would make good on his campaign promise to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“We identified all the sites, potential sites where you could establish an American embassy,” the Florida lawmaker said. “And I am engaged in this now about what sites they are choosing and I think that we might find out very, very soon some very positive news about one of the sites we profiled.”

DeSantis said he thinks Trump’s leadership will inspire other Middle Eastern countries to work with the United States toward stabilization in the region.

“This is a president who understands the threat posed by Iran and posed by the Iran nuclear deal,” DeSantis said, adding:

That is music to the ears of the gulf states, places like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, they fear Iran’s influence … Do they want our embassy moved to Jerusalem? No. But are they going to cry a river over that when they need to work with us, and work with Israel, to combat Iranian influence? Of course not. Their interests are to align with the United States and with Israel to combat the Iranian threat.

Elliot Abrams, senior fellow for Middle Eastern studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, spoke on a panel after DeSantis’ remarks and said he thinks the road to stability in the Middle East is often misrepresented.

“Frequently, the question is asked is, how do we get to the two-state solution? And that is not the right question,” Abrams said. “The right question is how do we get to peace, the two-state question is a derivative of [it]. If it helps peace, it is a good thing. If not, it needs to be rethought.”

Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum, joined Abrams on the panel discussion and said bringing peace to the Middle East will be a process of changing hearts.

“By my analysis over the past century, 80 percent of Palestinians have been rejectionists, and 20 percent have accepted Israel, and the goal must be to expand that 20 percent to 40-60 percent,” Pipes said. “My goal is encourage an increasing number of Palestinians to recognize that the conflict is over, I am less focused on leaders … I think [if] you want a change of heart, you want a people to recognize that it is no longer worth their while to engage in, say, suicide attacks, because it is futile.”

From - The Daily Signal - by Rachel del Guidice

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4 years ago

Jerusalem is the Holy City for Christians, Jews and Muslims and they have been fighting over its control for thousands of years. The solution would be to make it an UNESCO World Heritage Site and have it be governed and protected by the UN. It would then be safe for people of all of those religions to visit and this would profit those living in the city,
This idea is the result of a Jewish lawyer from Tel Aviv and a Palestinian Muslim who was born and raised in Jerusalem talking about this problem after celebrating Christmas dinner with us.

Lavinia Walker
4 years ago

President Trump is a strong leader and is just what we need now. He has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital from centuries past and has done the right thing. There is no two-state solution that involves cutting Jerusalem in two. It was always capital of the Jewish state. The Arab capital could be in Jordan or other Arab country.

Trey Jennings
4 years ago
Reply to  Lavinia Walker

You do realize that Jordan is it’s own country right? How could the capital of Palestine be in another country? That be like Mexico City being the capital of the US

Harriet Beech
4 years ago

Jerusalem is the site of the third most important Islamic religion. It is the first most important site for the Israelites and the Christians.

4 years ago

Jerusalem is the Holy Land for Christians, Jews and Muslims, leave it that way for the sake of peace. The Israelies have already broken the agreement with Palestine by moving into the West Bank, they have already built concrete walls leaving the Palestinians on the outside looking in, and they have an Army that has ravaged the Palestinians, while they cry being victims of anti- semitism and terror? Really?

4 years ago
Reply to  Liz


4 years ago

There’s a couple good comments here. And i continue to seek the reason why the world hates Jews. Its true, every where in the world, everyone hates Jews. I would like to know, in one simple paragraph why this is true.
Also, without the bible speak, because I don’t read the bible. Not because i don’t believe in God, because I do, I just find the reading so difficult.
Heres the thing, as long as the hosting country agrees, the United States can put their embassy anywhere they want. It is that easy.

4 years ago

As in all legal matters when a precedent is established it serves as as authoritative rule. Jerusalem has been the capitol of Israel since the time of King David, around 3000 years ago, ‘nough said. Since that time the nations bordering Israel, and in modern times the nations of the world have been trying to destroy Israel. Look at your globe, and tell me why the world is so focused on this tiny strip of land. The answer is simple, man in his own genius is trying to find a way to prove that there is no GOD to whom they must answer for all they have done, destroy Israel would prove GOD does not even exist. In the last three millenia all of man’s efforts have failed to destroy the Jews, to destroy Israel, and deny even their right to exist. We all must judge for ourselves the validity of these things. Only remember, the GOD of Israel is the final judge.

4 years ago

It is naïve to think any nation would abandon their interests just because someone more powerful moves in. “Expand that 20%…” sounds like they don’t consider Palestinians fully human beings wanting their interests taken into account. One way to decrease opposition that has worked so far, though with some backlash, is GENOCIDE. It is easy for Israelis to keep this “us vs. them” mentality and look at any gentile in the region as “not fully human” to more easily exterminate them. Remember that Israel only recently gave a form of citizenship to non Jewish residents after decades of international pressure. After immigrating from Europe, America, etc. many Jews (most of whom had no connection to Abraham or his descendants) converged on the area. In a few generations they were powerful enough to take control and dominate the people who have been living there for thousands of years. The new comers looked down on their neighbors seeing them as obstacles to their domination of the land.
Does this sound familiar to Americans? It should. The U.S. finally granted citizenship to native Americans in 1932. That is a parallel injustice we are more familiar with.

4 years ago
Reply to  Andie

Andie, you are on the wrong side of history. The Israelis have typically shown great restraint when dealing with the constant attacks from the Palestinians. They have agreed to many ceasefires over the decades, only to be attacked again and again. The West Bank is used as an excuse to continually attack the Israelis, but the fact is that most of the Muslim nations in the Middle East want Israel destroyed, completely and permanently. That’s why it was so appalling when Obama cut a nuclear deal with Iran, who’s leaders have constantly declared that they will not rest until Israel has been pushed into the sea. Obama funneled hundreds of millions of dollars (illegally) to the Iran government, who is known to be a terrorist supporting nation, so in essence, Obama helped to support and fund the hate against the Jews.

Brian B
4 years ago

Islamic nations had no respect for Obama and they didn’t fear him. They both respect and fear President Trump. “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

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