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Conservative AMAC Says AARP ‘Blindly Endorsed’ Law That Caused Health Insurance Hikes For Its Own Employees

AMAC’s Founder, Dan Weber

BOHEMIA, NY, Nov 6 – “AARP’s endorsement of President Obama’s health care reform law has come back to haunt the left-leaning group for a second time today when it was forced to tell its employees that their health care costs would rise sharply,” says Dan Weber, president of conservative rival AMAC [Association for Mature American Citizens,].

“No matter how much they spin the story in an attempt to place the blame elsewhere, the fact is that the new law is the principal reason health care costs, including insurance, are rising.  The law has had a severely negative impact not only on their own employees but on consumers at large—including their own membership and ours, senior citizens who can ill afford it.

Weber says AARP “blindly” endorsed the Obama-care reform legislation.  “Did they deliberately choose to ignore Nancy Pelosi when she said ‘we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it’?”

Weber also notes that, in September, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, in a strongly worded letter that was widely viewed as “defensive,” warned insurers not to blame the law for premium increases.  Subsequently, Boeing, McDonald’s and other major U.S. companies began cutting employee benefits because of the law, he adds.

“A year ago thousands of seniors tore up their AARP membership cards in protest when the organization announced its endorsement of the president’s health care reform initiative.  AARP’s announcement yesterday effectively justified the rebellion, laying the groundwork for more defections on the grounds that the organization is not responsive to the needs and desires of its members,” according to Weber.

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tom sommers
9 years ago

My GF is looking for in surance policy. Please send AMAC

tom sommers
9 years ago

My GF is looking for an insurance. Please send a brochure for AMAC

Madelyn Taylor
10 years ago


I renewed my membership a number of weeks ago, but have not received my new membership card.
Would you please check on this? I do have my 2010 original card.

Although I have not used any services yet, I am so happy to be a member of AMAC.

Thank you,
Madelyn Taylor

12 years ago

I hope they raise sheriff Taylors also.

Janice Arnold
12 years ago

Witnessing justice, I love it too much!

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