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7 years ago

SUPERB !!! America will benefit should “the people’ read and see this..If we don’t the end is very near. VOTE CONSERVATIVE….Please ! !

Bob M.
7 years ago

We don`t stand a chance.When one of the good guys runs,his own party destroys him so they can keep one of their own in office.A yes man,one who will go along to get along.Look at Mississippi.I want to see the Senate go republican,but we need to quit eating our own.Let the people choose,and if their choice doesn`t win then so be it.The choice should still be the peoples,not a group of life long establishment types,that all they care about,is being invited to all the parties,and having the media adore them.This country is screwed until WE THE PEOPLE take it back.

7 years ago

We Americans have not seen the end of his curtain call exit,from this abused office and the power he uses ,that there our airheads helping this being destroying the USA, and IT is the people of this country that sit in silence and say nothing ,they the pr men or publist that think up these ideas ,who are they ?they reveal themselves with one liners of lies and mix the truth with lies.half truths.This being lies to all Americans to our faces his life is a lie and he is sealed justified lier that will answer for it like all of us for our free agency of joices we make..These people have no values ,except power .Enemy is here on the top of the higher office of the USA.and the people that do nothing ,say nothing ,and pretend to live the lie and think all is well .

7 years ago

We can win this battle with the right people in office, but have you ever changed a liberals mind? I believe they may be the majority. We only send our political views to other conseratives, knowing they are the only ones that would agree.

Dale Plueger
7 years ago

The democrats, liberal and progressives do not have solutions to the problems that America has to deal with, they are the problem as President Reagan so eloquently told us.

Don not fund Obamacare, overhaul the tax code, get rid of the IRS and its un-American strong arm tactics, reduce government and the high salaries it pays,

Elect people that believe in the Constitution and the rights it gives, save the 2nd Amendment, put conservative ideas back in control of our government and lets adhere to the Judeo-Christian principles this country was founded on.

Lets restore the United States of America as a World power that stands for freedom of all people and the force that helped maintain respect around the world rather than the weak, unprincipled disrespected government that is on display in the world today.

The UN is a failure and is run by people who could not take care of their own countries and yet want to rule over ours.

Lets get back to what we once were. Respected and feared if any country or group of people tried to take away the rights and freedoms of other people.

Sandra Bliss
7 years ago

After watching Obama and his administration work so diligently to “transform” America with lie after lie, I wonder if we will be able to stop this insanity in time. God Save America!

Sharon Ingram
7 years ago

I am a 57 year old veteran n I am sick in bed right now because of my former local va doctor n nurse and the local hosp have not taken simple care of me and I could have died while peacefully protesting a local federal military credit union did not protect my disability from a huge mobile phone company. I am an American born Cherokee mother of 3 grown daughters stuggling to get by in todays economy. My grandfather walked the trail of tears many moons ago…why should I and my fellow veterans, daughters, have to walk the trail of tears again simply to survive? Thank u. I am a member of aarp and as soon as I find a financial institution I can trust I will join u. Praise God.t with my blood earned disability I will join u. Sorry have probs with phone.

7 years ago

Wonderful, and the ending was so well expressed … “The government is not the solution to the problem, it is the problem!” I fear that when this country is again attacked this September 11th, it will have been orchestrated by Obama to again … “Never let a good crisis go to waste!” … Our country, our people, will be the losers, once again!

Brace yourself, people, a storm is arising and I’m not sure we’ll survive this one. It only took 6 years of Obama’s transforming America to extinguish any hope I have left that the America I was born into will soon become some third world banana republic. Like Rome, we’re being destroyed from within!

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