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Consensus at Last!

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Arrjay, CT

Even with this consensus POTUS ignores both sides. He especially ignores the Constitution and goes on another tax-payer-funder vacation. Remember, when Moochell and Barry take separate planes we’re not talking two planes, we are talking two entourages of at least 300 tax-payer funded personnel each.

Brooks Carll

Our country would have been better served if Barack Obama had studied history instead of histrionics. No nation has ever survived long under socialism and the USA will be no exception. He will never change his beliefs, so we must replace him and his kind and take our country back.

Connie P

I agree with Rick. I believe he has done a true disservice to the black race with his failed and nearly criminal presidency. It’s a real shame because we have some excellent black men who could have run circles aroung him. Very sad.

Rose C

Even w/a concensus…the dems w/vote right along w/him and the RINOs w/follow suit..No matter how much the people in his party dislike his way of governing…let’s face it. They were the ones who rammed through the stimulus that didn’t work, healtcare no one wants..higher utilites–which he did promise, If it goes against the constitution he’s all for it, and there are a lot in gvt who think it’s outdated and needs to be tossed…I wouldn’t trust most of the gvt people, the ones we elected to vote the way we want, to actually do that..Between pressures from other members, media, lobbyists they vote where the $$ are…and they aren’t at home…

Tracy Weisz

Since Obama was elected, the nation has become more divided. He is a great speaker (if the teleprompter is on and workng correctly). But he has not been good for our county, not only because of his liberal views, but because he plays the race card, if not himself, via the national media. No one can criticize this empty suit without being labeled a racist. The black conservative community has been violated by the media, without any back-lash from the black liberal community, so are we really talking racism here, or just people with deeply different ideoalogy? I believe the country has reached the point of no return, as far as coming together as a nation. Here’s a question: If the progressives and the conservatives are so deeply divided, then when do we say enough is enough? If we were married to each other, the divorce papers would have been… Read more »


I had some serious hopes for the black race when Obama announced his candidacy for POTUS. But alas, these hopes were soon dashed as he began his campaign rhetoric in 2008 and I honestly have sympathetic feelings for the black race in this great nation. This pathetically failed presidency has placed a sour taste in Americans everywhere regardless of color of skin and I predict that it will now be DECADES before any other black person is considered to run for the office of POTUS. I have in mind some black people that I think would be or would have been wonderful choices as POTUS including Herman Cain, Adam West, Dr. Ben Carson and others who have the mind set to make this nation the greatest nation on the planet and fear no other country, but show them the respect they are due. Including the ones who promote terrorism.

Jim C

Whatever the reasons, the thumbs down is a fitting tribute!


We should give him one of those “I participated” ribbons like the school kids get these days so they won’t feel badly for not winning. After all, POTUS was supposed to create a budget each fiscal year and this is his first one EVER. Isn’t there a saying that goes something like this, “Everyone has a purpose, if only to serve as a bad example”?

Joe J

Obama is the worst thing to ever happen to the USA since the USA was an IDEA! Worst thing now, and the worst thing there ever will be!

David Hruby

Solomon said the rightest man lens to the right ,and a crocked man leans to the left, well Obama is so so on the left !!
tax and spend tax and spend all for people who have no will to work, Oh and give free money to green Co. me might as well use money for T.P.


Yes, but for different reasons. The right views his budget as more of the same tax and spend and then tax some more. The left is ticked off, because his budget doesn’t nationalize the economy fast enough to create their view of utopia. So yes both sides dislike Obama’s budget, but for completely different reasons.