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Congress, Stop the Politics, Secure the Border

Pelosi speaker Nancy

President Trump made his case last night – Is there any question?  The nation has reached a moral and security tipping point, when it comes to securing our border.  The Democrat rebuttal was dour, disingenuous, and empty.  Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), standing side by side are today being parodied – compared to the famous pair, pitchfork and scowl, in “American Gothic” by Grant Wood.  Why?  Because America knows disingenuous when they see it.

Let’s put this federal border security shutdown in new context. Democrats revert to profanity, hyperbole, and personal attacks – to promote their “open borders” policy.   But stop and think about this.   If House Democrats did get their way, “open borders” would be an unholy disaster – for all.   It is unworkable, unconstitutional and dangerous to every American citizen, not to mention the mass of humanity that would be induced to come here. 

Apply fresh perspective.  Ignore the historic pro-border-security quotes from House Speaker Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Schumer, both Clintons and Democrats in office – who now trumpet “open borders” and “sanctuary cities.”

“Open borders” is more than radical, it is absurd.  Promoting an “open border” is either insincere or deluded, either politically motivated and naïve, or malign and mad.  Here is why.

First, changing US laws to end country-specific limits on legal immigration, as some Democrats propose, would effectively open American borders to the world.  If our standard for admission dropped to simple poverty, we would have the world at our gates – and through our gates.  Except that, for the moment, we have no gates.

Think about it.  Chaos would follow, absent official and credible deterrence.  That is why the President’s “wall” is so important – it is both protection and a symbol of American resolve to protect our sovereign borders.   Without this border protection, rule of law ends, lawlessness rises, fear rules.

Recent developments in the Middle East and Europe illustrate what happens when a countries permit border protection to slide and lawlessness rise.  No one who appreciates family security would ever advocate the lawlessness one finds in places which have lost control over their borders.

If Democrats got their way with “open borders,” where would that really lead?  Numbers are profoundly sobering.   More than half the Earth’s population – more than three billion people – survive on less than $2.50 per day, most on half that.  In short, with empathy toward all, malice toward none, America has insufficient resources – or real estate – to change that situation:  Much of the world is impoverished.

Democrats argue for swinging America’s doors wide, lowering asylum and refugee standards to allow admission based on poverty or violence in a country of origin – should be the way forward.  But can you even imagine?  Opening America’s borders to that number – never mind rampant disease, violence, property and personal crime – is unthinkable. 

A small percentage would dwarf our physical, social and community infrastructure.  The move would betray America’s past, present, future, and core principles.  America – as the President poignantly said – starts by loving those within our borders.  Charity does, truly, begin at home.

Fact two: With the exception of a few historically unanchored leaders, Democrats must know the absurdity of their “open borders” idea.   Quietly, they think the 1,100 border crossers a day will later vote for them, or they simply hate the President who promotes border sanctity.  Is that not transparent? 

Ironically, many willing to endanger other Americans are secured – by you and me.  Members of Congress get first-class Sargent-at-Arms protection – and we pay for that.  They get higher local security – and we pay for that.  Some get Secret Service protection – which we pay for.  Yet average Americans get none of these perks.  Nor do we live in gated communities.  Those who advance “open borders” must think voters are stupid, don’t care, disbelieve Democrats’ stated intentions, or perhaps just hate the President enough to endanger our country.

But let’s be real: The current crop of Congressional Democrats is committed to a course that endangers the future.  If they achieve “open borders” by preventing a president from securing the border, they elevate violent crime, virulent disease and inveterate poverty.  They begin to look more like Venezuela’s socialist leaders or the old Iron Curtain communists, insulated from the perdition they foment.    

That will not help the rest of us, who will face mounting insecurity, fear, crime, drug-trafficking, public health and safety threats.  Is this what we all want – really?  Is President Trump so wrong that we should indulge a socialist fantasy, opening America to the world without limitation?  I think not.

Third fact:  Consider that “horrible” dollar figure, five billion dollars.  Is it too much?  Does that commitment to border security warrant a congressional shutdown?  The number is two percent of discretionary funding in the stopped bills, which top $300 billion is movable money. 

Fourth:  Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) last June released an investigatory report that showed the Obama Administration – with overwhelming Democrat support – gave away $150 billion dollars to Iran, for empty promises.  Planes loaded with hundreds of millions secretly flew to Iran.  Democrats permitted US law to be violated, allowing conversion of 5.7 billion dollars from Middle Eastern currency to US dollars, giving that money away too.   So, explain how $150 billion goes to Iran, which sponsors terrorism, but five billion cannot be dedicated to our border? 

Or ask this question:  Since Federal officials seized ten billion dollars in cash and assets from the Mexican drug kingpin on trial in New York named El Chapo – money acquired by preying on American citizens – why not use that money to build the wall? 

Bottom line:  We are at a tipping point.  Democrats argue for “open borders” and against the President’s border security wall – but are transparently putting political petulance above our security.  There can be no other answer.  Let’s call a spade a spade, protect American and get beyond this absurd political dance.  The President is right, Congress needs to figure out a way to pay for border security and move on.   Increasingly, that’s what average Americans believe.

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christopher wrzosek

As a retired police officer who still has contacts in the LE community I wish to share my opinion of the recent immigration/border wall controversy. I and many in the law enforcement community believe that sections of border wall are a necessary part of our border security package and should be funded. Miss Pelosi’s adamant refusal to bargain with the President is creating a situation that is detrimental to the safety of our country. Miss Pelosi seems to be more concerned with political victory than doing her job of legislating. Miss Pelosi continues to make decisions and take action to protect illegal aliens to the detriment of US Citizens. Her recent attempted trip overseas during the current government budget shutdown shows that her priorities are not in line with the needs of our country. My parents having had contact with Miss Pelosi in her teenage years tell me that she… Read more »

Gene Lombardo

To the people who think we should not secure our southern border with Every means at our disposal including a strong barrier, maybe you would like to give up your healthcare and welfare benefits to those with no means who will come across in droves.

Gordon Alkire

i believe that if an illegal commits a crime kills, injure ,steal against any american citizen the DemocRATS that are against the wall should be charged with the crime the same as if they committed it. guilty by association because they are promoting it. NO different than the guy driving the get away cars gets charged the same as the guy with the gun. If Americans did file the charges it just might make a difference for the positive. When hundreds of citizens file individual suits against the Un American democRATS and RINOs They will take notice. It will hit them in the pocketbook and be very time consuming to handle. That is hundreds of people that could become thousands that is demonstrating that they mean business. Pelosi and her gang are proof there should be term limits. These Pelosi gang members are not living up to the oath of… Read more »

Dan Hartman

If someone is here illegally, they are by definition criminals. They have absolutely NO RIGHT to be here.

Those who come here LEGALLY – welcome!

We are a nation of LAWS (NOT immigrants)!

We as a Nation have EVERY RIGHT to decide who gets to enter our Country.

Our “Politicians” should be fighting for their CITIZENS – NOT for those who are here illegally!

They have SWORN a [solemn] OATH to defend the Constitution of the United States (and its Citizens) – NOT to try to destroy it!


Elena Tellez

America is not the big brother of the whole world — especially now that we are up to our eyeballs in debt. Ms. Pelosi^ Mr. Schumer do not represent what the majority of Americans (Republican and Democrat) want — which is a safe country. They are not upholding the US Constitution, which makes their approval of open borders and sanctuary cities treasonous. We should indict and jail those two anti-American legislators — and those like them. If they don’t like traditional America, we can send them to Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, Russia, Vietnam, China, etc…. lots of countries with socialist/communist governments. It doesn’t work out as well for the people as it looks on paper.

Wayne Rapp

Kamala Harris compared ICE to KKK. Pelosi thought that one dollar was sufficient funding for border security. California as a state does not support ICE and has made, public health care, shelter and education a policy. This makes California a magnet to mobs trying to breech the walls. Why not give the left, who run this state what they want; open the border. Move all the ICE to other locations. This experiment will prove Nancy to be right–walls will not work. Ladders and tunnels will soon breach the wall. The people of California lose, but Nancy will gloat.
This is the goal–winning no matter who is hurt!

Cynthia Barrie

My observation is that the majority of those in government that are pushing so hard to provide for illegals and ignore their constituents come from those states that are: 1. most highly taxed 2. home to largest cities with drug and criminal problems 3. tone deaf to the concerns of the majority of the country and 4. Democrat. I am ashamed of New York state. Had ANY state behaved in such a manner under the Obama administration the nation would have condemned them for being Anti-Obama, racist, etc. (all those terms they seem to be throwing around nowadays.) It is time for the average American to organize and stand tall for what they believe is right and just. We don’t want everything to go our way, but it’s time to speak up without being afraid of peer pressure, violence and condemnation. That is why I dropped AARP and am now… Read more »

PJ Bullock

Thanks for what you DO!!!!!!!!

Jean Barnes

Both parties are fighting President Trump because he is not one of the establishment elite that holds power over our nation. They have no way to keep him in line to follow them rather the the people. They have been unraveling the Constitution to achieve the end they desire.

Rexford O Ames

A recent survey was concluded by the Pew research institution about independent voters not really being independent. Excellent point. What they forgot to mention, is that the majority of States( require) it’s voters to either commit to the Republican or Democrat Party, in that States Primary. That is controlled by the two parties and the candidates they choose. There is no independent selection in any way. ( We tell you who we select and you agree). That is almost the final conclusion for any general election.
Yes, America has a large contingent of independent voters. The laws passed by those politician’s in office, over time, have changed the voting process to the degree, that the two primary, political parties, Democrat and Republican, control the voting, in any State! Some more than others. It is indeed a sad situation for the United Staes to have come so low.

Rexford O Ames

If I May. The rhetoric that is spun out of the Democrat Leadership, both in Congress and the Major Party members have never stopped. This dates so far back in the history of the United States it is almost laughable. What party was dominant during before and after the Civil War of this country. DEMOCRATS! And the blacks in this country still voted for them despite the fact, it was the democrats that passed the law’s, requiring that all slaves that escaped from their owners be caught, enslaved, tortured and then paid, those bounty hunters to accomplish the task. It was the democrats that ordered the assignation of President Lincoln, even though he was a Democrat. His policies after that war was concluded, did not, in any way comply with the Party leadership. Hello! Oh and by the way. Wasn’t Kennedy a Democrat as well. Gee, What a coincidence. (Lincoln… Read more »


Pelosi is now back page news since she has lost control of the house to the Communists in her party. Joe McCarthy was so….ooooo right.
We need to create a fund to buy the best attorneys in the nation to bring suit against our insane House of Reps. If we have a three
branch govt (executive, legislative, and judiciary) how can we get the executive and the judiciary to shut down our congress. We are constantly reminded of the 10,000 ways we can remove a president. How do we remove a congress ??

Todd Taylor

We are a Nation of laws. If we do not enforce those laws we cease to exist as a Nation!


Build that wall.


Why doesn’t the press and the pundits question the motive of the DNC and their anti american stance on a border situation that is now a political football and delaying the solution needed for national defense, again……It’s more than evident that this border solution is a dire situation as the POTUS stated, yet they (the DNC) are lying outright, denying the issue and the consequences which they helped to shape in past years…..So who is the money tree in this matter for the left?? They must know by the polls(74% for) that this stance of denial is going to bust their butts in 2020 and they will again lose the house and more seats in the senate…The plethora of dingbatz, deniers and the resemblance to a party with Francis the Talk’n Jackass for their symbol is the wrong way to a capitalist choice America..Having a number of A-O’Crazee’s is nothing… Read more »

Jon Hyland

A great write up on what’s happening!