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Congress is Out of Step with America – But 2020 is Coming


Some days, I look forward to 2020.  That may seem strange, given that every day is precious – in this great nation, America.  But I can explain.     

Congress used to be a place where dignified, thoughtful people worked together to solve problems for those who put them there.  No more.  Many are not dignified, thoughtful, interested in working together, or in solving problems.   Instead, they dwell on historically ungrounded self-promotion.  They inflame public passions, vilifying each other.  Americans are tired of it; they want Congress to govern.

Today, many in the US House believe they won the lottery.  They feel entitled to a big paycheck, lifetime pension, free travel, international trips, free postage and health care at the Capitol.  They imagine they can behave as they wish and are paid by the belligerent soundbite.  That cannot last.

The Republic was not founded to indulge the elected, to pile debt and worry on average American families.   It was not about giving members of Congress two years to pile plates high with taxpayer benefits, globetrot and grandstand, glibly spending millions of dollars on useless, off-base hearings. 

The Republic was founded on a belief that elected representatives would be, if not dignified, at least responsive to hardworking Americans.  No one imagined members placing welfare of non-Americans above Americans, failing to protect or defend US borders and cities, demeaning the presidency, or undermining the Bill of Rights – from free speech and exercise of religion to fiscal responsibility and funding national security. 

But here we are.  Rather than honoring duties found in their constitutional oath, embodied our Declaration of Independence and founding documents, legal understandings of border and citizen protection, fidelity to truth and American history – they wander like wayward souls, imagining they are hired to spout nonsense, create outrage, spend money.

The Founders knew this day would come and dreaded it.  Today, House Democrats claim American law enforcement agencies should no longer exist (e.g. ICE), US laws should no longer be enforced (e.g. via sanctuary cities and instant admission of foreign nationals), non-citizens are entitled to federal and state tax dollars for health and legal bills – and should be harbored from final orders of deportation.   

Worse, we have members of Congress blithely inventing stories about non-citizens drinking from toilets, even as economic migrants arrive from countries without access to working toilets or water; in the US, they are actually not drinking from toilets but are given safe shelter, water, food and legal process. 

We have members of Congress participating in public crying – literally – to highlight support for non-citizens, tagging decades-old detention polices as fault of one party, pretending to understand tax laws, while running businesses out of their districts and castigating the capitalist system that hires their constituents, makes their microphones, cell phones, twitter accounts, planes, trains, and taxpayer-funded conveniences.

Perhaps most remarkable, members of Congress make no pretense to understanding American or world history.  Suddenly, conflating fiction with fact, humane centers for non-citizens entering the US illegally are described as scorch-the-soul Nazi concentration camps, where human beings were starved, tortured and killed, systematically exterminated by a horrific government, against which heroic Americans went to war – half a million giving their lives. 

How can anyone be so ignorant, callous, absurdly out of touch with basic facts surrounding American and world history?  How can anyone equate a nation which rescued the world from such horrors – with the horrors?  How can anyone not understand the sacrifice that makes our present possible?  Yet these are members of Congress – self-indulgent, self-impressed, spoiled, unrepentant and self-deceived.

How can any member of Congress not have studied basic US history, world history and the stark contrast between the two?  How can a member of Congress pretend to lecture average Americans, many of whom served or have relatives who served in the military and law enforcement – making possible today’s peace, security, opportunity and rule of law?  The audacity of self-righteous ignorance is always arresting – especially so, today.

The world seems upside down.  Objectively uninformed, curiously ignorant, historically out-of-touch people populate the US Congress, while hard working Americans – many of whom understand the sacrifices that made America possible, our exceptional nature – are given no voice.  Worse, they are mocked, dismissed, and deemed irrelevant, while members skip from microphone to microphone, spreading nonsense.  

Republics and democracies, by their nature, strive to be representative.  That is what 2020 will be about.  The Founders knew a time would come – perhaps more than once – when liberty was placed at risk by those ignorant, arrogant, indulgent, and consumed by love of power. 

The Founders provided us with protections.  These include regular elections, free speech, free exercise of religion, free association, a free press, civil liberties, and the innate ability to call out those who are removed from reality – removed from the greatness and goodness of America.  

Some days, I shake my head and wonder – at the oddity of those who posture in hearings, sure of their own greatness – doubting America’s.  I also wonder at the extraordinary foresight, prescience, and protections our Founders put in the Constitution, allowing us to use the ballot box to remove such ungrounded souls from power.  On those days, I look forward to 2020.  

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Margaret Lucille Fulmer

Thank you Mr. Charles. I am so tired of the same. I want the senate to have limits not there for life. They should also be on the same level as We the People. We don’t get our same salary and benefits when we leave our career. We can’t keep our insurance unless we pay higher premiums. You know the drill of why We the people are no longer wanting to support these bozos who have NO clue except a gimme, gimme attitude. They need terms and then have to fight for their right to be there.

michael failla

This is what occurs when you let the “:government” educate your children. This is when you actually believe the media is honest This is what happens when a lot of your “legislators” are ignorant of history,dishonest, and corrupt.. This is what happens when you dont take an active curiosity about your governance. This is what happens when you are overwhelmed by rats and rinos not to mention progressive thought. This is what happens when you leave your cities to be run by democrats. This is what happens when you let ideology govern instead of law and common sense. GET THE PICTURE? Its bernoullis law. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”
Just to clarify:

RINO—republican in name only
RATS—republicans against trump.

Jack Thomas

Congress is out of step with America because too many of our representatives are tone-deaf, living in the unique but corrupt bubble world of Washington, D.C. where they’re insulated from the very real effects of the many problems which THEY created. This is especially true of socialist Democrats who, in their own arrogant, narrow world view are deluded enough to actually think they know what is best for the rest of us, rejecting the idea that we citizens are capable of managing our lives without unwelcome government interference. The same can be said for their cheer-leading squad in the mainstream media. Like many of today’s liberal politicians (and even some RINOS) they forget — if they ever understood at all — what made America the greatest nation on earth. They overlook the fact that America has benefitted more countries around the world than it’s harmed. They diminish and backstage the… Read more »

Hal Peterson

Excellent. Well written and definitely on point! We’ll find out in 2020 what kind of country our children and Grand children will inherit from us. Voting could never be more important and making sure all votes counted are those of UAS CITIZENS!


He sure echoed my feelings exactly. Those of us Americans who sit home on election day because it’s raining or whatever excuse, are as guilty of putting these ingrates in office as are the people who blindly vote for them. VOTE, it’s about the only way to insure we don’t become a socialist/communist country. I want my grandchildren to have the same opportunities that I had in free nation.


The ignorant dolts recently elected to Congress are the products of our “education” system. Those who voted for them are products of that same system. Garbage in garbage out.




I fear there are not enough citizens left who appreciate our American heritage, know and understand the “true” history of our country, or are educated enough to cast an informed vote.
The elected politicians in our nation’s capital have all abdicated their oath to UPHOLD and defend the Constitution against all enemies nor foreign and DOMESTIC. I sincerely doubt they have read nor do they understand the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

“Politicians and diapers must be changed often and for the same reason.”
It’s time to FIRE CONGRESS!!


Thoughtful piece and my sentiments exactly. We must fight for term limits – two years and out. Disband the Dept. of Education for a start and let the states control their schools. Those that do a good job, will have more graduates that will get hired. Stop Federal funding for Liberal colleges and encourage more students to go to trade schools. We are loosing many young people and the education rot has got to be stopped.

Russell Dilley

A Great article.


Very well-written. It’s always a pleasure, and refreshing, to read a piece where the author writes in well thought out adult language. No foolish name calling, etc. Thank you SO much!

Marlyne P.

This is a well-thought out & factual article. Mr. Charles sounds like he’s actually read & knows our history.
If only there were more like him in the media. I hope Americans wake up, hear the alarms going off, vote, and begin to know how blessed we are to be Americans. The 2020 election may well be a defining event in our history. I’ve never heard of or read of a more un-American Congress than we have at present. May God be able to bless America again.


Our southern border as been a freeway for decades bringing illegal drugs into the U.S. and the democrats want this open border to continue. Does anyone consider there may be a connection. That there may be a drug driven underlying motive by some or all Democrats. Think? Nothing surprises me anymore,. Just follow the famous 4 newcomers in Congress who haven’t a clue how anything works.


At least until 2020, Be sure to also keep writing your congress persons especially if they are democrat and give them an ear full. Ours has stopped responding but we keep at it anyway. She is one who has voted to condemn our President as a racist and to continue “investigating” for impeachment. We also write opinions in our local paper about how socialist and do-nothing the democrats have become including city and county.
2020 will be an indication of whether or not Americans wake up in time to remain free. It should be crystal clear to everyone by now by their words and actions / inactions that democrats hate America and freedom.


The Democrats claim We The People want to turn back the clock, go back to the 50’s and stop going forward. Want I want to do is see Congre$$ working TOGETHER. Both parties will not see eye-to-eye on everything, but they can for sure go back to actually working across the aisle…not screaming across the aisle….compromise and do the nations business. Both parties have been and are still guilty of this infraction. I don’t want to go back to the 50’s, but I’d like to go back to a more dignified group of folks in the Hou$e and $enate.

Diana Erbio

Important piece, Robert B. Charles. If we do not pass the history of our nation founded on individual freedom and responsibility to the next generations…we will lose our precious freedom. 🇺🇸

Joni Hancock

What a beautifully written and completely accurate description of the state of our wonderful nation!! We must pray and vote!!

Clark Kent

‘Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for’ – Will Rogers. The LAST thing I want Congress to do is ‘govern’, which is code for SPEND, SPEND, SPEND! All blessed by Trump, of course, because SPENDING BUYS VOTES!

Hal Lemoyne

Is AMAC a TRUMP supporter??


Awesome article