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Confronting Chinese Propaganda


Sometimes the obvious eludes us – yet there it sits, in plain sight. Chinese influence operations are like that. We swim in water inked by their presence, do not see them. Central to China’s insidious threat are two themes:  Communism is legitimate, and democracy fails by division. Both are utterly false. 

Communist China suppresses individual liberties to an extreme by impairing, confining, restricting, torturing, and extinguishing lives that interfere with one parament interest – the State. Concentrating power allows Communist leaders – like Fascist leaders – to coerce, dictate, suppress, silence, and kill.

Soviet leaders did this for 70 years until the West refused to go along, refused to let “Communism” call itself legitimate, and challenged communism’s systemic oppression of life, liberty, and individuality. 

Ronald Reagan, backed by a Western consensus, including Polish Pope John Paul II, Britain’s “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher, Germany’s Helmut Kohl, and a coalition of raised voices, ended Soviet claims to moral legitimacy, bringing to a crashing end their contempt for freedom and human carnage.

Reagan challenged communism’s basic underpinning, its right to suppress individual liberties – of the kind we see codified in our Bill of Rights.  He refused to accept that communism was legitimate.  Of course, he was right. “Legitimate” governance requires self-determination, transparency, accountability, and respect for individuals governed.

The right to govern at all is about “sovereignty.” We are born with a conscience, preferences, and innate rights – as individuals. Aggregating individual choices is what democracy or a republic is about, a limited government that works to enforce self-set limits preserving the greatest freedom for each.

The right to self-rule belongs, at the beginning and end, to the People – not to an ideologically pure, coercive, or power-concentrating elite. Might does not make right; right lifts a society to might.

Simply put, the right to govern does not flow from the top-down, but bottom-up, from the People to leaders they expect to represent them, aggregating their preferences, honoring their individual rights as a baseline priority, keeping government limited since that maximizes retention of their rights.

All this is the opposite of communism, which suppresses liberties in the name of control, order, concentrated power, in effect an elite commissioning itself to decide all things for you – including your life and death, premised on conformity.

So, is communism a legitimate form of government? No, it is the operational definition of moral repugnance, the opposite of self-determination, stealing from individuals their birthright to basic freedoms – speech, worship, conscience, movement, grievance, self-defense, fair trial, due process, equal protection, confronting accusers, avoiding captivity, unjust punishment, torture, and suppression of freedoms as basic as raising a family, defining work, prospering individually and in groups.

When Communist China echoes former Soviet pleas for legitimacy, the real and right answer is what Reagan might say today – with Pope John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher, Helmut Kohl, and moral philosophers of all ages:  Communism is not a morally legitimate form of government, period.

The second threat is China’s implicit contention that America – and representative republics – fail by dividing on themselves, that they cannot get and stay unified. China’s powerful influence operations are working overtime to prove that proposition.  We must work hard to disprove it. 

Democratic republics are, by definition, diverse. That is their strength. They aggregate differences, distill the majority position, use an independent (non-political) judiciary to assure that position does not crush any minority, and then implement policies that allow the greatest possible range of individual freedom.

In short, they take the countless, differing, wonderfully independent preferences we all have, and in the “marketplace of ideas,” let the best surface, as in free markets, they let supply and demand find balance. That is the magic, the marvel, the miracle of self-government.

What does this mean?  It means we need to know ourselves better, appreciate who we are, how we got here, the unique legitimacy of self-determination, and utter illegitimacy of communism – including in China.

We need to stop letting China ink our water, confusing America’s legitimate system of government, aggregation of disparate interests, basic identity, and self-determination with their illegitimate system. , spilling falsehoods, distracting from the truth.

Sometimes the obvious eludes us – yet there it sits, in plain sight. Chinese influence operations are everywhere the same, only newly burnished to push the idea that communism is legitimate, and democracy fails by division. Our job is to push back – and make clear; both propositions are false.

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9 months ago

Dear Robert, we remember a little about Ronald Reagan, much more he was an holywood’s actor, it’s perhaps my european culture which see a better president closer the economic reality like Donald Trump, i means the europeans in difficulties for to leave the socialism, the made in China with super taxes was so impopular for leftists experts! But westerns business people learnt very much with Trump about the trade balance with China,the brands,the retail and clients.

Friendly Bernie

9 months ago

pox on Nixon who brought us this nightmare quicker than it would have come on its own. world leaders are currently not strong and individualistic like Pope John Paul, Mrs. Thatcher. they are neville chamberlain appeasers and for one world government

Bill on the Hill
9 months ago

Thanks RBC…I would say between the latest rave, i.e. WOKENESS, a socialist/communist driven Democrat Party that thus far & with considerable help from their communist friends, the CCP of China & numerous other foreign nations, all in the name of ridding America of it’s greatest POTUS in recent memory, i.e. Donald J. Trump, they must feel they now have the upper hand in turning America into the mirror image of communism, American style…Each & every American citizen has now seen first hand how the system of communism works, i.e. it starts at the top, a tyrannical government forcing it’s citizens through illegal vaccination mandates to inject a substance into their bodies, whether or not they agree with this…Using corporate America to make it so, this is what fascist regimes do, i.e. Germany, 1938, Hitler…Through the help of a communist nation, America’s most sacred right was utterly destroyed, FREE & FAIR elections…We as American citizens are at this very moment in the early throes of becoming ruled under an authoritarian regime in Washington, DC, not so much different than Venezuela & Argentina & it was done with those very same internet connected Dominion tabulating machines & Smartmatic software, imagine that & here we are ( 11 ) months in of non-stop chaos, confusion, mask on, mask off, shutdowns, Covid variants, WIDE OPEN southern border,
Islamic families & individuals from Afghanistan set up in camp cities spread out across this nation on military bases…Has anyone considered after the Afghans have been placed in suitable homes across America, who then goes to these camps? Does ” antivaxxers ” ring a bell? Look at Australia & what they are doing to their very own people…
We allowed the FOX into the henhouse & the rest is history my friends… :~(
Bill on the Hill… :~)

9 months ago

Bill, you brought up Afghanistan. I am on the road south, I take off my hat to some Patriotic persons in the southern part of the state of Georgia. On I-75 south, somewhere around mile marker 95 (+ or – 2 miles or so), this beautiful billboard of Pres. Biden dressed in Camo and turban, with a couple of RPGs on his back with the following: Making the Taliban, great again.

Bill on the Hill
9 months ago
Reply to  Max

Thanks Max, the road sign sounds about right… I have driven big trucks through those southern corridors many times over the years…I-75 is a popular route for commercial traffic as is I-81, I-80, I-70, I-40 which parallels the old route 66 in places, lots of Americana to be found…
All the best,
Bill on the Hill,
Vermont, USA… :~)

9 months ago

Stop buying their products.Investigate everything what they say

9 months ago

RBC, another Great article which clearly delineates reality of communism and the propaganda myth many in America believe it to be.
Trying to understand why so many think this anti freedom campaign currently being waged by biden and democrats has merit is extremely frustrating. Have so many lost the ability to think and reason? Or is complacency dominant in society today just assuming someone else will take care of things??
Both are frightening thoughts.

George Washington's Admirer
9 months ago

Dimwits scratch the left side of their head and wonder? Why can’t we make more effective propaganda? They are dumbfounded. Why can’t we convert Conservatives into nice little compliant Communists? Why hasn’t censorship, blacklisting, ostracism, defaming ‘Our Founding Fathers’, and all manner of despotism work? Again, dumbfounded. After all, isn’t this the ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ for filthy, dirty politics? Why can’t we educate Conservatives to think more like WE do? Even our ‘Angel Emissaries’ have failed miserably getting through to the Conservative Masses. (‘Sugar Doesn’t Melt In Her Mouth’ Warren, & ‘Expert On Internet Credibility’ Clinton.) The Audacity Of The Dimwit Communists Is Unparalleled In All of History!

Tim Toroian
9 months ago

First, refer to it as the country of Chin and the capital as Peking. Then see which social site blocks you.

9 months ago

When is China going to pay Reparations For Covid-19 ?

Tim Toroian
9 months ago
Reply to  Chris

And why in hell are we sending athletes to the Winter Olympics? I think China should never again be permitted to hold an international sporting event OR to participate in one.

America First
9 months ago
Reply to  Chris

Because Fauchi and Bill Gates gave them millions of $ to create it why should they care

9 months ago

China’s biggest ally in spreading propaganda the USA is our main stream media, closely followed by our education system, they have been slowly controlling the minds and opinions of our population for years. BTW, my son is an international commercial pilot. He is in China monthly, in 2020 the Chinese called covid the Trump virus, the Delta variant is the Biden virus, it all started in the USA, has to be true, look who has the highest death rates.

9 months ago

Communism is insidious – it crept into our democracy forthrightly with the advent of the Radical Left in our country, and they have no place here – we must get rid of them like the vile, deceptive vermin they are (communists).
The mid-terms in 2022 will be the real start of this eradication. Then, if the GOP plays it’s cards right, we can retake both the House & the Senate – a forerunner to the GOP retaking the White House (hopefully).

9 months ago


You reference Reagan and Thatcher as examples of pushing back against Russia, yet there is zero reference to President Trump pushing back against China. The subject of your article is pushing back against China, yet it doesn’t contain one reference the only world leader, President Trump, that has had the courage to do so in the last 30 years. Why?

Yes, Reagan was a great President and so was Trump. Both were despised by the Democrat Party, the MSM and the establishment wing of the Republican Party. Yet both managed to accomplish things that all the so-called “experts” said would be impossible to do despite that constant opposition and obstruction designed to protect the status quo of Washington, D.C. In many ways, President Trump accomplished much more in one term than Reagan accomplished in two terms. So again, I would really like to know why in an article referencing the threat China poses to the United States, that there is no reference to the only President that both President Xi and the rest of the CCP were legitimately concerned could impede their progress on the world stage. Thanks.

As for the United States pushing back against China while any Democrat administration sits in the White House, that idea is a non-starter for a multitude of reasons. All of which you already know, along with most of the people that visit this site. So while your message may be valid, the probability of any significant push back against China over the next 3 years is effectively zero. That will of course put the United States in an even worse position by 2024, but it seems the American people have decided they will tolerate the situation.

9 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Good point, taken! Space limits mean main pint is this: Communism is never – anywhere – legitimate. We need to SAY THAT pointedly. It is a moral issue, not about a separate and separately legitimate (trade, economic, security) system. But point taken, my thanks, always! RBC.

Bill T
9 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

President TRUMP was effectively pushing back all of the leftist progressive destructive agenda and they were DESPERATE to stop him at any and all costs, Look at what the cheating liberals just got away with last November. Totally owned by the CCP and payback is simple, destroy our country and become a socialist (actually communist) country, that is the real bottom line about everything that’s happening and has been happening since the COVID 19 WUHAN BAT VIRUS

9 months ago

Tell this to the younger generations who have no experience in life, no wisdom gained through experience, and do not expect to endure the consequences of their wrong decisions. I don’t think the voting age should be lowered to 16. I believe it should be raised to 35.

9 months ago
Reply to  George

I agree, let’s make it 35 and test if they have read and understand Our Constitution.
Many of our young are endoctrinated to accept and believe a totally false narrative
Of Our Country, the principals and sacrifices that make it Great.

Manuela Abendroth
9 months ago

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