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Confidence in Darkness


Growing up in rural Maine, baseball, scouts, running, and time in the woods put us home late – nights dark with no moon. Even as kids – confident American kids – we had no fear. We got home and knew our way – sure as Shakespeare. National politics today are like those dark nights, no moon.

And yet, we should have no fear. We are “grown-up” American kids who know right from wrong – and our way home. Remember that – when the political left hoots from trees, riots, and makes a ruckus. We know our way while they are profoundly lost.

Looking at 2022, what does the Democrat Party stand for? So much less than in the past.

They stand for nothing except an unquenchable thirst for power and the willingness to run against the Bill of Rights, fiscal responsibility, parents, girls, limited government, national security, border sanctity, law enforcement, life, individual liberty, and free markets. 

They oppose free speech, the exercise of religion, the “right to keep and bear arms,” local control over education, local police, Title 9, the right of all to a stable currency, affordable energy, the American Dream, and a pension that does not erode.

Yes, the moral, fiscal, and security environment is dark. It is also reversible, based on how clearly “We, The People” – who not long ago spoke freely, professed faith, knew firearms, respected laws – navigate this darkness.

How do we do that? By trusting ourselves. You will ask, where is the precedent, from what do we draw that power, where is that confidence – to keep our bearing in this darkness? History, heart, faith – the deep understanding that all conservatives have, knowing good from the bad.

Think earnestly about history, those who went before, wrestled hot wars, personal losses, economic depression, leadership deficits, societal violence, aggressive adversaries, cultural detractors, deniers of truth, and even the Bill of Rights.

Think about mountains they climbed in darkness. Nearly 7,000 dead in the Revolutionary War, entire cities destroyed; 15,000 Americans dead in 1812; 620,000 dead in the Civil War; 116,000 dead in WWI, 300,000 in WWII, 58,000 in Vietnam, and 7,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan. The nation survived.

Think epidemics, half the population of Boston getting smallpox before the Revolution, waves of cholera before 1866 killing ten percent of our cities, waves of scarlet fever, typhoid, Spanish flu (can we say that?), diphtheria, and polio – which alone maimed tens of thousands.

Think dark days that were “heart punches,” Pearl Harbor, 9-11, loss of space shuttle Challenger in 1986, Columbia in 2003, Fort Washington abandoned in 1776, Washington DC burned in 1814, assassinations of Lincoln, Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, Galveston hurricane in 1900 (killing 12,000), stock market “crash” of 1929 (vanishing life savings for millions), Great Depression (25 percent unemployed), how our nation reeled, rallied, rectified it all.

Think too about attacks from the outside – and inside – on our culture, anti-democratic time after the Civil War, Democrats pushing racism until the 1960s, counter-culture of the 1960s, and antipathy for American traditions, order, and law. 

Think of the pro-communist era of “fellow travelers” in the 1930s, communism infiltrating Hollywood in the 1950s, and repeat shocks by the Soviets until they were erased by Reagan.

These were dark times, consumed society, swept our gunnels, threatened to swamp our faith, and covered the moon for a while – making us doubt. Then our bow came up; waves receded, and confidence in the future prevailed, turning back the storm. We knew our way home.

We are here again – challenged, pushed to concede our national confidence to … darkness. We are told canceling political opponents is okay, packing the Supreme Court fine, redefining boys as girls permissible, violence for non-violence logical, criminals with guns and police defunded, no border, spending as if inflation were unimportant. We kill our energy sector as China pushes emissions at twice ours, unrepentant, laughing.

Yes, the world is upside down, darkness pervasive, but we have endured far worse, corrected course – and will again.  It is already happening, on its way, coming with a vengeance. So, keep your compass, confidence, and what you knew as a kid – because it remains true.

One other thing. When we get home we will celebrate our faith – in each other, our nation, and a merciful God. We always have. So will those who follow us, as we do those who came before.

On reflection, we always have a light. Thoughts drift to Shakespeare, Henry V’s famous speech, light in the darkness, referencing Saint Crispian. Before that epic victory, odds longer than the longest night, his speech sounded: “This day is called the feast of Crispian. He that outlives this day, and comes safe home, will stand a tiptoe when the day is named and rouse him at the name of Crispian.”

Every era has battles to join, fights to win, and freedom’s watch to keep. This is ours. We do know our way home, sure as we did when kids. Darkness should inspire confidence, not fear. When it does, darkness has no power.

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6 months ago

“We band of Brothers”

6 months ago

We cannot let the Communists in our government..kill our Republic…Green Energy is a way to world control..we need to vote out of office..all of the false actors. We need to keep our country’s energy sources. God is in control of the climate..not Gates..Kerry and others who claim they know best. They are out to destroy our Freedom.

6 months ago

All i can say is we are in a deep hole that will get much deeper in the next 2 years , we can slow the digging in NOBEMBER IF WE JUST GET OFF OUR BUTTS AND VOTE… and please talk to your friends and kinfolk that you know dont vote ,, it has never been more important than now…

David Millikan
6 months ago
Reply to  mark

You are more correct than you know.

Donald Graves
6 months ago
Reply to  mark

I can’t even get our Evangelical church leaders to encourage the people to vote – even the Sunday before an election

Robert Smith
6 months ago

1 Peter 2:15 “For this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people.” Not much commentary req’d! Yes, run in darkness by a light that transcends the temporal!

Bill T
6 months ago

Our history is amazing and truly unbelievable, there’s never been a country as diverse and as free as our country, capitalism is the heart and soul of our country. We now have a Marxist progressive president and he’s lazer focused on completely tearing down our foundation, just look at what the Marxist liberals have done to Thomas Jefferson’s home in Virginia, it’s completely woke and with tens of millions of dollars from progressive democrats they are painting him as a racist slave owner and white racist founding father, he wrote our great constitution with many other brave and proud leaders of our country.Without them we all wouldn’t be reading or writing anything, Now just look at this completely PATHETIC CORRUPT AND COMPROMISED PRESIDENT, it’s actually disgusting and I’m sure our founding fathers are rolling in the! Also all our brave soldiers who gave everything so we could be a free republic. We’re being destroyed from within our own country, these progressive liberals will stop at nothing to steal our country away from all of us, as bad as you might imagine they are, trust me there 100 times worse!!! No soul or heart (communist ways) all this is actually about are these elitist hypocrites taking over everything, that’s all this is about. We’re smarter and better than you deplorable GOD LOVING Americans and we’re taking over!

Brom Allen
6 months ago

Well spoken and the truths you remind us of are still with us today. We must fight the good fight and we will prevail. God bless us all.

6 months ago

I believe that the issues you mention can be attributed to a small, very vocal minority who we need to tell to shut up and go away! Love America or leave!!

Robert Dapper
6 months ago

Thank you. And yes, the light will prevail!

6 months ago

Despite the adversities that have confronted this nation and its citizens, we, as Christians, are to continue “shine the light” for all of mankind. Jesus will be here soon to establish his Kingdom.

Judy K.
6 months ago

Once election integrity is a thing of the past, it’s pretty much ‘game over.’ America’s able bodied shows no interest in the fight for preserving freedom fought for by our bravest citizens. The core moral values of our country’s culture is diminished.
The only answer now is with the Lord God Almighty.

While I have breath, I have hope He will have mercy and spare this nation and restore her to the glory of the days when inspired by God, She was the beacon of light before other nations who may have hated Her, but at least She was respected!!

For God’s Glory and Honor!

6 months ago
Reply to  Judy K.

God helps those who help themselves! As for me? I’m keeping my guns clean, and “my powder dry!”

6 months ago
Reply to  RyansDad

Amen brother, me too!

David Millikan
6 months ago

We WILL get through this and DICTATOR Beijing biden and his DEMONCRATS WILL BE REMOVED.
AMERICANS know RIGHT from WRONG and DICTATOR Beijing biden and his DEMONCRATS
STAND UP and FIGHT for the
This is OUR country.
Remember, DICTATOR Beijing biden is an EMPLOYEE of the Government by the people and for the people.
It’s been way pass time to IMPEACH DICTATOR Beijing biden but MUST BE CHARGED and EXECUTED for TREASON
with the rest of the DEMONCRATS.

6 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

A tall tree and a short rope!

Bill on the Hill
6 months ago

Thanks for your reflections RBC… Every American citizen could use a good dose of it by now!
I think it was just yesterday I learned of the CCP of China’s reaction to the death & assassination of of former prime minister Shinzo Abe of Japan…” Congratulations to the death of Abe. ”
This is what the people of China are subjected to & expected to righteously agree with…
I can only assume America’s WOKE corporations still operating inside China must harbor similar feelings, after all, they are still doing business inside China, all at the good will of the CCP of China, not forgetting the FREE labor they build America’s stuff with…
The same country Biden just SOLD our SPR to. The very oil we need in the advent of war, the very oil we just SOLD to the enemy & I have NO doubt, Hunter’s greedy little fingers are making profits for the Big Guy from those very same Chinese oil companies America is now selling oil to, whilst we pay through the nose to acquire gasoline/diesel from the oils we are BEGGING OPEC nations, ( most ruled by dictators ) to sell oil to us.
All the best,
Bill… :~)

6 months ago

Enjoyed this but if history and positive message.

anna hubert
6 months ago

Those were trying times that produced hardy folk we today are made of different material thin and fragile.

6 months ago
Reply to  anna hubert

Speak for yourself, I will continue to stand my ground, I am not thin and fragile. Sorry if you are.

anna hubert
6 months ago
Reply to  Jeb

Not it all I am talking of lost generations that need coddling and assurances and interventions the ones that are not expected to box itself out of a paper bag

Philip Hammersley
6 months ago
Reply to  anna hubert

Many of today’s youth will not WORK. They want pay for just showing up because they got grades in “government school” just for showing up! I have several “second cousins” who show no interest in even getting drivers’ licenses!

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