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Commentary: Thanks to Trump, Seven Million Americans Have Quit Food Stamps

Exactly 36,029,506 Americans (18,230,968 households) were enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), popularly known as food stamps, as of June 2019, according to the latest available government data. Although it may seem as though a rather large number of Americans receive government subsidies for their groceries, the current SNAP figure should be celebrated.

Why? Because in 2016, the last year of the Obama administration, 42,972,692 Americans (21,232,456 households) received SNAP. That’s a drop of roughly seven million people and four million households.

Although there are many reasons for the major drop in enrollment, one cannot dispute that the booming economy is the primary driver of the dramatic decrease. In less than three years, the Trump administration’s free-market policies have helped almost seven million Americans become self-reliant when it comes to paying for their groceries.

How could this be? Well, it does not take an economic genius to understand that lower taxes and fewer regulations result in more jobs in the economy. Employed people can afford their own groceries, and there is now more money in people’s pockets to buy them.

Lower Taxes, Less Regulation

Despite the Left and fake news media constantly decrying the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as a “tax cut for the rich,” the truth is that low- and middle-income Americans benefited big time from the Trump administration’s tax cut.

Even The New York Times, notably not a fan of President Trump, had to admit in an article this April, “If you’re an American taxpayer, you probably got a tax cut last year,” and blamed perceptions to the contrary on “a sustained—and misleading—effort by liberal opponents of the law to brand it as a broad middle-class tax increase.”

Wow, did someone inject truth serum into the water supply at the New York Times offices?

Though it is still too early for us to know the long-term impact of the tax cut on gross domestic product, the Tax Foundation “estimates that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will increase long-run GDP by 1.7 percent, create 339,000 jobs, and raise wages by 1.5%.”

In short, the tax bill reduced the need to redistribute taxes via SNAP because more Americans now keep more of their money in the first place.

No wonder the Left opposes tax cuts. Tax cuts negate the need for their redistributionist policies, a keystone of their misguided agenda of promoting government dependency.

Jobs Renaissance

As the tax cuts produced larger paychecks—hence more discretionary income for individual Americans—the Trump administration’s war against pointless regulations was bettering the economic situation for all Americans. According to President Donald Trump’s director of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, “Deregulation started everywhere across the board … and I think that started this push and started the small business push and the blue collar hiring. … Then comes the tax rate reduction, which adds to it on the incentive front, so they’re working very much together.”

The combination of tax cuts and regulatory rollback has produced a much-needed American job renaissance. According to the August and September employment snapshots from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “In August, the unemployment rate was 3.7% for the third month in a row.” This is excellent. Improving further, the unemployment rate declined to 3.5 percent in September. “The last time the rate was this low was in December 1969, when it also was 3.5 percent.” The unemployment rates for women (3.2 percent), blacks (5.5 percent), Hispanics (3.9 percent), and Asians (2.5 percent) are near or at record lows.

Even better, “The labor force participation rate edged up to 63.2% in August. … The employment-population ratio, at 60.9%, also edged up over the month and is up by 0.6 percentage point over the year.” The labor force participation rate remained at 63.2 percent in September.

No wonder wages—especially for those at the bottom rung of the economic ladder—are finally increasing after years of stagnation.

Big Change

The current economic narrative is quite easy to grasp. President Barack Obama’s administration raised taxes and increased regulations for eight years, stifling business investment, expansion, and hiring. People had less income, and there were fewer good-paying jobs. No wonder millions of Americans relied on the government for help in buying their groceries.

Under Trump, the exact opposite has happened. In three short years, the Trump administration has cut taxes and regulations. As a result, people have more money to spend, and businesses finally have incentives to create lots of good-paying jobs.

It should come as no surprise that seven million fewer Americans are counting on Uncle Sam to help foot their grocery bills.

From The Heartland Institute – By Chris Talgo | An earlier version of this article appeared in the Washington ExaminerReprinted and adapted with permission.

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President Trump has done more good accidentally than Democrats have done on purpose. He can’t fix everything in 3 short years, although he has fixed a lot! Democrats have continually raised taxes and increased spending while blowing smoke up our ass and telling us it’s sunshine. Look at the good results of President Trumps’ actions and don’t believe all the lies the Democrats, RINOs, and others constantly tell us. I can’t believe how stupid some people are to believe everything a Democrat, RINOs and others tell them.

Glenn Lego

No worries. When the Democrats take over the government, all that prosperity will be a thing of the past.

Paul W

Just another reasons the left hates DJT’s guts. They need people ON food stamps. They need big government dependency as well as a sinking economy. With absolutely no constructive platform, it’s all they have.

Burton Paully

What really puzzles me is why so many US citizens believe the nation is on the wrong route to greatness. I pray that they awaken prior to the general election in 2020.

Frank S.

I clearly remember years ago members of the Obama administration bragging about the numbers of individuals they had receiving food stamps. Trump’s administration rightfully brags about the reduction of people on food stamps. I think the pretty much says it all.


We need this trend to keep going! The left is addicted to power and therefore will always campaign for bigger government and more dependency for the people! I remember when Obama and Hillary made “fending for yourself” a sarcastic and ugly term when that’s what freedom is all about! The more self-reliant you are the more free you are and the left hates that because it’s hard to control a free, educated and prosperous people! I’ll be happy when the debt is lower, the participation rate is closer to 80% and the only folks who need government help are those who truly cannot work! I’m all for a safety net but not a safety hammock!


President Trump deserves s great deal of appreciation!


“A Rising Tide Lifts all Boats” is a great saying that JFK borrowed from the Boston Chamber of Commerce. He used it often when talking about the economy, still holds true, not sure why anyone would not understand this but they are out there.

R shoemaker

Those who were hit by the 2008 Great Recession are now off of food stamps but there is a hard core group who have that as part of their way of life – forever. Thus, it is hard to know just what that statistic means.

Ed J

The Dems categorically REFUSE to accept any evidence, fact, truth, etc., that does not fit into their dystopian ideology or which is incompatible with any part of their numerous misguided agendas or which simply threatens their lust for power. It’s almost like a mirror image out of George Orwell’s book “1984.” Trump has done more to set this country right and restore some semblance of what our Founding Fathers intended our nation to be. True dignity for a person exists when that person has gainful employment and can support his/her family. That paycheck opens up a whole set of opportunities for the individual to achieve a better standard of living, a richer life, and greater happiness (just to name a few). Hope Trump gets 4 more years to finish the job.

Ethel Boyd

Great job!

Irv C

Yet the DemoncRATS push for impeachment. They are truly traitors to America. How they still exist is baffling. Trump 2020,2024

Lloyd 1954

Who are the 36.8% that are not in the workforce and why aren’t they?

Paul DAscenz

That’s awesome! President Trump has done more to help America than any President since 1984. The Stupid, Democrats don’t want to admit it!

Roy Law

President Trump is the best President in my memo ry, and I am 72 years old. He has brought our economy back without ANY help from Congress. He is the only President in my memory who has worked at trying to fulfill his campaign promises despite all the resistance from the socialist and communistic demoRats. I am amazed at President Trump’s accomplishments in the face of all the negative the left throws at him. We need 4 more years of President Donald J. Trump to make this country great and strong again. We do not need the wild programs the socialist Democratic party is coming up with! They would ruin the United States as we k know it now. I am a PROUD SUPPORTER OOF THIS PRESIDENT. TRUMP IN 2020!


As to the nyt printing occasional truth: propaganda is more effective if it mixes truth in with lies. Even the volkischer beobachter and pravda printed occasional truth. Credulous fence sitters are readily confounded by this tactic.




Anyone in the NE really got screwed with the tax law. Seniors did NOT see a penny more. If you saved all your life and invested, you got the royal screw. The original law was written because they KNEW we paid more to DC and NJ (from the Governmental budget office themselves) got the least back. They admitted it. Many who do work; got screwed because their companies took the wrong amounts out too little. SNAP even for the working folks can mean the difference between buying meds and paying med bills and eating. More and more seniors end up at the Food banks now. Maybe you all should go over there and volunteer to help. What food items did you take to them this year? If every American who can brought something to their food bank; they’d be able to feed a huge population. Too many say someone else… Read more »

Robert Hellam

We paid more in taxes for 2018 than for 2017, even though our income did not increase. It was obviously not a cut for everyone.