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Coffee and Tea – the Good Side!

Don’t you just shake your head at all the studies being reported about the foods we eat? I certainly do. Many times I dismiss the reports but recently two interesting studies on tea and coffee were reported in separate well-respected medical journals. I thought I would bring them to your attention. Both studies were well-done and included large numbers of people.

Tea and coffee contain hundreds of chemicals. Many of these chemicals have an anti-bacterial effect. Both beverages are full of anti-oxidants which are beneficial in many ways. Coffee especially can affect the circulating levels of many hormones such as insulin, sex hormones, and others.

In the first study, hot tea and coffee were examined to determine whether their consumption reduced the risk of having Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, better known as MRSA.

MRSA is a major source of infection and death in the United States.  It used to be found just in hospitalized patients. However, it is now widespread throughout the community. In 2005, 300,000 people were hospitalized for MRSA infections and there were more than 6,500 MRSA-related deaths. It is estimated that 1.4% of the population “carries” MRSA in their nasal passages. This means that the organism lives in the nose but does not cause an infection. However, the bug can be spread to open wounds both in the person who carries it and in others who come into contact with that bug.

Tea and coffee have been known to suppress bacterial growth in the lab and in patients. Both tea and coffee have strong antibacterial activity when applied to the skin. For instance, bed-ridden patients with MRSA-infected bed sores had their ulcers cleaned with either green tea or salt water. After one month, patients whose ulcers were treated with green tea had marked improvement and MRSA had disappeared in over half of the patients. Those with the salt water washes were basically unchanged.

The first study I reviewed found that there was a much lower likelihood of carrying MRSA in the nasal passages in individuals who drank hot tea, coffee, or both. Interestingly, the association was not found with iced tea or soda. Some might think that the caffeine is the active ingredient, but many sodas are caffeinated so it would appear that the effect is due to something other than the caffeine itself. It is possible that hot tea has a higher concentration of compounds or that the vapor from the hot liquids migrates up into the nasal passages to kill the MRSA. The investigators pointed out they did not know how the effect occurs, but proposed many complicated potential actions.

It is not known whether drinking hot tea or hot coffee to prevent carrying MRSA in the nose would prevent true MRSA infections. However, the effect of eliminating MRSA in the nose as seen in this study was described by the authors as “robust”.

The other study looked at the relationship of coffee consumption and prostate cancer. Past data has been very conflicting as to whether or not coffee has any affect whatsoever on prostate cancer. This study looked specifically at the effect on “lethal” (causing death) prostate cancer. It found that those who drank coffee showed a slightly lower risk of overall rates of prostate cancer, but there was a marked decrease in lethal and advanced prostate cancers.  Those who drank the most cups of coffee (greater than 6 cups per day) had less than half the risk of lethal prostate cancer than non-coffee drinkers. The effect is seen with both regular and decaffeinated coffee. So, once again, it would appear that caffeine is not the active agent.

The conclusion from this second study was that men who consumed coffee regularly have a reduced risk of lethal or advanced prostate cancer but it is still premature to recommend that men increase coffee intake to improve their chances.

Interesting. Modern research, with its ability to manage tremendously large patient numbers using computers, is truly fascinating. Wouldn’t it be fun to be around in 25 to 50 years to see what the true effects end up being?  Some of us will be and perhaps our coffee and tea habits will have helped us to be healthier seniors!

As always, consult your personal physician before making any health care decisions.

John L. Pfenninger, MD. President and Director, the Medical Procedures Center, PC, Midland Michigan. Clinical Professor of Family Medicine, Michigan State College of Human Medicine.

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alton mccarley
11 years ago

I am 82 yrs old and I don’t remember how young I was when I started drinking coffee I don’t remember
any bad effects it’s had on me either,but about 80 yrs drinking coffee Don’t know about the good effects
but that’s probably a million cups of coffee and i still drink about 5 cups a day and i plan to continue to
do so.

11 years ago

DOES AN AMAC MEMBER CARD GET $1 discount for coffee im many restaurants like AARP card members get?

kip little
11 years ago

as a 26 year veteran of police service i grew up with coffee and tea. latest from my doctor was that he didnt think extra vitamins were necessary and that most extra just gets passed on through…no choirboy i, i will enjoy th occational alcoholic beverage and a pack of cigs a week..dont be afraid, everything in MODERATION and all will be fine…remember to get that walk in 5-6 times per week…

C. Reed
11 years ago

I have taken vitamins on a regular basis since 1969. I didn’t start drinking coffee until about 1998. I have always been a big tea drinker. I am extremely healthy. Until I read your article I had never heard of MRSA but am very interested in knowing more. Sounds kind of scary. I also never was a smoker or a drinker of alcohol. Longevity runs in my family. Who knows the answer.l

10 years ago
Reply to  C. Reed

72 foods to avoid at all costs.Please post this for me I need that diet plan.Im unable to walk at this time shaonnn and being in a wheelchair is very hard for me to excerise.But I have not had a break-out to mrsa sence November of 2010 and the water has been the best choice I ever made.I tell people from all sorts of places to buy your products and it does work,Now all my tests have came back negitive for mrsa,but like you said,there still needs to be more testing done to make a blood test show that we are mrsa free.Please keep the comments coming in as I read them all,and hope you will post my story Shannon.I know now mrsa hates your water and i love it,thanks for sharing your products with everyone this needs to get out to the american public and to hospitals around the world,Thank you very much Shannon Brown,Dale Kerr

10 years ago
Reply to  C. Reed

My daughter that is 2 yerlas old, my son that is 3 and myself always get these outbreaks and when we go to the dr we always get prescribed Bactrim and Keflex. THese meds are very strong and I don’t like giving it to my children!!! My question is if this really works (and you are not pulling my leg, which I hope you’re not because as a parent it is heart breaking to see my child develop these boils and not be able to get rid of them) can they take it as well? and for how long? Please I am desperate and I need a cure for my babies!!!!

Lee Yates
11 years ago

I am 70 years old and have very seldom had a cup of coffee or tea and am very seldom sick or have a cold. I also do not take vitamins, so I am not certain there is any validity to any studies of the effects as it probably all comes down to genetic material and food intake. as well as many other environmental factors.

ted trepanier
11 years ago

I wish you could do some research and report on nasal irrigation. Costco is now providing very cost-effective salt packets for mixing. I have a problem with stuff just staying in nasal areas; however, by rinsing twice a day, I think I may have found a solution for my chronic infection problems.

I wish doctors would push this more.

Dick Simon
11 years ago

I have drank and still drink 4-5 cups of Green Tea each day. It seems to keep most colds away, but I developed small cell prostate cancer which is very aggressive. I take a LU Pron injection every 4 months that surpresses it and stops growth. Green and White Tean are great anti-inflamitories. The use of alkaline water is also a great way to control inflamation.

Joyce Gibson
11 years ago

I didn’t like coffee until I was in my early 20’s and made up for lost time for many years. In my early 30’s, 40’s, & 50’s, I often drank a pot or more of coffee. Now, since I’m retired and 70, I consume 2 to 3 cups a day of coffee and approx the same of tea. I’m pretty dern healthy. I take a lot of vitamins also, James.


James Alderson
11 years ago

I believe that there is a truth in these reports. I was drinking coffee when I was 5 years old. Today I still drink a lot of hot coffee and tea each day. I am 74 years old and I have never had any problems . My wife and I very seldom get sick or ever had flu etc. I also take a lot of vitamins.

10 years ago
Reply to  James Alderson

Hi my name is Dan and I’ve been dealing with MRSA since January, 2011. I too was first daengosid with a spider bite on my right calf area, but after 10 days on an antibiotic with little improvement I went back to the doctor the day after the antibiotic ran out. That time I saw a different doctor and she immediately suspected a staph infection after learning of the 10 days of antibiotics with little improvement to my leg. She cut my leg open at the wound site and drained the wound along with taking a culture of the drained fluid. She also prescribed a different (stronger) antibiotic, along with giving me a shot of antibiotic in my hip area that day. The next morning I went back to have my dressing changed and was informed I did test positive for a staph infection, three days later I was notified that I also had CA-MRSA. I ended up being on antibiotics for 30 days total along with prednisone for several days. I also had an allergic reaction to something, probably the antibiotics, during that time and had to be given prednisone and a shot of adrenaline because of the severity of the hives I was experiencing. I think at the time there was a concern that I was at risk of going into shock. I should mention that the spot on my leg did clear up for the most part, but that was very temporary. During this time I started searching the Internet and researching everything I could about MRSA. During my search I came across the Phenomenal Water site and after watching several of Shannon’s videos along with reading all about the product and listening to all of the testimonials I decided to give it a try. I ordered the starter kit and immediately started changing my diet, even before receiving my first shipment of water. I should mention that my original MRSA spot was never more then 4 inches in diameter on my right calf. I’ve heard and read about how so many others with this condition experienced lots of pain, not so for me. Except during the initial stages before I was daengosid with MRSA and put on antibiotics, I had some swelling in lower right leg and foot along with pain, especially when first getting out of bed and putting weight on my foot & leg. After being daengosid with MRSA and getting started on antibiotics the pain went away, but not the itch. This is an itch that’s hard to describe, it was constant and couldn’t be scratched away. I honestly think I could’ve scratched it with a wire brush or steel wool and it wouldn’t have stopped itching! Before I started using the Phenomenal Water I weighed 253lbs. I went cold turkey and cut out all sugar and white flour products. I’ve also eliminated most pastas and rice from my diet along with potatoes. I also cut out most fruits because of the sugar. I try to eat lots of raw vegetables, mostly salads and raw cucumbers, peppers, radishes, and tomatoes. I try to stay away from anything with sugar or a high carb content. I weighed myself yesterday and I’m down to 220lbs. So I’ve lost 32 pounds in the past 5 months and plan to lose about 15lbs. more. The only time I haven’t used the Phenomenal water product was right after the first months supply ran out. I didn’t realize at the time that a month’s supply must’ve been for someone that weighed less then I did at that time, plus I was drinking more then required, or suggested, about 1-gallon per day. So I went for 1 week without water in between shipments. My solution was to start ordering a second months supply in between my regular monthly auto-ship order. I’m still drinking anywhere from 80 ozs. to 96 ozs. of Phenomenal Water each day. . I’ve been fortunate in the sense that I never went through the loss of energy, and the water may have helped with that as well. Other then my lower right leg I’ve actually felt pretty good through this entire ordeal. That has been the bright side of my story, now the dark side. Unfortunately I’m still battling the MRSA, and the 4 inch diameter spot on my right calf has taken over my entire lower right leg, basically from the knee to the ankle. My lower right leg now has the appearance of a large strawberry birth mark. I use the bath wash weekly as instructed and the Alkaline Skin Gel’ regularly. painful. This whole ordeal has become very frustrating for me. I’m trying to stay positive and keep my spirits up but some days it’s very difficult. After 6 months of dealing with this MRSA beast I feel like I’ve made little to no progress; except for my weight loss which I feel very good about. I’m not a quitter and I have no plans to let this beat me, but sometimes I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. By the way, for me personally, I’m done with antibiotics, they just made me feel worse and did little to help. I do plan to see someone that specializes in holistic or alternative medicine. Unfortunately being self-employed, and self insured, my cash funds are tapped for the time being. I really want to have someone test my blood and tell me if there’s something out of sorts inside me that can be feeding this MRSA Monster. Good Luck to everyone that’s battling this beast, it’s a long tough fight.Best Regards,Dan Simmons

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