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Coalition of Conservative Groups Urge Passage of Tax Reform in 2017

tax reform governmentAMAC, The Association of Mature American Citizens, has joined eighty-seven other Conservative organizations to support comprehensive, pro-growth tax reform. In an effort to liberate Americans from the broken tax system that has evolved to serve special interests rather than hard-working American families, AMAC and other Conservative, free-market organizations have written a letter to Congress expressing their support for comprehensive tax reform.

The signed letter describes our nation’s critical need for reform, asserting that Americans have become frustrated with the rigged tax system that “favors the politically connected and lobbyists at the expense of ordinary Americans”. The letter states, “It is key that tax reform reduce rates for Americans across the board, drastically simplifies the code for families and individuals, ends the Death Tax, unrigs the system to promote a healthy economy, and implements a territorial system of taxation so businesses large and small can compete”.

AMAC is proud to be a signatory of this letter to Congress. According to AMAC’s founder and president, Dan Weber, “Tax reform is long overdue and the country needs it if we are to succeed in giving the American people – especially the middle class – the kind of economic security we’ve been missing for eight years now,”.

By signing tax reform into law, Congress has a crucial opportunity to finally provide financial security to our nation’s hard-working taxpayers and initiate the most important economic stimulus the country has seen in decades.

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Paula Reed

Has anyone seen where current bill DOES NOT TAX our social security? I believe, prior to the 80’s, SS wasn’t taxed. Then they moved to a formula. And, all this time, as all of us paid into SS, our government spent our money. If we get no tax breaks, it really seems to me, senior are getting royally screwed? Who are our advocates??

Ed Sproles
James Hammond

I like the framework but I hope the taxation of socI’ll security for low pay senior workers is eliminated.


Was hoping the capital gains on real estate would drop. It’s huge. Between Federal and state there’s nothing left.