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Clinton, Border Patrol, Taxes

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This week the John Durham investigation into the Clinton campaign had some shocking revelations that exposed one of the biggest scandals of our time. Border Patrol agents are under scrutiny for doing their job; Ben will fill you in on the ridiculous rhetoric coming out of the White House. No surprise here, Democrats are pushing to raise your taxes AGAIN, and this time they are coming for your hard-earned retirement savings. AMAC Action SVP, Andy Mangione is here this week to tell you how you can join 57,000 other AMAC members pushing back against this outrageous attempt to raise your taxes.

Please contact your Members of Congress to urge them to oppose harming millions of seniors by increasing capital gains. This proposal will ultimately have the opposite outcome of the intended goal to tax the rich: Click Here to Contact your Member of Congress

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9 months ago

Please do not put our nation in to the debt Biden is wanting

Jim Jolly
9 months ago

Washington has’t done a darn thing to add more taxes on me. I earned my money hard earned. If the Democrats would quit spending money that they don’t have and quit allowing all these non-americans in that cost me and others like me lots of money that there is no return on. Maybe it is time for the Bidens, Schumers, Pelosi’s and the Squads to open their purses and fund these worthless projects. I pray in 2022 that there will be a large sucking sound coming out of Washington with Democrats being sucked out of their positions and the worthless Republicans also. Really will not matter because they will write a book or go to work as a lobyist. VOTE IN TERM LIMITS!!!

9 months ago

This must stop in Washington, the american people have up enough. It’s time for all american patriots (people who love this country) and push back. What ever it takes. Get rid of Obiden, Harris and the rest of the communists in Washington. Those are SATENS people up there they know it and by GOD we should too. Look around you America name onething Biden and Harris have done for you. How long are we going to let this go on. Congress is crooked too so don’t get your hopes up there. Respectfully a soldier of Christ.

9 months ago
Reply to  PCZ

Unfortunately…it hasn’t become serious enough for the citizens I speak with…when I go to the grocery store…I don’t hear anyone complaining…I don’t buy quality or quantity anymore but yet I have noticed that baskets are full for others…I’m retired on a fixed income…and my funds are not going as far…maybe I’m more vocal…but it worries me that my fellow citizens are not taking the increases seriously…I fear that all will be too late before they stand up for a change…keep the faith…God knows what’s happening…

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