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“Climbing Off the Tiger” – Trump is Right to Push Economic Reopening

trumpPresident Trump is pressing to accelerate reopening of the American economy. He is predictably taking heat from congressional Democrats, governors, and media. A hard look at facts tells us three important things. Medical knowledge around COVID-19 remains in flux, economic damage is significant and will accelerate, and “climbing down off this tiger” will be harder than riding or being far away.

On medical flux, newness of this COVID-19 disease continues to raise stunning questions, causing doctors to double back, and flummoxing those trying to nail down facts – and to reopen the economy.

In China, Europe and America, virus testing was slow to start, covered a minority of those exposed and later afflicted.  Tests proved inaccurate, lagged, and were overtaken by death.  Older populations died in large numbers without being tested.

From China, data was untruthful – for reasons seemingly political.  Manipulation by Communist China delayed global actions.  The virus apparently jumped bats to humans, and first appeared in Wuhan – close to China’s Wuhan Virology Institute (WVI), a locus of Chinese experiments on bat viruses.  Notably, contrary to popular misconception, bats are not commonly eaten in that part of China or Wuhan.

Corroborating reports suggest the virus may have escaped WVI through an infected technician, making its first public appearance on or near November 17, 2019.  (See

Curiously, China destroyed virus samples collected for testing, which would have proven the strain’s origin.  They halted domestic flights but kept international running. When Chinese doctors raised alarm, they were silenced.  China denied the existence, virulence, and spread of the virus – until too late.

By the time China closed Wuhan, the virus was replicating globally.  In retrospect, we learned China enlisted the World Health Organization to promulgate a false story – reassurance that China was transparent, virus under control, not easily transmissible, not particularly dangerous.  All false.

For vital weeks, China and WHO lied to the world, producing this pandemic.  The disease originated earlier than admitted, was three times easier to transmit than flu, far more deadly than China acknowledged.  China raised by 50 percent the dead – only third week of April.

While President Trump restricted travel from China in late January, Europe and Canada did not.  When Trump closed flights from Europe, he was excoriated by Democrats and media – for having overreacted.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi publicly encouraged people to ignore the President’s warnings and to gather in late February – a website post she has removed.  Trump continued to discourage gatherings.  With respect for the Constitution, he asked states to lead enforcement, refusing to usurp state powers.

Today, the disease continues to baffle doctors, with a new problem – scarce antibody tests.  No presidents – or governor – in US history would have had ample virus or antibody tests.  The Chinese-origin virus, coupled with denial and deception about spread and lethality, were not foreseen.

Finally, on the medical front, we know antibody testing suggests a third of Americans may have had the disease – at least in key areas.  Most recover without incident.  Research indicates infections be 85 times higher than estimated.  On the plus side, that would allow more recovered Americans to work without risk to themselves or others.  On the minus side, it may mean a lot of asymptomatic carriers. (See

The main point is that, as we slow transmissions by social distancing, the end may be closer than we thought.  More may have gotten over the virus than we knew, allowing a swift return to work.  We will need near-universal antibody testing to know.

Point two – we are suffering enormous economic damage every day.  The President is right – we need to start working, for the sake of income and public health.  Incredibly, congressional Democrats again punched America in the gut.  First Nancy Pelosi delayed creation of the SBA’s Payment Protection Program (PPP), hoping to stuff it with socialist priorities.

Then, when SBA’s life-saving PPP program ran dry last week, she blocked infusion of $250 billion dollars to save America’s 25 million suffering small businesses.  They also account for 80 percent of our jobs.

When House Republicans suggested allowing hospital money, she said no.  She wants more anti-banking, pro- socialist priorities in the bill.  At this writing, America’s small businesses – in every single state – are failing, while this multi-millionaire House Speaker works to stuff entitlements, minority funding, and federal regulations into the bill. Calling it a “stunt,” she doubts businesses are failing.  (

To be clear – this is the biggest hit the US economy has taken since many key indicators started being collected.  If the goal is to keep the economy down to hurt Trump, that is unconscionable.

Last point: “Climbing down off the tiger” will be hard.  The President has thoughtfully advanced a three-phase process for reopening our economy.  Obviously, that depends on Congress coming around.  It also depends on governors assessing the balance of coronavirus risk against shutdown health risks.

Historic data suggest economic downturns, especially sudden, deep and unpredicted, produce spikes in personal stress, heart attacks, cancer deaths, domestic abuse, drug abuse, suicides, and other causes of physical harm.  Reduced health and increased death correlate also with poverty.

In short, there is a trade-off between stopping the last coronavirus death – which Democrats insist Trump must do – and stopping increased death from the economic downturn, a dead economy.

The President is constitutionally right to defer reopening to governors, but he is also right to encourage it soon, not later.  Would this affect Trump’s reelection?  Who cares?  Main mission is saving America – which can only be done reopening our economy, as soon as possible.

Time for critics to think bigger.  Rural and less-hard-hit counties will likely open soon, creating pressure on adjoining counties and states.  Wearing masks may be advisable for some time.  As more medical and economic data comes in, the balance is surely tipping toward reopening – not staying on this tiger.  President Trump is right to accelerate reopening.

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Phil Fetzer
2 years ago

I concluded early on that Fauci was suspect and clearly had no grasp of the consequences he promoted and Trump fell for it. Realistically even if one only sights recent history and the ill health of many Americans there was the knowledge that there would be death. Trump made a non-courageous decision to shut everything down and kill the economy and the country, especially for younger citizens.

Bob L.
2 years ago

Saw a short segment of news yesterday in which the reporter stated that Dr. Fausi spread a false alarm years ago saying hundreds of millions were going to die of swine flu.

Come on people, all you have to do is look at the numbers to see what is happening to America is a fraud with the biggest victim being our freedoms and economy. The longer we are held hostage, the worse will be our plight. It’s a global power grab, pure and simple.

Ever heard of Maurice Strong? Bet you haven’t. He was a Canadian U.N. environmental extremist who resided for a time in Red China and was involved in the U.N.s Agenda 21 – 2030. Here’s what he said in his autobiography: We may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrialized civilization to collapse. Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?” There has been a gradual movement toward global oligarchy by various, coordinating factions for more than 100 years, including within our own political systems. Add to what Maurice Strong said, Rahm Emanuel (you remember him don’t you?) said something like : never let a serious crisis go to waste during which you can get things done you thought you couldn’t otherwise.

The food chain is now being affected by the shutdown of meat processors and fresh produce. You have probably already noticed the shortage of some processed packaged items at stores which is due to the packaging facilities having been geared to bulk packaging quotas to supply food services like schools and restaurants and suddenly that segment evaporated and smaller packaging needs exploded in demand for home use. The energy industry is also on the brink of an oversupply due to under use that will lead to shutdowns from the wells through refining – more job losses and the whipsaw effect of resulting shortages as a result. ALL of which will result in more government “oversight and control” of the economy. In short, the end of free market economics and the institution of Socialist /Communist economics.

I’m seeing people here where I live beginning to quietly return to actual normal, going to local eateries that are letting them in to sit own to dine. Of the people wearing mask, I see all kinds of misuse whether from ignorance or intentionally in sarcasm of the recommendation/requirement.

Turn off the big media and CNN. Watch or go online to One America News (OAN) for true news.

Three Point Paper
2 years ago

Hello One and All,

1. The continuation of the “Shelter In-Place” requirement, is developing into the most detrimental of situations, where the circumstances surrounding the continuation of this course of action, shall “Not” effectively ensure that our country, would ever actually recover economically, emotionally, mentally and or physically!.

2. To go on with the mandated “Shelter In-Place” requirement, shall only “Harm” our nation’s population, almost worse than the Corona Virus could, over the long haul. We as Americans, need to, reestablish ourselves, back into a working America, so that we as Americans, may indeed get back to some semblance of normalcy. Shall there be changes in our future daily endeavors, which the Corona Virus Pandemic had placed in “ALL” of our laps; Why “YES” there shall be changes, which we as Americans will have to learn to “Overcome, Adapt and Improvise” to. These changes are “Not” to be feared, not in the least. We are Americans, we as Americans, “Always” step up to any and all “Challenges” put before us; Especially when things are worst, or that changes have come about, which are not the norm. There is a “New” normal for “ALL” Americans now. With this “New” normal, comes the opportunity, to work with our fellow Americans, and to show the “World At Large”, that we American’s have and are taking this initial after-math of the Corona Virus Pandemic, in stride with what “Americans Have Historically Done”, each and every time, that we Americans have been hit by, (as Toby Kieth had sang in his song), that we Americans had been hit with a Sucker Punch” from somewhere in the back. We are Americans, we suck it up, and we as Americans “Drive On”. When our fellow Americans need help, then we as Americans, “Extend To Our Fellow Americans, OUR HAND UP”. We as Americans do “Not” extend a “Hand Out”; Not to our fellow Americans; “No We Do NOT”.

3. After we as Americans, get out of our homes, and get back into our overall local communities; There is “Much” work which “Must” be done, must get done, as we Americans already know. So let us “All” get back out there in our local communities, let us “All” get back to work, let us “All” pitch in and affect the “Rekindling, and Rebuilding of our “Great Nation from Sea To Shining Sea”. Our America, has “Always Been”, and shall be once again; “The Shining Beacon Of Hope For The World”. Let us as Americans, truly bring back from the brink, Our American, “The Shining Beacon Of Hope For The World At Large”..

Thank you, and have yourselves a goo day / evening..




Three Point Paper
“Semper Fi America, Semper Fi Indeed”

2 years ago

Too many Americans have died for our liberty for us to squander this treasure over a virus. Over a million American soldiers — young, healthy — ran headlong into gunfire, navigated mine fields, dodged bombs, and otherwise gave their lives so Americans can be free. Not a single patriot sacrificed his life, his future, to keep Americans from getting sick.

The government claims it’s protecting us from the virus. With the Constitution in lock down, who’s protecting us from the government?

2 years ago

This is a FLU. They say it’s not, but it is. How have we dealt with bad flu bugs in the past? We let people get sick, develop their own anti-bodies, and the new bug became an old bug. No big deal.
Treating this bug differently should have been limited to protecting the susceptible. Everyone else, including children who are at almost no risk, should have continued their lives. No social distancing, no masks, no closing schools, definitely no universal quarantine.
You can not defeat this by keeping people from getting sick. That is a colossal LIE. Only people becoming immune will defang this illness.

Richard A Olmsted
2 years ago

Off your knees and on your feet!!

2 years ago

Thank You President Trump we need to reopen the economy to get back to normal . I hope you win the election.

Rich J
2 years ago

First of all, we can’t trust China. Second of all, we have to realize that there are the swamp rats in congress that would just as soon keep America shut down as long as possible so they can blame President Trump for the whole mess. Even though anyone with half a brain knows he isn’t responsible and has been a great leader through all of this. We should remember all of the Democrats remarks that directly criticized our president for doing what was necessary to keep the situation from getting worse, that ultimately proved to be right.

2 years ago

If Trump had said no to reopening the economy, Democrats would have raised hell over that too. Maybe he should use child psychology—tell them the opposite of what is needed!

2 years ago

Consolidate all the best data we have and report to the American people.
How long virus lives
How transmitting occurs animals to people, person to person, people to animals. Report of lions in zoo getting the virus. Did they kiss a human?
Reports of existing medications that can work best if treatment starts early. How can folks be able to get the medicine if advised to stay home.
Address all the issues and provide guidelines that common sense individuals can understand and follow.
All the social media and conflicting self serving news media BS is a disservice to the citizens of our nation. It’s a shame that a segment of the political arena want to prolong the shutdown with hopes of pointing a finger and gaining a leg up in our November election. We are smarter then they think.

2 years ago

As of this morning, over 50,000 Americans have lost their lives in this pandemic. Terrible yes, but what about this? In 1957 we lost 100,000 in a pandemic. In 1968 we lost 165,000 Americans in a pandemic. Was everything shut down back then totally ruining peoples lives and the economy as a whole? Answer “no”. Did we survive as a country? Answer “yes”. Sorry, but I feel that the way this country has gone about fighting the pandemic is one big overreaction. Kind of like trying to kill an ant with a shotgun. Not necessary. Throughout history there have been pandemics killing millions upon millions. It’s just the way things are from time to time on this planet. There are no guarantees ever, but life should be lived, not shutdown for months on end. I say open up the economy right now.

Sara Hubertz
2 years ago

End the shut down! Americans want and deserve the dignity of being self supporting!
We want to work! Chinese virus data has been so corrupted by directives by Fausi and friends to catagorize all deaths as covid that it cannot be accurately assessed anyway. The “ cure” is worse than the disease! Poverty kills too! Negative impacts of human isolation, neglect of other health and well being concerns will become more and more evident and prevelant.
I am more fearful of my rights being threatened than the virus.

2 years ago
Reply to  Sara Hubertz

Moses said to Pharaoh “Let my people go” So President Trump and all the Governor’s I say let our people go back to work. We are not little children anymore and we know how to take of ourselves and don’t need big brother to keep telling us to wash our hands and to stay home if we are sick. Throwing money at this that we don’t have is just kicking the can down the road that is a dead-end.
The longer we have this shutdown we will lose more lives and livelihoods than what we have lost from the Coronavirus. More businesses will be lost and a lot will be destroyed and will NEVER come back by having this shutdown.

John L. Hall
2 years ago

Good article

2 years ago

We know that staying shutdown is not possible, we don’t know exactly what this Communist Chinese Engineered Virus will do in the future, but we do know that staying shutdown weakens our country a little more each day. I understand the why of quarantines to slow the spread of disease, but enough already…it worked, we never came close to what hit Italy. It is past time for America to get back to work, take common sense precautions & work overtime to understand this virus. The Democraps starting with N Pislosi along with her Communist/Socialist/Islamist traveling companions that wish to destroy us for their own gain should be tried for Treason. I am so thoroughly disgusted with these “Publicitycians.” I think they deserve the publicity they desperately seek: Publicaly hang them all.

Daniel Bonner Jr.
2 years ago

time to go on the offense. Let’s roll.

2 years ago

I do believe that if small businesses are not allowed to reopen soon, there won’t be any left to open. As our temps in the northern hemisphere warm up, the virus will diminish. That allows for people to return some assembling of a normal life while building a natural immunity to this illness. Come winter, there may well be a recurrence of covid virus, with a much lighter set of consequences.

Bettye F Davis
2 years ago

Thank you, President Trump, for what you are doing.

2 years ago

It’s sad and amazing we can’t get main stream media to publish these types of outlook! The democratic socialist agenda will destroy this country as we know it!

2 years ago

Where is Congtess? They are quick to investigate everything about Trump, why are they passive about this so-called leak? What are the Dems hiding ? We demand an investigation into all that pertains to 100’s of thousands of deaths worldwide and to get to the bottom of who is responsible.

2 years ago

Did you know that in 2001, there was a Canine Coronavirus vaccine made.!!! If it was good for fido, how about humans.!!! Look it up, I saw a photo of a vial of the stuff with the description on it in a facebook message.?!

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