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China’s Brilliant, Insidious Strategy

China President Jinping XiThe Chinese Communist government does not have so much a strategy to translate its economic ascendance into global hegemony as several strategies. All of them are brilliantly insidious.

On matters of trade, China is always flexible in responding to critics of its asymmetrical, 30-year mercantilism. In the initial stages of Westernization, China was exempted from criticism over serial copyright and patent infringement, dumping, and espionage. Western elites assumed that these improprieties were just speed bumps on the eventual Chinese freeway to liberalism. Supposedly the richer China got, the more progressive it would become. Huge trade deficits or military technological appropriation were small prices to pay for an evolving billion-person Palo Alto or Upper West Side.

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Victor Davis Hanson

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Excellent analysis of the issue as usual. Obviously, no main stream media types will invite him on air or offer him a forum from which to further elaborate on the issue for the general education of the public, that even today is largely blind, deaf and dumb to the threat the last three Presidential administrations have created for this country and the world as a whole. To distill it down even further, the essence of China’s so-called brilliant strategy relied solely on the willful ignorance, arrogance and utter stupidity of the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations to not only enter into long-term strategic agreements between our two countries, that overwhelmingly favored the Chinese at the expense of our people and economy, but also that of the rest of the western world. All while getting nothing of substance, in the way of verifiable rules of conduct, accountability and reciprocal trade practices… Read more »


Dr. Hanson’s explanation of our Western head-in-the-sand perspective of Chinese aspirations is frightening. Maybe not for my generation, but certainly for those to come. Finally, President Trump, the first to open the box on dangers held within, is bringing some of these issue to light. We MUST be tough on trade. We MUST rally support from free nations around the globe. We MUST disallow financial transactions, when possible, in order to thwart their efforts to take root in our country, our hemisphere, and ports all around the world. I commented on a recent piece here at AMAC about the US helping Venezuela, and there were scant few, like me, who felt that, on humanitarian grounds alone, “something should be done”. In addition, that China, Russia, and Cuba were inserting their influence in a region desperate for help and seemingly oblivious to the danger of accepting it. Chinese officials monitor ports… Read more »


China regards us as their unpaid R&D lab. We come up with innovative technology, They steal it, undercut us on the price of goods and services using our stolen technology, and then go into endless stall tactics to keep bringing in the money while the legal cases work their endless way through so-called negotiations. Their model is unsustainable for the rest of the world, who are supposed to send all of their money to China. This all derives from the Chinese Communist Party’s terrible fear that they may lose control of China and that the 100+ other nationalities inside China might take back some power from the hated Han Chinese who rule over them. We need to keep pumping free information into China to let their people know just what the Han Chinese Communists are doing to them and the rest of the world. That what Xi Jin Ping and… Read more »

Richard C. Russell

Well stated – President Trump must NOT back down in Trade negotiations with the Chinese on any points.

All Trump supporters must do everything possible to assist Trump in purging the Swampers inside his cabinet and outside in Congress in 2020, for the good of our Country.

Stan d. Upnow

WE made China the powerhouse it is today. It started with Nixon “opening the door.” The irony is that Western capitalism built the Communist nation into a great economic power. Stranger than fiction.


China is America’s greatest external enemy. The greatest enemy of America is the traitorous Leftists and their allies. They want to destroy our country from within.

Bob L.

Red China has been an enemy of all not under Communist control from it’s beginning. Fools in governments that thought and still think they can negotiate and deal with them may as well take up kissing rattle snakes, a hobby far less dangerous. Those “leaders and businessmen” who have played fools to the Reds have done a lot of damage to our national security and economic base.


Yet we continue to let them buy our real estate because they pay with cash, so wrong!


Spot on. I recently left a world renown research hospital that hosted a number of Chinese residents/doctoral candidates. When these Chinese students completed their residency, they left with PC laptops and USB drives that were full of institutional classified research data. So much so that IT had to shut off USB port access to all research PCs and data attachment in the institutional email system. And these measure were only successful in blocking about 50% of the data theft.


Very unfortunate jingoism. Just as Bertrand Russell dreamed, if he could repeat often enough with enough volume and fervor, he could convince young people that snow is black.


I think the author is highly overrating the Chinese. They no longer espouse Marxist, Communist philosophy and their selfish, feeble-minded plagiarism has left them posing as a superior puppet as long as this is allowed.. They are merely being sadistic which defies all diplomatic propriety and exhausts the sense…END OF STORY.. They believe that mental, psychological brow-beating is the key to domination. This is merely sadistic, delusional, sometimes mercenary, mostly miserly and utterly selfish.. As long as we give them credit for what they’re NOT doing then they will appear to be a threat. But when we scrape aside all their affectations, presumptions, vainglory, piracy, espionage we see a culture that has no self-esteem except that imagined by it’s enemies. ALL IS “booty”, pillage, and expropriation. They are mere pirates and do not have the burden of proof for what they do other than the propaganda, or persuasion they can… Read more »