Child Entrepreneur Revitalizes the Bow Tie Business

JedediahMeet my favorite entrepreneur of the month.

His name is Moziah Bridges, he’s eleven years old, and he sat down with my colleague Stuart Varney today to talk about his bow tie business, Mo’s Bows.

Moziah has already earned over $30,000 from selling his bow ties, which range in price from $20 to $50 and are made in Memphis, Tennessee. He started his business in 2011 and told Stuart that the whole thing was his idea. In fact, he chooses all of the fabrics and is completely hands-on in the operation.

This kid is sharp and full of personality, aspires to be a fashion designer, and is already learning how to be a great salesman. He’s not afraid of a tough challenge and his bow ties are pretty awesome.

Bottom line: This country needs more kids like Moziah Bridges, kids who dream big and work hard to make things happen. Imagine that–an 11-year old who couldn’t find any bow ties he liked, so he thought he’d just make them himself. America needs more of that!

Kudos to Moziah’s grandma for teaching him how to sew, his mom for supporting his big goals, and Moziah himself for having plenty of ambition, lots of passion, and a work ethic we can all be proud of.

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Jeff Barstow

The IRS vultures are probably circling around Mo already. There must surely be several stupid regulations the Mo has violated already.

There has to be a way for small entrepreneurs like Mo to get a foothold in business without the federal government closing in to try to shut them down. Starting a business these days requires a post-doc degree in tax law to sort out the myriad stupid regulations that hamper start up enterprises.

We need a lot less government regulations and restrictions in this country to lighten up the load on the Mo’s of the business world and let them gain a foothold in the business world without being targeted by the IRS, OSHA, and EPA as well as others from their state. The rules need to be simplifies so that lemonade stands and other similar enterprises run by 10 year olds can thrive.

Diana Erbio

That’s the spirit! We need more of that “go for it” attitude.


Entrepreneurs should be celebrated. They are the driving force in any free market economy. Very nice tribute by Jedediah Bila to Moziah Bridges.

Carol Jean

watch out Mo, the gov’t has come after kids with lemonade stands. They might just come after you. After all, you’re a business, and smart. Good luck.