Chicago Mayor: We’ll Obstruct Justice to Protect Illegal Aliens From Deportation

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot justice illegal aliens obstructChicago’s mayor has declared war on Immigration and Customs Enforcement and again vowed to hamstring raids to deport illegal aliens who have been ordered to leave the country.

The obstruction of justice Mayor Lori Lightfoot (shown) confessed at a press conference with “immigration advocates” on Wednesday reiterated what she said last month when Trump announced raids that he canceled.

Chicago officially stands for illegal-alien anarchy, and won’t help ICE enforce duly-passed immigration laws.

No Cooperation With ICE
Lightfoot charged ICE with “terrorizing” and “traumatizing” immigrants, and said the city had “taken measures over the past few weeks to ensure the Chicago Police Department will not cooperate with ICE.”

In late June after Trump announced the raids, the Chicago Tribune reported, she “moved quickly … to assure residents that the Chicago Police Department would not give federal immigration agents access to police data or participate in any raids amid news of potential immigration sweeps in Chicago and other major cities.”

Trump canceled the raids, but then rescheduled them to begin on Sunday. Thus did Lightfoot appear at a news conference with subversive open-borders advocates to assure illegal aliens she would not permit Chicago cops to help ICE to deport them.

“They will not team up with ICE to detain any resident. We have also cut off ICE access from any CPD databases and that will remain permanent,” the mayor vowed. “Chicago is and will always be a welcoming city that will never tolerate ICE tearing our families apart.”

Lightfoot, of course, conflated “immigrants” with illegal aliens, a typical leftist scare tactic.

Open-borders advocates don’t think she’s doing enough, the Tribune reported yesterday, and want Lightfoot to sign an executive order to officially block the cops from sharing information with ICE, an inadvertent admission that raids will target illegal-alien criminals in police databases.

“What we are working on is doing everything we can to push back against what the Trump administration is doing,” the mayor said.

Lightfoot, the Tribune reported, believes that “there are very few of us that have been actually naturally born here,” and thinks that Trump “targeted every single community that doesn’t stand for the same values that he has.”

Lightfoot also explained why she wants to subvert the law: “I’m a black lesbian married with a wife and child…. Every demographic that I am and that I care about has been under attack for the last 3½ years.”

Other Agencies
The problem for Sanctuary Chicago is this: Although it might have blocked ICE from access to its databases, other federal agencies such as the FBI still have access and can share what they get with the federal immigration agency.

In June, when the raids were announced and Lightfoot promised to obstruct justice, a spokesman for the cops told the Tribune that ICE can still get what it wants.

“All other federal agencies still have access to these systems,” the spokesman wrote in an e-mail, “as sharing this information is crucial to active criminal investigations in which we are partnering with federal agencies along with intelligence sharing functions that are vital to national homeland security functions.”

Raids Begin Sunday
The raids to begin Sunday will hit 10 cities and target 2,000 illegals who have been ordered to leave the country, the New York Times revealed yesterday.

Many of those targeted are “families” who jumped the border and enjoyed catch and release, but then failed to show for court proceedings to determine their eligibility to stay in the country. Thus, they were ordered removed in absentia.

About 30 percent of so-called families are fakes, DNA testing shows, which might explain why 90 percent of said “families” fail to show for court after immigration authorities release them.

But the administration won’t just have a problem with subversive leftists such as Lightfoot. As the Times noted, once the raids begin and the illegals are detained, leftist open-borders lawyers will immediately file lawsuits to appeal the deportation orders and likely delay removal indefinitely.

If that happens, Trump will have just one choice: ignore the courts and deport the illegals anyway.

As for what the administration faces in terms of numbers, Customs and Border Protection reported this week that border agents apprehended 104,344 illegals in June, a 27.7-percent decrease from the 144,273 that crossed in May, but still more than crossed in March.

The June figure brings the official total of illegals who have jumped the border since October to a little less than 800,000, a figure likely reached after the first few days of July given the rate at which illegals are entering the country.

That figure is nearly 3,500 per day.

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by R. Cort Kirkwood

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andy j hajik

The mayor should be arrested

Dr. Ray Looker

Obstruction of Justice, contempt of Court, accessory to criminal behavior, encouraging sedition and rebellion against the government of the United States.

Joseph M. Loglisci

This is ONE reason why the younger generation has no respect for the law now! This and sheety “role model’s” like kaepernick or rapinhoe , or many others like them! What a great future lies ahead for the next generation!😡


Anyone, no matter their title, should be put in jail if they break the law!

Michael cozzi

Lock her up for obstruction


Why can’t these people who hold office be held in contempt and be removed from office? They clearly are breaking the law.

Jim Zalduondo

It is time for those who love this country and consider themselves real Americans to stand up and vote these miserable communists out of office wherever they are.Vote Trump and keep America great!

Gary Wiggins

Then “we’ll just have to arrest you for Obstruction of Justice” and anyone else who follows this line of thinking. Then I would hope that all Federal funds would be cut off to your city for failing to uphold the laws of this great country!

Joseph Morgan Sr

She needs to be arrested and tried as a traitor and for treason for obstruction of justice (THE LAWS OF THE LAND). This is also why this city is the top of the heap in lawlessness and killings.

T Dee

It is time to start locking up mayors that obstruct justice, in federal prison. AND, ignore liberal judges who violate the Constitution in their opinions.

Donna Hildebrandt

Democrats are so desperate to expand their voting base that they are willing to break the very laws that they enacted! Their hatred of our President has caused them to completely lose their minds! If this problem isn’t resolved, I fear how it will all end!


So now we can choose which laws we want to obey?

Skeptic Al

Time to make examples of government officials who openly aid and abet wanted criminals…


Rest that ugly dark pitch and Thor in jail or deport her read along with them is it’s obvious she’s not an American citizen that she’s willing to break the law and think she can get away with it oh wait a minute she’s in scum land of Illinois in Chicago…

Jean Barnes

He is breaking the law and needs to be arrested and never be allowed in a position of any power.


Okay, cut off any and all federal funds to Chicago and don’t allow any of Chicago residents votes to count in any federal election!


This is a battle for our country. Every day we try to keep sorting it out so we can have a foothold in sanity. We have laws. How is it that certain people decide they don’t have to follow them, and they don’t have any consequence? It is becoming the norm. It feels upside down, inside out and backwards. We don’t have free speech any more, for fear of physical or financial harm. We are watching the few conservatives willing to speak about it, trying to make things right. Are we no longer able to enforce the law? At the very least, this is how it’s being portrayed by the majority of the media, so that millions who haven’t tried to get the facts believe them. They have indoctrinated a huge part of the new generation by way of the schools that property tax payers break their backs to pay.… Read more »

Stephen Russell

OK then FREE MS 13 & other gangs & see crime & murder rise even higher, then see tourism DROP big time
Your call Mayor.
Come on ruin Chicago since NO One cares


If there is any court action to delay deportation, Trump is to ignore that order. They have all had their day in court. That is the end. Otherwise, there is no justice in this country. And that lesbian mayor can go with them.

Trumps #1 Fan

That he/she is breaking the law it swore to uphold! His/her duties are to American citizens first. This manly looking kyke belongs in prison or deported to a country where they hate the gays to show it what it’s really like around the rest of this world.