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Cheer Up: Liberal Majorities Rarely Last Long

LiberalI’m old enough to remember 2008, when Barack Obama’s election and Democratic Congressional supermajorities supposedly signaled the dawn of a new and permanent liberal governance.

Heck, I’m old enough to remember 1992, when Bill Clinton’s victory supposedly passed the proverbial torch from a more conservative Greatest Generation of World War II veterans like George H.W. Bush to a new enduring governance by “pragmatic” liberals like Clinton.

And while I’m assuredly not old enough to remember conservative Barry Goldwater’s 1964 landslide loss to Lyndon Johnson, I have it on good authority from my mother that the future looked equally grim for conservatives then.

The upshot for anyone dejected by the latest electoral cycle, confirmed with each liberal electoral victory, is that their majorities almost invariably prove fleeting.

In Obama’s case, the reversal was so profound that when his presidency ended in 2016 even The Washington Post featured the headline “Barack Obama’s Presidency Has Been a Very Good Thing for Republicans.”

Consider that less than one year into Obama’s term, he triggered such an electoral backlash that Republican Scott Brown captured the late “Liberal Lion” Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in deep-blue Massachusetts.  Less than a year after that, Republicans captured the House of Representatives in the first midterm of Obama’s presidency.

As the 2016 Post story grudgingly acknowledged, liberal losses extended far further:

Republicans have their largest House majority since World War II, having retaken the majority in the 2010 election.  They hold a four-seat majority in the Senate, having seized control of the world’s greatest deliberative body in the 2014 midterms.  At the state level, Republicans have 31 governorships – almost two-thirds of all the governors’ mansions in the country.  Republicans are even more dominant at the state legislative level;  the GOP holds total control over 30 of the 50 states’ legislatures and has partial control in another eight states – meaning that more than three-quarters of the country’s state legislatures are controlled by the GOP.  

Additionally, a Gallup survey in 2016 found that for the first time since it began measuring party affiliation across America, “red” states outnumbered “blue” states.  Perhaps most devastatingly, Gallup noted that, “It also marks a dramatic shift since 2008, when Democratic strength nationally was at its greatest in recent decades.”  In 2008, 35 states qualified as “solidly” or “leaning” Democratic by Gallup’s measure, with just 5 either solidly or leaning Republican and 10 deemed “competitive.”  By the end of Obama’s tenure, however, 20 states were either solidly or leaning Republican, only 14 were solidly or leaning Democratic and 16 rated competitive.

Accordingly, Democrats plummeted under Obama from a 30-state lead to a 6-state deficit in terms of party affiliation.  Some “permanent” liberal governance.

For particularly humorous perspective, recall that in 2009, Democratic strategist James Carville published a book presciently entitled “40 More Years:  How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation.”

Well, almost.

Clinton’s 1992 victory remains similarly instructive.

Despite the puzzling myth of his deep popularity, Clinton’s performance in his first two years proved so disastrous that Republicans won both houses of Congress for the first time since Dwight Eisenhower’s first term in 1954.  It was only afterward that Clinton acknowledged that “the era of big government is over,” and conservative legislation like welfare reform halted the liberal advance to preserve a prosperous 1990s that we now recall for the final three-quarters of his tenure.

So like Obama, Clinton didn’t even enjoy a liberal stranglehold beyond his first midterm.  In contrast, it’s worth noting, the supposedly disastrous George W. Bush became the first president to gain Congressional seats in his first midterm since the 1920s, so losses of the magnitude of Clinton or Obama aren’t inevitable.

As for the Goldwater/Johnson landslide of 1964, the longshot California candidacy of actor Ronald Reagan captured California two short years later, and Republicans won 5 of the next 6 presidential elections.

In comparison, Democrats’ electoral margin this year is almost nonexistent.  The Senate will be split 50-50, meaning that Vice President Kamala Harris will be so busy breaking tie votes that the American public will be spared her ear-splitting cackle in fawning media interviews.  Meanwhile, Republicans actually gained at the state level, and Nancy Pelosi’s House margin was tightened to the narrowest level since the 1940s.

So let’s keep this election cycle in proper perspective.  Even comfortable majorities for Presidents Johnson, Clinton and Obama proved evanescent in 1964, 1992 and 2008, respectively.  By that measure, liberals’ comparatively microscopic margins today don’t look promising at all.

Reprinted with Permission from - Center For Individual Freedom by - Timothy E. Lee

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2 months ago


3 months ago

THIS majority is like nothing else in American history. They will do the maximum amount of destruction to our country in the least amount of time to seal the socialist deal. People, this is no longer a level playing field. As the socialists steal elections and continue to give out “freebies” the mentally challenged will continue to vote these anti-Americans into office. This is a very dark and unfriendly time in America.

Doug Willford
3 months ago

I am again disappointed in your editorial choices! Is this author from the NYTimes?

JohnD Yeager
3 months ago

Two thoughts. One, what if the democratic party, as has been eluded to, make Puerto Rico and D. C. states and eliminate the electoral college? And second, we need to get control of the voter fraud, or else they will steal future elections.

Wanda S Townsend
3 months ago

May God Almighty help us all!!

Lawrence Greenberg
3 months ago

“Cheer Up: Liberal Majorities Rarely Last Long”
I am sorry, but I must vehemently disagree. This country is finished because as soon as the Democrats take control of all the levers of power as well as The Department of Justice, they are going to ensure that the system is rigged so they never again lose an election. Welcome to the one-party dictatorship.

3 months ago

Not quite sure how you can say their victory is “fleeting,” when they are going to secure their control into the future this time by granting 30 million illegal aliens amnesty, so they instantly become voters,eliminating the filibuster so their legislation cannot be stopped, making D.C. and Puerto Rico states so they have four more Democrat senators, and creating more seats on the SCOTUS so they have a permanent majority on the court? Doesn’t sound so, “fleeting,” to me. Sounds like permanence.

Mike Brown
3 months ago

This article is exactly why I’m not renewing my membership your rolling over like a whipped dog. We’ll never get control back and socialism will sweep this nation.

3 months ago

Let’s do not give up into defeat so easily. Our Country needs all of us to speak out. Millions of us do not believed the results of this election. Unfortunate; we have the Media, the big Corporations, leftist party, the Lincoln Project (Republicans that hate our President) and outside money(China) that supported the Democratic party to make it easy to commit fraud. Yes they had got away with corrupt tactics practicing “plausible deniability” according to Biden’s family; they have been practicing “plausible deniability” for decades to get away from…. whatever they do.
Biden was talking the other day about “morals” something that Biden has no idea what it is.
After the terrible display and fatal outcome at The Capitol last Wednesday we all feel sad about it, but for the Media, celebs, corporations, soo called elites, leftist party, globalist… well, I could continue with a list but I think you get the point. I question; where were they all last year when our cities, court houses, small business, our police. etc, etc…were vandalized, burned and destroyed. Our Police were spit in their faces, some injured and died, some others were ambush and killed by the leftist mobs. Where was Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, AOC, and other high paid Representatives and Senators speaking out against that violence; well, If you have time to check back into MSMNBC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc, etc. you will find out that they were celebrating and excusing that mob behavior. Kamala and other representatives were actively raising money to support that conduct. Maxine Watters and others., since President Trump came into politics; Maxine has been on the streets fomenting disruption and chaos. Many of Trump supporters were attacked and injured, some have died. The media does not talk about it because they are Trump supporters so, they do not count. So they think. Now, the left in going to teach us about “high morals” give me a break! they have none. The “Big head” of the House of Representatives said something very peculiar when a reporter ask her about the mobs that were destroying statues on the streets, she said “people do what they do” well Nancy if you justify the mob behavior of the left. Why your mob and you now are traying to impeach my President again. Your double standard and crookery behavior makes you a weak leader. But I digress; you are the Quin of the mob and is how you get away with it. Your mob do the funny business for you to stay a float.

3 months ago

I Enjoy Reading My Daily Amac!!!

Tammy PB
3 months ago

You overlook the fact that they know they lost many seats so will act to ensure they never lose another election. Goodbye electoral college. What we are witnessing is the fall of America to the Communist Party, as that is who is financing all of this. Wall St, big tech, liberals all in bed with China, just like Biden. Your optimism is underestimating the Left, just like Trump did with the election.

3 months ago

Their reigns may be ‘fleeting’, but their policies are now quite enduring.

3 months ago

Get the children OUT of public schools–where they’re training sheep–who expect to be fed for free, you know, by all of us “rich people,” and vote only for who promises the most treats.

3 months ago

(Author Timothy E. Lee, how old are you?? I thought so… ;^) )
Put me down for “pessimism.”
If the left learned anything from this election, it’s the need–no absolute requirement–to ensure that no future cheats are close, or detectable. On every other topic but voting integrity, they mindlessly cackle on about the necessity to avoid even the appearance of impropriety and proceed to use it as a crowbar to create openings for their activism. When it comes to the one process in a democratic society where it should be impossible to cheat, what do we hear from them? “Blahblah can’t happen…no evidence…nothing to see here…these are not the drones you’re looking for…you have been assimilated…”
Let’s face the facts: public schools have succeeded in creating the nation of sheep intended. Far from “heroes”–who earn full retirement after a mere 20 years, just as members of the police and armed forces–PS teachers are govt-paid indoctrinators.

I love Jacqueline Swett’s suggestion below: start a new party. The People’s Party (exc. that it sounds eerily communist; maybe The Thomas Paine or Samuel Adams Party would strike the right angry tone).

Last edited 3 months ago by Davink
Rita M Conrad
3 months ago

I agree with most of the musings here, but want to say things are a lot different today. Social media, mainstream media, the internet, and artificial intelligence has a grip on Americans’ lives, thoughts, and (apparently) our elections outcomes. Conservatives are being shut away. The voting machines are not only corrupted, they are widely owned and operated by people who sit in high places across the nation. The only options we have now is to defeat Apathy, to join together in peacefully taking back our government to make it smaller and more efficient/fair.

3 months ago

I pray to God that your are correct. The massive Censorship by Big Tech (actually Big Brother) is cause for real concern. This is one of the main tactics utilized by Nazi Germany. We are witnessing the slow death of the “frog in the boiling water” tale, if we don’t wake up. With the Democrats controlling all 3 branches of Govt. what’s to stop them from doing what they please and voiding the many Rights granted under our Constitution? Answer-Nothing! I often think of the famous quote by Thomas Jefferson-“When Tyranny becomes Law, Rebellion becomes Duty”.

Last edited 3 months ago by jonjonzz
David P Nelson
3 months ago

Very interesting. But, as it stands, a Conservative future looks quite bleak. I hope this is able to be repaired quickly.

heil biden
3 months ago

Welcome to the new and improved third reich Starring Nancy Hemmler Chuck Gerbles and the main stream pos media fasten your seat belts you getting ready to see a comedy act

Brian Reed
3 months ago

In my lifetime, the Democrats were testing the waters with Watergate to see if the Republicans would back down without a real fight. We did; which emboldened them to continue testing the waters to see what they can get away with. I am disappointed that our Republican ‘leadership’ continues to give them an upper hand and refused to hold the Democratic criminals and traitors accountable. Why do we keep giving ground?

3 months ago

I want to believe this article. It sounds full of hope, However, this is what I fear: joe/kamel will permit a flood of illegal immigrants to pour in via our southern border. The wall has not been completed. Joe may even tear down more of the wall. Then, they will be given voting rights — a permanent voting block. joe/kamel also want health care for all. This means RATIONED care for all. I read somewhere that Ezekiel Emanuel (Rahm Emanuel’s brother) will be appointed in some capacity in the joe/kamel takeover — possibly as an advisor for healthcare policies. This individual is a truly evil medical doctor. Ezekiel Emanuel advocates that persons over 75 years old cannot even buy health care. In his point of view, these seniors have lived out their useful lives and now they need to let nature take its course. The only thing available to those over 75 would be palliative care. Ezekiel Emanuel should not be in any position where health care decisions are being made. He believes that the right to die is the duty to die for those over 75. Of course, none of this applies to those seniors in the highest levels of power –they will still have access to healthcare despite the rules for everyone else. Denial of healthcare is a powerful means of control.

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