The AMAC Chapters

Now in the process of being organized in each Congressional District, AMAC Chapters are political advocacy groups that will learn to effectively communicate with their Congressman and strengthen our influence where it counts the most – in their Congressman’s local home district.

Chapter members will meet on a monthly basis to be educated on pressing legislation and issues that impact our constitution and conservative values.  They will form action groups focused on issues supported by AMAC.  The key to success will be when Chapters deliver a unified message to their congressmen at the local congressional offices to garner support for key legislation and issues of importance.

The AMAC Army 

As part of the AMAC Chapter, the Army members (called First Responders) will be more vocal in presenting our conservative views to elected representatives and the public.

Members of the Army may attend rallies and local congressional meetings to show support for our traditional values in a courteous, respectful and civil manner. By example, they will show the media the proper way patriotic Americans exercise our right of free speech.  We’ll also try to have fun while doing our patriotic duty!

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