Chameleon Messaging

By Diana Erbio –

The progressives are now revealing more of their true belief system, which is that Big Government is best. Big Government knows how to equalize things. Somehow a new American Dream has emerged, and that dream is that we all must live at the same level. That was the unspoken change that President Obama hoped for.

During the 2008 Obama Campaign, Barack Obama floated a vague message of “Hope and Change”. The meaning of hope and change was purposely left to the individual. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so was the “Hope and Change” he spoke of.  It worked and enough people were mesmerized and voted for the hope and change they imagined

All the while the Progressive march to change has been like a chameleon, changing itself as it marches on. Leaving a trail of taxpayer funded goodies has been helpful in picking up support along the way to the final destination –  an all-encompassing nanny state.

From 2009 through today government is growing. It started with the $Trillion stimulus bill, followed by the “Affordable Healthcare Act” coupled with thousands of burdensome regulations on businesses and individuals. Thresholds to receiving government assistance have been lowered and the printing presses continue to roll at the FED devaluing the dollars we do have.

Now the chameleons of the left are bombarding us with a new hue of vague messaging which blames the sequester for anything that is not working well.  Flight delays?  – the Sequester. Over-crowded prisons?  –  the Sequester.  Decline in Troop readiness?  –  the Sequester.  Higher gas prices? – the Sequester. Haven’t found a job?  – the Sequester. You get the picture.

The American people must stop buying into these chameleon type campaigns. Look how 2008’s message of “Hope and Change” turned into a campaign of “Fear and Envy” in 2012.

We all know a $16.6 Trillion national debt is unsustainable. We all can realize that the Sequester is only a miniscule cut in the rate of increasing government spending. The sequester cuts are like saying you need to lose weight, so you will not gain 10 lbs next year as you did this year. Instead you will only gain 8 lbs. That means you lost 2 lbs right?

That is how the chameleon grows, protecting itself by changing its tone while increasing in size all the while. The old look of “Hope and Change” has been replaced with  “Fear and Envy”. The successful are demonized and the old  talk about there being no red-state America and no blues-state America has disappeared. That is the deception of the chameleon. We are left with an America we do not recognize. The Sequester messaging is chameleon-like as was the “Hope and Change” messaging. Just as “Hope and Change” would fix everything, the Sequester will be blamed for everything. We must not continue to fall for these chameleon messages and look carefully at details so we will not be continually deceived.

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I think the notion that progressives want equality is a lie and it is one that conservatives need to get out of their thoughts. The progressives want to win and have all the money and they use fluffy vernacular to achieve this goal. Look at what has happened with the public unions throughout the country. In general the public unions make 2 -5 times what the taxpayers that pay them do. They are winning. Unless their salaries and benefits can be cut back this will collapse. I am not suggesting teachers make minimum wage but here is a fact for all; most teachers contibute less than 250K to retirement via paycheck deductions. Within four years of retirment, they have already had that money paid back. Tell me, does any one in the private sector get that king of ROI on their investments? It is essentially a financially risk free life… Read more »

Pete from St Pete

As the great Milton Friedman said, I just want to be free to make my own choices on my lifestyle and consumer choices without ridiculous rules being imposed on me by do gooder politicians. Capitalism works because we each act in our perceived self interest so long as we do not cause injury to others. Not an unfettered Darwinian free for all where the strong crush the weak with impunity, but where people are limited by a moral structure such as laid out in Judeo-Christian ethics. Laws are necessary to punish transgressions such as theft, assault, murder, etc., but not to limit the size of a soft drink you can buy or whether you are willing to work for less than a stated hourly rate of pay. Our current government and President seem to have no conscience about directing the rest of us on how we must live. I despair… Read more »


Reality tell us nothing lasts forever. I have no doubt that every person who was living in a society on the way down could never imagine that the demise would happen in their lifetime. We have the opportunity to be perhaps the 1st great nation to accept that fact and fix our country to a model that has always worked, from a model that has never worked. We have a city in our country Detroit that IS the model of what will happen. 50-60 years ago Detroit was a thriving vibrant city and the 4th largest in the USA. Then along came a liberal Democrat mayor Jerome Cavanaugh who started the model city program, the UAW keep raising the stakes and almost killed the US auto industry and on and on. NOW – about 700,000 people are all that’s left in the city. The HS graduation rate is 25%, the… Read more »


The American Dream was and is to be able to work to better oneself, not to be standing around with your hand out asking for BIG BROTHER to give you everything. Nothing has any value if you don’t earn (work for) it. Years ago when when a married couple had a child, the first words they would hear from it were either MaMa or DaDa. Today the first words out of kids mouths are “I WANT or GIVE ME.” Whatever happened to working around the house for an allowance? Everything is given to these kids and so they have no sense of value. I could go on but I think you get the idea.


Just today MSNBC told us that the American Middle Class is disappearing, outnumbered by the “have nots.” Heck, I could have told them that years ago. Romney tried to set the record straight, but was hooted down by all those folks looking for a handout from their Savior, Barak.

John R in Birmingham

If you want to know what the Dems want, simply listen to what they say they are Not doing. In the deep south we are known for calling it “like it is.” The Obama vision is for Marxism through deceit. Keeping power, distoring the truth, and trying to destroy conservatism is part of the mission.

Thom R

FOTH – Liberalism is in fact a mental disorder (clinically proven).
Socialism fails – because it diminishes the intrinsic value of the
individual as a creation of an Omnipotent Creator, created by
the way in His image, not yours.
OK now go ahead and regurgetate the socialist kool-aid.

Diane Carlin

If President Obama and his Senate/Congress are so hell bent on socialism why don’t they start by disributing their own wealth? And then add all those Hollywood egotists to the mix. Let us tell Michele Obama to stop jetting around the county on OUR MONEY!
While I am certainly open to helping those who really need help, I’ll be dammed if I am going to distribut, to anyone but our children, what I am my husband have worked our entire lives for. I grew up poor and worked hard for what we have acquired, trust me, it can be done and I truely appreciate what we have.
I agree with PaulE. far too many Americans lack the knowledge useful to understand what is happening to this country.

Howard R. Wolf

I never thought some fifty years ago that I would say what I’m about to say here. But I have come to the conclusion that a majority of liberals don’t love this country. I believe that this present president personifies a deep and abiding hatred and loathing of the United States of America. As the great conservative American thinker Mark Levin points out, one cannot love the constitution and big government too, as the constitution operates to constrain and limit government.

This president has begun his demolition of the constitution by attacking the first and second amendments. God forgive us if we allow him to succeed.


I’ve been saying this for years. This country will end up in another Civil War where millions will die. The only way to prevent this is to divide the country in two. Each person will have a choice which side he or she wants to go and once you make that decision, you cannot change your mind. If you pretend to be a conservative and are actually a liberal and cause problems, you can be removed to the liberal side. Each country can have a separate name, laws, president, education system, money system, taxes, etc. We already know what each side wants. The liberals want a cradle to grave nanny state where all make the same amount of money. There would be no successful people, but also, no losers.Everyone would throw their money into one giant pot where all would divide it equally.Drugs would be OK, but no smoking cigarettes.… Read more »


PaulE—you are right that socialism has failed everywhere. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be made to work in America. No other nation where socialism has been implemented has had the wealth that America has. In point of fact most—no all–examples of Socialism in practice have been something much less that the true ideal of socialism as Karl Marx envisioned it to be. The subject nations were too poverty stricken to achieve that ideal. But America is different. We have the wealth to support the full implementation of the social programs that will provide the benefits which only socialism can provide. Not the least among those benefits could be the eradication of poverty and hunger—the driving forces behind conflict and war. The problem is that the wealth is not fairly distributed and the difficultly in achieving the socially equitable re-distribution is that the founders of the American government, in their… Read more »


You could simplify the discussion for AMAC members, if you simply discarded the term Progressives and called them what they really are. They are Socialists pure and simple. The term Progressive was created to mask what they really stood for long ago, when people either saw first-hand or read about the atrocities associated with Socialism. If you look at what Socialism at its roots stands for, it is for government run, government controlled everything. The government is the center of the universe in socialism and the citizens exist merely to serve the state, which determines virtually everything. Socialism has always resulted in economic and human misery wherever it has been tried. It never ends well. We now have a President and many members of his cabinet and Congress that openly claim to be Progressives. That means they are Socialists. But due to the fact that so few Americans understand what… Read more »