More CEOs Jump on the Liberal Brand Wagon

Liberal Brand WagonDan Weber, the founder of the Association of Mature American Citizens, issued the following statement regarding this story;

“It is important for us to know which companies share our values and which companies wish to fundamentally change our way of life.

Unfortunately, I recently obtained a mortgage from Wells Fargo but after becoming aware of who they support I will avoid doing business with them in the future.”

Most people don’t put “politics” on their shopping list — but it’s what a growing number of companies are selling. These days, what’s lining store shelves is only part of the story in corporate America, where CEOs seem more preoccupied with pushing their brand of morals than merchandise. Fans got a taste of the shift last Sunday, when the second biggest story from the Super Bowl was the liberal slant to many ads. With commercials that cost a 100 thousand dollars a second, brands like Coca-Cola, Google, Airbnb and others surprised everyone by spending the single biggest marketing moment of the year on their politics — not products.

And according to one survey, it’s starting to affect how people view them. “In such divided times, as companies scurry to figure out if and how to respond to the issues and commentary of the new administration, we find that corporate reputation perceptions can be just as polarizing,” said Wendy Salomon, vice president at The Harris Poll. “Companies that have taken very public stands for their beliefs are rewarded by consumers of similar or liberal views, but there is also clear risk among those who feel otherwise.”

Every year, Salomon’s organization polls Americans about the reputation of 100 of the most visible brands in the U.S. What they’re discovering now is that this ideology-over-items approach is hugely impacting the image of American businesses. How outspoken these companies are on cultural issues is having a seismic influence on what shoppers think of them. That would certainly explain why Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby have a significantly better reputation with Republicans than Democrats. The two companies, whose CEOs have been out front on the marriage and religious liberty debates at various times over the years, have a 17-point edge with conservatives over liberals.

The opposite is true of Target, where the gender-free bathroom debate kicked off a devastating 1.5 million-person boycott. Not surprisingly, Democrats give the retailer a rating 11 points higher than Republicans. Interestingly enough, though, conservatives still have the edge in enthusiasm by six percent — which companies ignore at their peril. (Just ask Target shareholders.) “Values play a bigger role than ever before in corporate reputation, and the business significance of a company’s reputation has never been higher,” said The Harris Poll’s Mark Penn. “Consumers are keenly invested in how companies engage in the world, and that includes corporate ideals. As the red versus blue duel of politics impacts corporate reputation, we expect to see more alignment along party beliefs.” That comes with its own risks, 2nd Vote Executive Director Lance Wray warns.

“It’s not surprising that Wells Fargo and Bank of America are at the very bottom of the reputation ratings considering their abysmal records on advancing the liberal agenda. The fact that both of these companies directly fund Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign reflect an internal corporate culture mired in creating a platform for liberal advocacy rather than developing sound public relations. And not just on these two issues, but all of them from top to bottom, in terms of liberal advocacy they are essentially the biggest players.

Furthermore, the reputations of Target and Starbucks clearly suffer from their polarizing policies. If not for leadership that feels obligated to use their position as a platform to browbeat the public on matters of ‘inclusivity’ and ‘acceptance’ without regard to the safety concerns, common sense and the values of many of their customers, there is no question that their ranking would be in the top 10 rather than the bottom half. This study makes it even more clear that companies should focus on all their customers and shareholders, rather than entering the political fray.”

Unfortunately, out of desperation or pressure — or both — some businesses are still trying to woo customers with political correctness. Most of them (like Kellogg’s, Grubhub, Lands’ End, and Starbucks) find out the hard way that it doesn’t work. At the end of the day, Americans respect — and reward — companies that stay neutral in the culture war. And thanks to organizations like 2nd Vote, it’s a lot easier to know which companies those are. With apps like theirs, you can make sure your dollars aren’t lining the pockets of businesses that will only use the money to mock your morals. Anymore, you’re not just buying coffee or shampoo — you’re buying into a company’s beliefs. So make sure you know where your favorite brands stand. And don’t just voice your values — shop them!

from – FRC.org – by Tony Perkins

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Paul Adcock
4 years ago

I have a list. Though I have backups of most of it, I put it into Conservapedia as they have a history thing that keeps track of previous versions (so we can roll back anything liberals try and do to it.)


Now this is the BIG list of loads and loads of issues.

5 years ago

As long as we are assembling a list, how about adding the NFL???
I just finished my third season without pro football, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Good riddance!!
Also, there is an app titled Buy Partisan. Check it out!

Joanne Davis
5 years ago

Retailers need to be “A-Political”. Middle America won the election to #MAGA! Stupid is as Stupid does to alienate more than half the Country – most of whom have most of the $ to spend. I am speaking with my wallet and boycotting all of these stores. I am fed up with the “leftist agenda of rioting, destroying education, divisiveness, hate, open borders, illegal voting, Taxing/Spending USA into oblivion and the #CorruptMSM! Our Country is at a Crossroads and it is time to take our Country back, shrink government drastically, build the wall, defund sanctuary cities/colleges, etc. Congress needs to pass new laws “on de-funding sanctuary cities/colleges, allowing for elected officials to be sued, etc”…. This is AMERICA – we have borders and laws!

Joseph Pietanza
5 years ago

Please post the list

5 years ago

Just bookmarked 2nd Vote website to read later, thanks! How can we avoid using Google as a search engine (if I am calling it right thing, not real knowledgeable on this)? I boycotted Target several years ago about not using “Christmas” in their advertising..canceled credit card through them also..haven’t shopped there for years. My granddaughter is always asking me to go to Starbucks and I refuse her and explain why.

5 years ago

My husband and I’ve been doing a personal ‘boycott’ of all stores that we know which are supporting a left wing agenda. I contacted Macy’s today to cancel an online acct since they pulled Ivanka Trumps’ clothing line, as did TJ Max and Marshalls. We are not shopping at Targets, either. We drastically reduced online purchases at Amazon due to their Owner/CEO supporting Obama and trashing Trump. This one breaks my heart but a principle is a principle!

Bill Paolercio
5 years ago

He who controls the gold controls the world. BOYCOTT-BOYCOTT-BOYCOTT. Bring them to their knees. They need us more than we need them !!! *******HOLLYWOOD INCLUDED*****

5 years ago

I enjoyed this article very much and plan on downloading the 2nd Vote application you mentioned. I began conscience voting way back in the 1980’s and have continued to do so even when it would have been cheaper to shop with some of the liberal, left leaning companies. Thank you for a refresher course.

A. Leone
5 years ago

Thank you for pointing out that both Wells Fargo and B of A support planned parenthood. I closed all my accts with Wells Fargo and now B of A is next. Perhaps when those entertainers and corporations who support the liberal agenda and spew their canned rhetoric on the general public face boycott they’ll get the message. Thank you Dale for your admonition to us to financially impact those who disregard those of us who value God, Country and the American way.

5 years ago

This article was GREAT, and an eye opener; but not very surprising! Thank GOD, more and more Americans are waking up and finally taking notice as to what’s really happening in our beloved country. I would really like to see that list and use it as a reminder reference when making financial choices, etc. It’s so much more important than ever before, to use our critical thinking and brain that God gave each of us. What’s key to always remember when it comes to Liberals is, they base their decisions on “EMOTIONS”….We Conservatives base our decisions on “FACTS”….imagine that….we actually use our brain when making our decisions. For that reason, we are called RACISTS, COMMUNISTS, ETC……The list goes on and on. Liberals have no facts to defend ANY of their ridiculous arguments! AND THAT’S A FACT!

5 years ago

– – – and I thought it was only Nordstroms.

5 years ago

Interesting. Thanks for the wakeup call. And I thought it was only Nordstroms!

jean Potts
5 years ago

Marshalls and TJMAXX seem to want to get political too… What is their agenda… The number to call THEM is 1 888 627 7425 and tell them to stop.! (re: Ivanka Trump’s merchandise.. Not promoting, moving into the fray of merchandize so it is not visible — lest it hurts someone’s feelings…. ENOUGH.. Call them!!

Dave A
5 years ago

This is an important article as the libs know their supporters and buy from them while most of us are working or retired and going about our business and not paying as close attention. However Target and Starbucks have heard from us. We must keep it up.

Jim Cooper
5 years ago

Great article. Keep them coming please ??????

Richard Hanyok
5 years ago

Please add me to your list as well. Thank you.

Bob Ribeiro
5 years ago

I’ve held a Nordstrom credit card for 40 years…until last week. I canceled mine, cut it up and mailed it back to Blake Nordstrom. We also sold our small stock holding in the company.

People that run publicly traded companies need to understand that their opinions hurt the value and in-turn the stock holders. That is WRONG. Keep you opinions to yourself.

Philip Nagata
5 years ago

History, indeed, does repeat itself. The divide today is no different than the divide about slavery in Abraham Lincoln’s days, which preceded the civil war!!!!

5 years ago

We need to Boycott these companies once and for all, and hurt them in there pockets. we also need new companies to come into play , in place of these mentally twisted psychotic run operations from there lunatic CEO’S.

5 years ago

Similar thing happening in organizations like certain churches PC (USA) & Boy Scouts of America. Would be good to write an article about these as well. I have lots of info/examples but won’t dwell on it here. These once fairly conservative organizations also have turned more liberal due to leadership.

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