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CEO Rebecca Weber Urges All AMAC Members to Vote on November 3

voteDear AMAC Members,

It is so very important that we all vote in the upcoming election for the sake of our nation’s future. I ask you to urge your family members and friends to vote on November 3 – there has never been a greater contrast between the Republican and Democrat president and vice president candidate teams.

Our choice in the voting booth is either:

  • Preserving, protecting, and strengthening our country and defending our Constitution and your rights as secured in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights; or
  • Bowing to the leftists’ plans to use a Biden–Harris presidency to shift power, control, and intervention into your daily lives to the federal government.

As I discussed in my “Letter from the Editor” in our recent AMAC Magazine issue “The Showdown,” please remember that the political push for increased government control can inherently only have negative consequences, as we saw in the Obama–Biden administration, when hundreds of thousands of American manufacturing jobs were lost and our dependence upon imports, particularly from Communist China, only increased. Remember, too, that under the Obama–Biden administration, unvetted and illegal immigration increased, opening the door for crimes involving child trafficking, terrorism, gang warfare, and illegal drug trafficking. Obama and Biden also attempted to undermine the greatest medical care system in the world with the then Democrat-controlled Congress, enacting the “unaffordable healthcare” legislation known as “Obamacare.”

By contrast, our national economic recovery from the terrible impact of the global COVID-19 virus, spawned in Communist China, is well underway, thanks to the leadership of the President and his administration in leading the largest national mobilization since the onset of WWII. Therapeutic medications and vaccines are being developed at a historic speed, and hospitals and other healthcare facilities have been fully supplied as a result of the President’s leadership.

In sum, the Biden–Harris ticket promises greater societal division and strife among Americans, higher taxes, more regulation to increasing the national debt, and the redistribution of America’s wealth – all blockades to America’s rebounding growth and success. Moreover, Biden’s apparent support for the “Russian dossier” hoax and its intended use to remove President Trump from office reflects an unseemly general, partisan-based disrespect for the Constitution and the will of the American people. This, coupled with his now apparently indisputable involvement with his son Hunter in selling “special access” to foreign interests allied with their respective governments, bespeaks only of a mindset in which corrupt behavior is acceptable, not criminal.

We at AMAC strongly urge you, your family, and friends to vote on November 3. America needs you!

May God bless you, and may God bless America!

Rebecca Weber,

Chief Executive Officer

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7 months ago

Please do vote on Nov. 3rd , But only vote if you plan on voting for President Donald J.Trump and Republican’s !
That will make and keep America great again !
God Bless President Donald J.Trump !
God Bless America !
God Bless the NRA !
Save America, Vote Republican !

7 months ago

I will vote on November 3 for a straight Republican ticket.
If the polls say Biden will win, I will still go.
If the polls say Trump will win, I will still go.
If it rains or snows, I will be there.
If my truck isn’t running, I will walk there.

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