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Celebrate Life, Not Planned Parenthood

DanPictureTLC20062-768x1024By – Dan Weber

As the United States House and Senate try to defund Planned Parenthood, one of the most ardent promoters of human abortion and apparently (based on recent videos) the reselling of baby parts fresh from the womb, many Americans recoil in disgust. They wonder how we have drifted so far from our nation’s moral roots, from sensibilities of our parents and grandparents, never mind the Founders. They wonder aloud and among ourselves, how did we get here? More: How do we return to a sense of proportion, mutual respect for young life, common purpose in love of humanity? How do we reset the discussion, restore to ourselves as individuals and a nation the warm heart, common appreciation for the gift of life?

Perhaps it is too much to ask. Perhaps we have lost our self-awareness permanently, and there is no way out of the moral thicket into which we have waded. Surely the congressional debate ahead will be a pitched, ugly battle. Win, lose or draw, personal allegations and recriminations will fly, with anti-everyone rhetoric on full display. Still, I wonder if there is not a better way.

If Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court opinion that legalized abortion with complexity and contortion, set our nation on this course, maybe this moment offers the chance again to reevaluate who we are, what we expect of ourselves, individually and as a nation. Perhaps this congressional debate, and the public debate behind it, offers the chance for uncharacteristic introspection. After all, history is never final.

I am reminded of the sentiments that Ronald Reagan once expressed, his love of life, and thus his distress at its loss. Since 1973, more than 58,000,000 children have been aborted, yet even at the outset of this new direction for the nation, Ronald Reagan never attacked those who had made this choice. His was not the prerogative to judge them, and he knew it. Instead, he appealed to our higher angels, and theirs. He noted that only God knows when life begins; we do not. He did not. No Republican does. No Democrat does. He then noted that, because we do not know this deep and timeless truth, we must be cautious; the stakes are after all very high. If we err, and since we are human we have this capacity, we may commit a grave, almost incomprehensible offense. That is why we must err on the side of preserving a human life, not destroying it.

Sounds so simple, and of course life is complex, overlaid with stresses and distractions, counter-veiling practical and financial arguments, many ways to justify dismissing his assessment that the decision is grave, the facts unknowable, the consequences of error grave for a soul and a nation. Yet he was right.

We are morally accountable for who we are. This is why many older Americans, and now many younger Americans, are reexamining this issue. The Planned Parenthood atrocities – and what else can we call them when “intact” babies are pulled from a womb, then die and are sold? – are causing reflection.

The consequences of knowingly choosing to consent or concede the day, and then looking away, are as Reagan reminded us, profound. And profoundly disturbing. So, individually and as a nation, we must not look away. Yet we must know how to forgive and to understand, to explain and recast the discussion as one that helps and lifts those in need, not one that suppresses the truth or lightens its weight by inspiring coldness toward life.

That is why two outcomes are hoped for and are both possible. They should be aggressively pursued at this time, in the present debate over Planned Parenthood. First, America must pause and let Congress know what we care, that we will not allow federal tax dollars to be spent on projects that compromise our morality and sense of what is right. Second, we must take a long look at ourselves in that proverbial mirror. Rather than framing ourselves as against one another, anti-this and anti-that, let us re-frame who we are and how we can reach out to one another, and start celebrating life by being “pro-life” at all turns, not anti-life, anti-abortion, anti-each other, but common celebrants of life, especially young life, since only God knows when we begin, and only we know who we are.

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Patrick Stafford

As a conservative, I respect the right of all individuals to make the choice that is right for them. I will never as a conservative, be so presumptuous as to think I have the right to inflict my beliefs or point of view on others. I personally support planned parenthood and the services it provides and if a woman chooses to have an abortion, it is none of my business and I should nor have a say in the matter. I protect her Constitutional rights whether I agree with her choice or not.

Charles L.

Isn’t it also interesting that people who support abortion also scream about the “war on women” when half the aborted babies are women, and the people who support abortion also scream about “Black lives matter” when most of the aborted babies are Black.


It is a scientific fact that life begins at the moment the sperm unites with the egg,or the moment of creation. All that one single cell needs is oxygen, nutrition, and time to grow. It contains all the DNA that tells if it is a boy or a girl, color of skin, eyes, and hair, intelligence, height, expected weight, even interests, etc. So even if you are not religious, I don’t think that you can deny that this “product of conception” is not a human being. I believe that this single cell is a child of God, and destroying him/her through abortion destroys the image of God.

Al P.

Isn’t it interesting that everyone who favors abortion has already been born? I wonder how many of them would have been in favor of abortion before they were born?


While I agree with the bulk of Mr Weber’s article, I do take exception to the last sentence: ” . . . only God knows when life life begins and only we know who we are.” I believe God knows who we are. God knows our hearts and we can’t deny what is in our hearts. The videos are quite clear regarding Planned Parenthood daily business. It’s up to PP to prove the videos’ content is false since current employees are shown bartering with businesses who need baby body parts for research, etc. Former employees are interviewed and candidly revealed how they fulfilled orders for specific body parts. If you are not horrified by this testimony, you are in supreme denial. Don’t try to defend PP practices when a disproportionate number of abortions are black babies. And it’s $500 million from the government, not $500 thousand. If this money is… Read more »


I agree with Mr. Weber. Life is a gift from God, let us respect life.


You all on the far right realize the biggest aborter of fetuses is none other than your god himself. There are millions of spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) all over the world every year. I suppose that’s OK with the religious right because this unprovable entity is the one behind these abortions. I love the way you all condemn the liberals for things and then do exactly the same. Since you’re doing it for “god and country”, that makes it OK. Right?

camille brown

I was happy to locate Amac, an alternative to Aarp, its wonderful to have a choice, speaking of which the greatest endangered species in the world, does nothave, the unborn child. May God help us as they continue to murder them, and our commander n chief supports this. What a monster this country has become

Charles L.

To the lady named Corrine who refers to all the other things PP takes care of, consider this, there are hundreds of facilities that help women and try to offer more than just abortion as the only solution. Many of these groups are religious. But they don’t receive help or support from the government. If any thing, they are taxed, restricted, marginalized and possibly even shut down by this administration. But the Obama friendly PP organization gets all the support, because one watches the other’s back. Isn’t it odd that the Liberals defend PP because 90%, they say, of their work is good and we should overlook the 10% that is abortions. Yet, they are willing to give the boot, in their revisionist zeal, to Washington and Jefferson, because they ignore their 90% of accomplishments and focus on their slave holdings. But as I have mentioned before, the real slave… Read more »

Gray Jones

IMHO, I’d like to suggest we are spiritual beings living in a body we created. Planned Parenthood is saying “you can’t have” and profits from that creation…Semper Fi Nam 66-67

Charles L.

The gentleman named Larry mentioned the Nazi genocide menace. Several years before the Nazis were practicing Eugenics, it was practiced by Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. In her day, the early 20th century, the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party was involved in Eugenics as a means of controlling and limiting the perpetuation of the minority groups, primarily the African-Americans. Just as the party that claims to be the champions of Black Americans and other minorities and the party that supposedly owns the issues of civil rights and equality, the Democrats were in reality the party of the Confederacy and its controversial flag, the KKK, which was a popular speaking venue for Sanger, and the foremost obstructionists to the early civil rights legislation. It was the party of Woodrow Wilson, (an advocate of Sanger, and a fan of the novel “The Klansman”, the forerunner to “Birth of a… Read more »


The vile campaign against Planned Parenthood is totally misplaced. Ask someone in the medical community about all the deformed babies born by mothers addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Do you support this also?


America turned its collective back on the genocide perpetrated by the Nazi menace. So I suppose that makes it easier for America to turn it’s collective back on the genocide perpetrated by SCOTUS menace.


The problem with believing anything on the internet or the news is that anyone can create videos or pictures that are totally made up. I’m not a big fan of either abortions, PP, or bible-thumpers, but I also don’t want to castigate or ruin anything based on the dung heap that is know as the internet, where all you see is the absolute 100% truth. Right?
The American taxpayer should not fund anything that is private – PP, churches, businesses that lost money, people who have kids or buy houses, non-profits, and on and on. The free money grab bag is why we’re 18 trillion in the hole.

Christopher J Rankin

Should AMAC or any other organization show any support for Planned Parenthood or any other organization that defends, condones or promotes abortion, I will have to take my leave of that organization. Shutting down the government is no threat and should be pursued in our efforts to stop this vile practice. Half the government should be shut down permanently, anyway. I believe there is a special place in Hell for those who perpetuate this practice including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton… The only part of government that I have any use for at this time is still the Department of Defense, the real reason for government, but Mr. Obama is INTENTIONALLY doing his best to destroy that.

Eugene r

As far as government support for healthcare is concerned, why does planned parenthood need to exist? I though that that great law called “obama care” was supposed to cover all the poor and needy souls with health insurance! Just another in a long series of lies by BIG GOVERNMENT. Taxpayer money should not be used to cover elective procedures, which should cover abortions except in case of mothers life , rape and incest. Abortion is not a substitute for prophylaxis.


Corrine has got it right. AMAC, Carly F et al have been spreading half truths and outrageous lies to advance an agenda to put our country back when women had to resort to back street procedures risking their life. This tactic is called propaganda and it basically continually spews half truths coupled with outright lies and if they say it often enough the masses who don’t bother to seek the truth but take the simplest way out just believe what they are constantly told and the lie becomes reality to them. People, take the time to research. It’s so easy today with the internet. It’s right at your fingertips. Get the actual facts and you will see despite the heart wrenching performance by Carly F the other night it’s just that – a performance worthy of an acting award what she said is simply not true. This is not the… Read more »


Gods gift to the world is salvation and children. How could anyone even imagine doing such a thing.

Elaine K.

It’s THE PRESIDENT who says he will shut down the government over P.P. funding. Republicans are not voting to shut it down! They are voting not to give $500,000,000 to a PRIVATE enterprise. There are plenty of other groups that provide women’s health services and, yes, even abortions to poor women! Why is P.P. entitled to our money?


Well, Sir, it’s obvious that you haven’t checked into what Planned Parenthood spends most of it’s time doing… and it’s NOT selling body parts. Planned Parenthood helps and treats women who cannot afford medical care any other way. It keeps them healthy, it diagnoses breast cancer, it helps young folks who need advice on how to prevent pregnancy. I don’t see you or AMAC doing any of that. Please, before you decide to spread propaganda, check your facts first. Also, you might want to read the latest on Planned Parenthood – that those videos were prepared to SMEAR PP, and now you are part of the smear, spreading information that is just not correct. I joined AMAC because I could not abide the fact that the other organization for Seniors was saying they represented ME, but they never asked me if I agreed with them, so I resigned my membership.… Read more »