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CDC Reports Elevated Levels of Influenza; AMAC Urges Those Who Have Not Yet Been Vaccinated Get Flu Shots

flu season shot elderly vaccinated fluNew report suggests the flu may increase the risk of a stroke by as much as 40%

WASHINGTON, DC – There’s still time to get a flu shot if you haven’t done so already, says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. He warns that “it’s turning out to be a major threat to the nation’s health this year, particularly among America’s oldest and youngest populations.”

Weber cites recent Centers for Disease Control [CDC] reports that as many as seven million cases of the flu have been reported so far in the 2018-2019 flu season.  The CDC says that as many as 84,000 people have been hospitalized as a result.

The University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center (NORC) polled more than 1,200 participants in a survey conducted in November.  They found that 41% of them had not gotten flu shots and had no intention of getting the vaccine anytime soon.

Weber says that is “an alarming result.  Equally concerning is the fact that nearly a quarter of respondents over the age of 60 said they had no plans to get vaccinated.”

A news release issued by NORC noted that nearly two-thirds of those surveyed were unaware that the 2017-2018 flu season was among the worst on record.  Some 900,000 people were hospitalized and 80,000 died after coming down with the flu.  Most of the deaths were adults 65 and older and children.

“Unfortunately, many people are still not getting flu shots due to broader misconceptions about the value of receiving a flu shot and concerns about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines,” according to NORC’s Caitlin Oppenheimer.

The flu season got off to a slow start last fall, but the CDC now reports that outbreaks of the flu are at elevated levels across the country.

Meanwhile, the Science Daily Web site reported this week that “flu-like illness increased the odds of having a stroke by nearly 40 percent over the next 15 days.”  The report said that the “increased risk remained up to one year.”

AMAC’s Weber urges everyone to heed the CDC’s advice and get a flu shot.  “If you have any doubts, consult your doctor.  Ask him or her whether it is a good idea to skip vaccination.  Indeed, there are those who might be allergic to the vaccine, but the great majority of us don’t fall into that category.  Too many people died last flu season.  Let’s not take risks this year.”


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Edwin Barreiro
1 year ago

Based on the science, I choose not to get the flu shot ever again. It contains aluminum (linked to Alzheimer’s), and it causes many other negative side effects. The CDC has already paid $4B in damages to people injured by vaccines. The majority of the negative effects were linked to the flu shot. Everyone should go to the CDC website and research the ingredients, side effects, and the $$$ paid for damages. It’s all there for the public to see.

1 year ago

You have not done your research!! You would not be recommending ANY shots if you had looked into the facts from reliable information sources and not just government propaganda. Please do better.

1 year ago

I joined so as not to be “pushed” . Please stop with the flu sermon. We are grown adults?

Cathy Bickerstaff
1 year ago

The flu shot only covers 3 viruses out of thousands. You are getting a shot of mercury when you take the flu shot. The numbers are skewed as well.

The Freezing Senior
1 year ago

Want to know the truth about vaccines ?
Check out vaccinejihad.com and get yourself educated.
Note to editor: If you delete my post on this subject one more time I
will let it be known on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as well as other social sites
that you are censoring your members free speech rights.
Think I’m joking ? TRY ME.
A screenshot of this post has already been taken.

Mike D
1 year ago

I wrote to the CDC a few years ago expressing concern about the dramatic increase in flu and other lllnesses. This was during a large influx of illegal aliens. The CDC wrote back saying there was no connection. Now I see on TV that the Mexican Marines wearing surgical masks and gloves are serving illegals in food lines. Some of the illegals are also wearing surgical masks. This is another reason to build the wall to block against a potential deadly consequential viral germ invasion. It’s alone should be reason to block entryentry into our country. We need transparent honest… Read more »

George Trachtenberg
1 year ago

Not only what Edwin Barreiro said in his comments is correct but the flu shots are not very effective. In actual numbers, they are effective in only a relatively small percentage of people. I will not get the flu vaccine nor will I get any vaccine for the same reasons. People, do your research!

The real benefactors of vaccines are the manufacturers and those who deliver the vaccines.

1 year ago

I hate to sound like a liberal but my body so if I don’t want a vaccine leave me alone. If the vaccinated are so safe, don’t worry about me. AMAC should stick to just to what they know which obviously don’t know the truth about vaccines. Many of the comments give good websites to get informed. The CDC is corrupt like many government agencies. Some whistle blowers have reported many in CDC don’t follow their own guidelines. I will never take another vaccine. Why do I want to put poison in me. Exercise, mostly organic food, and supplements like… Read more »

Jim Z
1 year ago

Ok AMAC get out of the influenza vaccine advertising business for pharmaceutical companies. We get enough vaccine advertisements from television and newscasts. People are getting too smart about the falsehoods of vaccines.

Allan Emigh
1 year ago

Run like hell from every vaccine they are deadly to all living things. Here is a little perspective, Bill Gates Foundation provides vaccines to Africa to in their words eradicate the diseases that are killing people. The Bill Gates Foundation is the largest provider of funds to the abortion industry in Africa. Bill and Melinda Gates both belong to the World Eugenics Society a group who believe they must remove from the world the less desirable populations from society. All of this is true and can be easily proven in a search so if there is such a move by… Read more »

Raymond Miller
1 year ago

Way too many vaccines for the immune systems of little children and kids. It disrupts what God wanted for us. Natural immunity. Superbugs came about by being medicated way too much and mutated. Don’t you think the same thing happens to all the vaccines we are given throughout our life. Tenfold plus what we used to get and we did awesome. Now the CDC snd Big Pharma and it’s minions are killing us or making us inactive in our life. We need to hold these organizations accountable for their actions like we do other businesses and corporations but on a… Read more »

Steven Mettler
1 year ago

My wife works in a nursing home where the flu shot is “mandatory” for all workers. Last week both the CEO and finance officer (who had the shot) were diagnosed and treated for influenza.

Robert Michetich
1 year ago

Stop pushing the vaccines They over tax the immune system. Why don’t you publish how many folks that caught the flu that had the shot and how many died

1 year ago

Why not do a poll and see how many people agree or disagree with vaccines?

1 year ago

I’m actually shocked that AMAC is pro-vaccine.

Are you ignorant of the subject or on the payroll of Big Rx? I can’t think of a third alternative.

Please – people’s quality of life and even lives depend on your giving accurate info… or just abstaining. But don’t be like AARP and misinform Us, the People for your own gain.

Nancy L
1 year ago

as a “conservative” news for seniors, I cannot believe you joined the bandwagon on suggesting seniors get their flu shots…I suggest you research before you push this information on your site…I am dissappointed as a new member.

Ellen M
1 year ago

Gee, AMAC, you sound an awful lot like AARP. Are the Pharmaceutical companies underwriting you? This article is totally unexpected. I really thought you would be writing in a much more neutral way. Perhaps you should give the arguments for both sides and let us decide. Granted, many already have made their decision, but hearing real facts can be educational. Tell people what sites give good information. Stop spouting MSM-speak. I can get that everywhere else.

1 year ago

What kind of a kickback are you getting from big pharma to run yet another pro flu shot article? It wasn’t too popular last time!

Terry Fulton
1 year ago

Because of this BS is why I will NOT be renewing my AMAC membership

Larry Lynn Davis
1 year ago

The last time I got this shot was in 1981, I only did it then because I was serving in the US Air Force and I was ordered to do so. Result was I got so sick I almost died. I tend to think this is a money maker for the makers of this crap. They could care less who they hurt to make money.

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