CBO: Permanent Dem Tax & Spend Bill Costs About $5 TRILLION, Adds $3 Trillion to Deficit


Democrats’ tax-and-spend bill will cost about $5 trillion if Democrats follow through on their promises to make the bill permanent, according to a new analysis from the Congressional Budget Office and the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation.

Additionally, they project that it “would increase the deficit by $3.0 trillion over the 2022–2031 period.”

Click here to read CBO’s analysis.

  • Democrats have claimed that their bill is “paid for” and “costs zero,” while at the same time advocating to make permanent many programs that expand the welfare state, with the greatest amount coming from the Child Tax Credit (CTC). If the CTC were made permanent rather than ending after 2022, however, it would add nearly $1.6 trillion to the deficit.
  • The SALT tax carveout for the wealthy would add $245 billion to the deficit—meaning your kids and grandkids will have to foot the bill for special tax breaks for America’s top earners.
  • Americans would have to pay more simply in interest payments on our debt because of greater debt resulting from the tax-and-spend bill.
  • The CBO analysis reveals that Democrats were able to use budget gimmicks and claims that the programs would be “temporary” to make it seem like the bill would only add $200 billion to the deficit over the same period—when they have made clear their goal is to make these programs permanent. 

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget released an analysis with similar findings in late November, which show that the bill is not paid for and that Democrats’ SALT tax shelter for the wealthy makes it worse.

Reprinted with Permission from - US Committee on Ways and Means by - J.P. Freire and Jessica Henrichs

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1 year ago

Didn’t the DemonRats say it will not cost anything?

1 year ago

Don’t get me wrong, I’m against any version of rhe BBB bill. But, this article is a “what if” scenario. It’s not reality. The bill that ACTUALLY PASSED the House does does not make the big changes permanent and add MUCH less to the budget over time. This article is misleading and divisive and below the dignity of AMAC.

Jim Jolly
1 year ago

This Bill should be named BREAK AMERICAS BACK. The DemocRats have really sank to the lowest point in the history of America. Nancy and Schumer led by Obama and Soros are deffinatly treasoners and should be locked away ona remote island that the water is rising due to Global Warming

1 year ago

Well it took the CBO long enough to come to the same conclusion that virtually every other credible financial analyst in the private sector figured out 6 months ago. That when you strip out all the phony “end of federal funding” nonsense the Democrats inserted throughout the bill (no new or expanded federal programs are ever actually defunded – the funding is either continued indefinitely at the federal level or the cost is simply shifted to the states), that the reconciliation bill spends at least $5 Trillion dollars with a minimum of $3 Trillion dollars being unpaid for. Thus requiring massive across the board tax increases to the middle class to make up for the short-fall in funding. These would be permanent costs that can never be undone, as once any sort of federal benefit is started it is virtually impossible to repeal.

Keep in mind that these are minimum numbers, meaning that like ObamaCare and other past federal entitlement programs, the true cost over the 10 year analysis period will likely be multiples of these numbers. As an example, the CBO estimate of ObamaCare was off by a factor of three. Meaning the actual cost of the program was 3 times more expensive that what CBO originally estimated. You can expect similar revisions upward from CBO, if the American people don’t kill this bill in its entirety.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

Welcome back Paul… Once again, the needle is still in the groove & not stuck on repeat…
Even the CBO can forecast where all of this is heading, the toilet bowl…
Bill on the Hill,
Vermont, USA… :~)

1 year ago

Not back Bill. Just stopped by for a few minutes the other day to see what, if anything, was going on. Even my comment above was censored by AMAC for a whole day. Which defies any logic, since nothing in my comment is either incorrect or contained any so-called offensive language. I just read the article and thought it was missing some key points that the private sector economists had already figured out months ago and that AMAC readers might benefit from knowing.

Like so many articles AMAC seems to run, they seem to be stuck on running essentially repeats of past articles by simply different authors over and over again. No new information really being provided or any real attempt to offer solutions. So aside from maybe an occassional post once in a while, I continue to be done with AMAC. Enjoy Christmas and the New Year.

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