Caught Lying Again: Elizabeth Warren Said She Was Pushed Out Of Teaching Job for Being ‘Visibly Pregnant’ – Told Different Story In 2007

Elizabeth Warren speaking justice system racist front back problems realMassachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has repeatedly claimed on the presidential campaign trail that she was pushed out of her job as a special needs teacher after one year because she was “visibly pregnant” — but she told a different story in 2007.

The Democratic senator today portrays herself as a victim of discrimination; however, in 2007 she linked her departure to lacking proper credentials for a permanent teaching position.

Warren said during a September presidential debate that she “made it as a special needs teacher. … But at the end of that first year, I was visibly pregnant. And back in the day, that meant that the principal said to me — wished me luck and hired someone else for the job.”

She similarly said at a campaign rally in May that she would “probably” still be teaching today, “but back in the day, before unions, the principal, by the time we got to the end of the first year, I was visibly pregnant. And the principal did what principals did in those days: They wished you luck, showed you the door and hired someone else for the job.”

Warren gave a different explanation for why she lasted one year as a special needs teacher in a 2007 interview at the University of California at Berkeley.

“I did that for a year, and then that summer I didn’t have the education courses, so I was on an ’emergency certificate,’ it was called. I went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education and said, ‘I don’t think this is going to work out for me,’” she recounted at the time.

“I was pregnant with my first baby, so I had a baby and stayed home for a couple of years, and I was really casting about, thinking, ‘What am I going to do?’ My husband’s view of it was, ‘Stay home. We have children. We’ll have more children. You’ll love this.’ And I was very restless about it,” she said.

Conservative blogger Jeryl Bier pointed out Warren’s changing versions of the story in a post Wednesday.

Warren’s campaign did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment by press time.

Warren has already faced scrutiny for laying claim to Native American heritage for years. For example, Warren listed herself as “American Indian” while applying for a legal license in 1986.

A genetic test showed that Warren possesses a minuscule fraction of Native American DNA. Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is actually more Native American than Warren is.

Reprinted with permission from - Conservative Daily News - by Peter Hasson

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David T.
1 year ago

One aspect I haven’t read or heard mentioned about “what principals did in those days”–I doubt married teachers were fired for being pregnant (presumably by their husbands). Some non-married teachers may have been fired (or at least not continued as teachers) for being pregnant (assuming they were not raped or something) for violating a morals clause in their contracts.

1 year ago

A poor pregnant Indian maiden was kicked out of her job to return to her teepee with her chief and raise their tribe. She wrote a book at that time and named it Pow Wow Chow. All the Indian Nations swarmed her teepee to get the recipes handed down by her famous Cherokee chef.

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