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AMAC Supports H.R. 6286, the Health Savings Act of 2020


AMAC Supports Bill to Expand Technologies for US Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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AMAC Members Favor Reducing Dependence on Drugs from China


AMAC Endorses HSA/DPC Program for Veterans


AMAC Supports Bill to Reduce Out-of-Pocket Expenses for Medicare Beneficiaries


AMAC Supports S. 3112, the Personalized Care Act.

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AMAC Supports the No Social Security for Illegal Aliens Act of 2020, H.R. 5577

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AMAC Supports the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act, H.R. 1230.

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AMAC Sends Letter of Support to Senator Blumenthal for Standing Up to the GPO Lobby

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AMAC Supports RSC Health Care Plan