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DACA deal capitol obamacare Steele Dossier 4

Support of the H.R. 5320, the Social Security Must Avert Identity Loss Act of 2016

blumenthal-senate-reform-va 54

Seniors’ Tax Simplification Act of 2015

socialist revolution capitol hill republicans-can-block-subsidies manning washington tax dollars salaries federal 2

H.R. 4730: the Unauthorized Spending Accountability Act

capitol Mueller Manafort 1

AMAC Supports Waiting Until November Election to Fill Vacant Supreme Court Seat

small-business-regulatory-relief 1

H.R. 4059: The Medicare Choices Empowerment and Protection Act

anonymous-congress 4

H.R. 4140: Saving the Earnings and Noting the Investment of Our Retired Seniors Act of 2015

capitol reform CBO budget left Schumer Pelosi racism 9

Woman’s Public Health and Safety Act

stopgap-first-amendment left conservatives violence federal employees fired cause senate republicans 21

Helping Every American Limit Their Health Expenses Act

capitol democrats DNC social security 19

First Amendment Defense Act