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supreme court pay fees union taxes public 58

Public Sector Unions in Turmoil After High Court Rules They Can’t Force Non-Union Workers to Pay Fees

Alzheimer's disease scourge combat congressional bold initiative AMAC senior 38

AMAC Supports Congressional BOLD Initiative to Combat ‘The Scourge’ of Alzheimer’s Disease

idiocracy protest left liberal 57

OPINION: On the Road to Idiocracy

Doctors medical cancer hope immunotherapy healthcare alzheimer's disease 22

Alzheimer’s Can Devastate Healthcare in the U.S., says AMAC

heat wave summer seniors risk 11

Heat Waves Can Kill Seniors Who Don’t Take Precautions, says AMAC

social security administration portal benefits application disability benefits pension COLA benefit military 89

The Social Security Trustees Say They Must Dip Into Its Trust Fund For The First Time Since 1982

jets fighter military technology future 6

Technology, From Robotics to Ghost Ships And Unmanned Fighter Jets, Can Change the Face of War, says AMAC

Lincoln library donations help 19

The Lincoln Library Needs Help; AMAC Appeals for Donations

memorial day flag America 10

Memorial Day: A Time for Fun and Remembrance