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Supreme court Justice Anthony Kennedy retires reshape court Kavanaugh liberals block 14

AMAC: Court-Packing is Not an Option for Those Disgruntled Over the Confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh

abuse Elder Senior nursing home 14

Elder Abuse is a Growing Concern, says AMAC

pensions retirement money work retire AMAC 14

AMAC Offers the Facts of Life For Would-Be Retirees in the 21st Century

flu season shot elderly vaccinated flu 144

Everyone Needs a Flu Shot, Particularly Those at Greatest Risk – the Elderly, says AMAC

9/11 terror terrorism death toll attacks 8

The Death Toll From the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks 17 Years Ago Continues to Rise, says AMAC

news journalism integrity principle 33

The Integrity Principle

internet keyboard computer email private cyber warfare computer war 15

There’s a New Way To Wage War in the 21st Century; It’s Called Cyber Warfare

senior travel time near tips 9

Peak Senior Travel Time Draws Near; Here Are Some Tips From AMAC

socialism fear democrats democratic 60

The Scourge of Socialism Strikes Fear In the Hearts of Mainstream Democrats