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AMAC: Attacks on Our Constitutional Rights Grow Bolder and More Frequent

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AMAC: The Affordable Care Act May Crumble Under Its Own Weight As the Experts Take a Closer Look

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Obamacare Is Full Of Surprises, AMAC

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Suspicious ‘Profit Sharing’ Deals between Makers of Generic and Branded Drugs under Scrutiny, Says AMAC

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AMAC Survey Shows Seniors ‘Overwhelmingly’ in Favor of Sequestration

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AMAC: Obama’s Medicare Advantage Cuts ‘Bad Medicine’ For Seniors

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AMAC Survey Surprise Shows Rubio Early Lead in Possible Race for 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination

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New Poll Shows Americans Demand Across the Board Federal Spending Cuts

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AMAC: Expect an ‘Avalanche’ of New Regulations in 2013