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golden years 4

The ‘Golden Years’ Can Feel Oppressive

COVID-19 42

The Shameful Side Effect of COVID-19: Mindless and Deliberate Attacks on Our Way of Life

America's 19

Life, Liberty and Happiness Depend on Law, Order and History

Trump 22

President Trump Issued a Police Reform Order; Senate Democrats Killed a Motion to Create a Police Reform Law

dole 2

President Trump Signs AMAC Supported Major Medical Facility Authorization Act into Law

testing 46

The Reopening of America Does Not Signal an ‘All Clear’ When it Comes to COVID-19, says AMAC

trump leadership 21

OPINION: We Now Know – Trump’s Leadership Saved Lives

space force start 14

The Fledgling U.S. Space Force is Off to an Impressive, if Not Mysterious Start, says AMAC

health care workers first responders memorial day 87

Let’s Add Health Care Workers and First Responders to Those We Remember on Memorial Day

AARP AMAC Sad lonely covid 9

You Can Make a Difference During the Lonely Days of the COVID Lockdown, Especially Among Lonely Seniors Whether They Be Friends or Family, says AMAC