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Alzheimer's disease victims 8

House Passes Legislation Allowing Access to Aid For Younger Victims of Alzheimer’s Disease, Reports AMAC

shopping materialism religion 16

‘Materialism Has Become Both a New Religion and a New Political Cause’

senior citizens homes older 5

Most Senior Citizens Would Rather Not Give Up Their Homes as They Grow Older, says AMAC

Travel tips seniors happy live longer 1

“Pack Up Your Troubles and Just Get Happy;” It Can Help You Live Longer, says AMAC

liberals election results Nancy Pelosi Drug costs impeachment left heights 26

Nancy Pelosi’s Plan to Lower Drug Costs is a Return to Failed Policies

assisted living senior costs price increases 36

Assisted Living and Similar Facilities Need to Restrict Yearly Price Increases, says AMAC

voters elections young progressive 34

Can Young Voters Reject Progressive Notions of Governance in Coming Elections?

medicare 20

Medicare Anti-Kickback Safe Harbor Statute is “An Excellent Example of Good Intentions Gone Awry”, says AMAC spokesman

PC movement 38

Polls Expose the PC Movement as an Effort to ‘Stifle’ Free Speech, says AMAC