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Jill Simonian 9

Homeschooling is on the National Rise- Education Expert Jill Simonian Says It May Be Due to Schools with a Marxist Bent

Greg Steube 48

Rep. Greg Steube Says, ‘Gun Control’ Will be an Issue in the Midterm Elections

Abortion 18

OB/GYN and Senator from Kansas, Doc Marshall, Who Delivered Over 5,000 Babies Speaks on Abortion and a Wide Range of National Issues


AMAC and Free2Care Coalition Praise FTC Inquiry into PBMs

Charlie Kirk 16

Student Movement Chief: There’s a Deliberate Plan to ‘Separate Children From Their Parents’

Sara Carter 37

Sara Carter – What the Biden Administration Did Was “Gut-Wrenching”

Veteran 11

Memorial Day: Take the Time to Honor Our Fallen Heroes and Heroines; Take More Time to Teach Our Kids and Grandkids What the Day Means


New York Times Bestselling Author Dinesh D’Souza Is ‘Stirring the Pot’ Again With His Book and Film, 2000 Mules

seniors 3

Surprising Study Shows Washington State Is Where Older Citizens Are “Living Better Lives”


Congressman Waltz on Roe vs. Wade, the Ukraine War and Illegal Immigrants