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constitution free rights speech 67

Free Speech is a Right Guaranteed By The Constitution And The Bill of Rights – Even if You Are a Conservative

homeless senior elder abuse homelessness California 52

AMAC: Homelessness Among Senior Citizens is a Form of “Elder Abuse”


“Was The First Thanksgiving a ‘Warm Weather’ Feast?” asks AMAC

single-payer-health-care research cancer 87

AMAC: Aging Is a Disease and Science Is Determined To Find a ‘Cure’ For It

social security WEP provision benefits SS working earning investing benefits 57

Good News: A 2018 Increase for Social Security Beneficiaries, But More Needs to Be Done, says AMAC

tax reform GOP 41

Tax Reform is Looking Good for the Middle Class, Despite the Naysayers, says AMAC

Trump approval happy rating healthcare courts 18

Trump Executive Orders Aimed at GOP Promise to Provide Better Access to Healthcare, Says AMAC


Trump Ends Obama-era War on Coal; Scraps Clean Power Plan and Puts a New Focus on a Valuable Resource, says AMAC

America unity Las Vegas sin lie religious freedom 37

AMAC Chief Issues Statement on ‘The Madness in Las Vegas’