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social security administration portal benefits application disability benefits pension COLA benefit military 89

The Social Security Trustees Say They Must Dip Into Its Trust Fund For The First Time Since 1982

jets fighter military technology future 6

Technology, From Robotics to Ghost Ships And Unmanned Fighter Jets, Can Change the Face of War, says AMAC

Lincoln library donations help 19

The Lincoln Library Needs Help; AMAC Appeals for Donations

memorial day flag America 10

Memorial Day: A Time for Fun and Remembrance

health care plan 14

Low-Income Americans Would Receive Free Medical Care Under Proposed Legislation, says AMAC

free speech 86

‘Speech Police’ Roam America’s College Campuses, says AMAC

drugs seniors Trump American patients first 2

Largest Conservative Seniors’ Association Praises Trump Administration’s “American Patients First” Blueprint

older Americans grandchildren children seniors values senior citizens 13

It’s Older Americans Month – a Time to Reflect on the Knowledge and Values Seniors Can Pass on to Children and Grandchildren

school classroom students kids education regulation 74

OPINION: Regulation of Education Stifles Progress; We Need to Cut the Red Tape So Our Kids Can Learn