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For Millions of Americans, Bipartisan Push to Reduce Insulin Prices

FBI Mueller conflict interest 42

Wife of DOJ Official Funneled Clinton-Funded Dossier on Manafort to FBI

‘The World Is Watching’: US Senators Warn China Against Military Crackdown In Hong Kong

minimum wage laws rising

No, Wages Are Not Rising Because of Minimum Wage Laws


‘In God We Trust’ Will Be Seen in All Louisiana Public Schools

government Capitol Trump federal payroll jobs bipartisan senate federal 68

Bipartisan Senate Coalition Wants Inventory of All Federal Programs


Iran Needs to Rethink Options, US Restraint Will Not Last Forever

sanctuary cities 119

Sanctuary Cities are no Laughing Matter – Facts Make the Case

homeless senior elder abuse homelessness California 51

Eleven Percent of the Homeless Population Was Over 50 years Old in 1990; Today 50% of the Homeless Population is 50 and Older, says AMAC