cyberattacks security bill privacy concerns

Hawley Introduces Security Bill Addressing Data, Privacy Concerns

AMAC nation sovereignty

Michelle Malkin’s Fighting For Our Nation’s Sovereignty But She Can’t Do It Alone

Capitol Building Obamacare democrats sanctuary health care senator corporate tax rate spending Samaritan congress seniors medicare part d 1

Congress Shouldn’t Get Paid Until It Does Its Job. Why This Bill Is a Great Step.

China foothold US mainland communist total war Chinese 2

Thousands of US-Based Scientists Sell Research to China, Report Says

doctors drug prices health care

Doctors Call For Lower Drug Prices With These Changes Aimed at Health Care Industry

impeachment 119

Abuse of Process Makes Impeachment Illegitimate

immigration ICE deportation

Criminal Alien Arrested for Murder After ICE Immigration Detainers Are Repeatedly Ignored by Local Law Enforcement

Trump dollars taxpayers 38

Poll: Majority Believe Media Working With Democrats to Try to Impeach Trump

obama anti trump gassed pepper sprayed illegals

Obama Tried to Discriminate Against Conservative Faith Groups. Trump Is Reversing That.